Tarantino & the Death of Michael Parks

May 9th also saw the death of Michael Parks =116, a span of 11 months 16 days before his birthday, to accompany that of previously deciphered Christopher Boykin =116, who passed away 116 days after his birthday, both men dying on the day James Comey =116 was fired. Blood Sacrifice =116. Looks like we have another Twins Trick on our hands, ladies & gents.

  • Michael Parks was best known for his work with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez =116 (Rodriguez =116), appearing in several films alongside his son James Parks (born 11/16), as Earl and Edgar McGraw =116 (Earl and Edgar =116), a buddy duo like that of Rob & Big.

Tarantino Rodriguez =241. Earl and Edgar =142. Texas Rangers =142. Michael Parks =142. Parks =420 was exactly 4020 weeks old at death. Another ridiculous long-count, especially when he was born on 4/24, a perfect match with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez =424. Furthermore, Parks =240 was born on 24 numerology and died on 24 numerology.

Quentin Tarantino =422. Robert Rodriguez =1224. Earl & Edgar McGraw =1224. James Parks =224. Michael was born 2242 days before Trump. Rodriguez was born 2 months 24 days after Tarantino’s birthday and Parks died 42 days after Rodriguez’s birthday; their production company appropriately named A Band Apart =420. 

Earl and Edgar McGraw =177. James Parks was 17,707 days old when his father died at age 77. Quentin Tarantino =77. Parks died 70 weeks 7 days after the general release of Tarantino’s last film, The Hateful Eight. President Donald Trump =77 was aged 70 years 7 months 7 days old at his Inauguration. President Donald John Trump =177.

  • James Parks =113. Michael Parks died 1111 weeks 3 days after his Texas Ranger character was murdered by Tarantino himself in From Dusk Til Dawn, and 1 month 13 days after Tarantino’s birthday. Tarantino was born 11 months 3 days after Michael Parks’ birthday.

That’s also 322 days before the birthday of Quentin Jerome Tarantino =322. Tarantino =223. Michael Parks was born 320 weeks 2 days before President Trump.

One thought on “Tarantino & the Death of Michael Parks

  1. Hiya pal. Great to see ye tackle these media stories/cyphers that’s shape reality for the unsuspecting majority in this Earthly Realm. I read a comment a while ago from Marty Leeds on his YouTube account that basically said all Gematria cyphers were invalid except the Septenary system..then in later vids he used the reduction system..Hmm. It makes me think that AI has for a long time reached god-like status as far as we’re concerned. For all I know you’re only a complex pattern of ones and zeros in the AI matrix..me too perhaps. Only kiddin’. Keep up the the good work brother man. Cheers!


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