The Death of Michael Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens

Michael Jackson died in a motorcycle wreck on 12 May 2017. No not the pop-star but the former NFL receiver of the same name who in ’96 led the league in touchdowns with The Baltimore Ravens =411. What sparked this post is this: The two Michael Jacksons died exactly 411 weeks apart. As we’ll see, the parallels are staggering, and strongly suggestive of a Ravens Super Bowl. This one’s an epic so please take your time digesting it, the finds here are nothing short of mind-blowing.

  • MJJ (4+1+1). Assassin =411. Freemason =411. Zionist =411. Knowledge =411. Trump was born 411 days after Hitler died and Schwarzenegger was born 411 days after Trump, Arnie of course replacing Donald as host of The Apprentice, which is Masonic terminology. Entered Apprentice Degree =114.
  • Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 114 numerology & his legendary Super Bowl XXVII halftime show in ’93 happened 1104 days before the Ravens franchise was founded. Super Bowl LII will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota =114. 

Jackson =116. Michael ‘Dwayne’ Jackson, the footballer, died 10 months 16 days after the death anniversary of Michael ‘Joseph’ Jackson, who was born 11 weeks 6 days after Prince. Ravens QB ‘Joseph’ Flacco was born on 1/16. Dwayne too was a Baltimore =119 Raven =119 and died exactly 1109 weeks after the franchise was founded, and 119 days before the start of the NFL season. Michael Joseph Jackson =109.

The 109th prime is 599 and Jackson died 5990 days after his ’93 Super Bowl show. Minnesota is hosting 9505 days after their last SB host. 

Prince died on 4/21 and Michael Jackson =124 was born on 12/4. The connection here that MJJ died on the 25th anniversary of Prince’s Purple Rain album; Ravens wearing purple. MJJ was born on the 241st day with 124 days remaining and died on 24 numerology at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center =124. Michael Dwayne Jackson =204. MJJ died when his father Joseph Jackson =204 was exactly 4222 weeks old. Amazingly, Dwayne died the reflection of 222 weeks 4 days after Baltimore’s last Super Bowl.

  • Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1224/204 to be played in Minneapolis Minnesota =224/1422 on the date 2/4 at the new US Bank Stadium =204 which broke ground 4 years 2 months 2 days before SB LII. Michael Dwayne Jackson was born 1 year 4 months 22 days after the Jackson 5 signed their first record contract. Jackson =244. Janet Jackson =244. 
  • Raven =24. Flacco =240. Joseph Flacco =224. John Harbaugh =224. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =2240. Dwayne Jackson died on a Kawasaki =24 in his hometown of Tangipahoa =422 Louisiana =42 (where he formerly served as mayor) exactly 42 weeks after US Bank Stadium opened and 42 weeks 2 days after the death of former Minnesota Vikings coach Denny Green =42. 

Michael Dwayne Jackson died on the same day as a former Detroit Lions =244 player named Robert Yale Lary Sr =1214. Robert Yale Lary =1244/2004 was born on 11/24, a span of 14,020 days before the birth of Dwayne. Super Bowl LII is 1140 weeks 2 days after Ravens were named. 

Prince =38 died exactly 3008 weeks after the birth of Michael Jackson =183. Michael =138. Jackson =83. Jackson & Prince were also born 83 days apart and Prince died 8 months 30 days before Trump took office. Dwayne Jackson played for the Baltimore Ravens =1083 and died 183 days after Trump’s election. Trump =83. Donald Trump =138. Baltimore Maryland =183. 

  • The Ravens franchise will be 8031 days old for the next Super Bowl =183 and Dwayne died in Tangipahoa =183 Louisiana =38 a span of 3 months 8 days after the last Super Bowl and 38 weeks 3 days before the next one in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. Dwayne  died 83 days after Tom Brady’s 8/3 birthday. 
  • He also died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =1830. Joseph Vincent Flacco =83. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.
  • Are you kidding me.

Pi Cycles =38. The stadium opened on 7/22 last year and MJJ died 227 days before Super Bowl XLIV, involving the Colts from his home state Indiana. Prince =227. Michael Dwayne Jackson died in a Motorcycle Crash =227.

Now get this, Michael J Jackson =156 died 156 days (or 22 weeks 3 days) after the inauguration of President Obama; Michael D Jackson  =56 died 15 weeks 6 days (or 3 months 22 days) after the inauguration of President Trump. What are the frickin chances. Ravens Coach Harbaugh will be 20,223 days old for the Super Bowl.

  • 223 is the 48th prime. Michael Dwayne Jackson died 4848 days after Janet Jackson’s notorious halftime show (dubbed Nipplegate) at age 48 and the next Super Bowl LII =48 is the 48th of the modern era, held at US Bank Stadium =48. The Ravens =48. Baltimore =148. The Jackson Five =148. It’ll be 5 years since Baltimore’s last Super Bowl.
  • Fun Fact: Nipplegate happened 4019 days after MJ’s ’93 performance & 4019 is the 555th prime. Entertainment =555.

Michael Dwayne Jackson =216. Michael Joseph Jackson =216. King of Pop =216. Minneapolis the 612 area code. Super Bowl LII is 21 years 10 months 6 days after Ravens were named. (6x6x6) =216. 

Fawcett =666 (Farrah dying on the same day as MJJ). Jackson =696 (Dwayne born in 1969). Baltimore Ravens =699 (founded in 1996). Super Bowl LII =966. Vikings coach Denny Green =666 died last year 1066 weeks 6 days after the Ravens were founded, and the day before US Bank Stadium opened.

Michael Joseph Jackson =197 died in Los Angeles California =197 a span of 1970 days after his sister Janet’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Prince =197/97. Dwayne Jackson =197. Michael Dwayne Jackson =97. Jackson =97. Dwayne died 97 days after the Super Bowl.

  • The 97th prime is 509 and Dwayne was born 509 days after The Jackson Five =59 signed their record deal. Ain’t that some shit. John Harbaugh =59.
  • The Patriots won the Nipplegate Super Bowl in Houston Texas =1034, a span of 13 years 4 days before the Patriots won again this year in Houston =34 scoring 34 points in Brady’s 34th playoff game.

Michael Jackson =340. Michael Joseph Jackson =343 died 1304 weeks 3 days after the Purple Rain album released and Dwayne died on 34 numerology in Tangipahoa =34/43. Minneapolis Minnesota =343. US Bank =343. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =343. Ravens =34/43. They won their last Super Bowl with 34 points as well, 304 days before the groundbreaking ceremony at US Bank Stadium.

If we take both Jacksons middle names, Dwayne Joseph is the director of pro personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles. Harbough previously coached for the Eagles who lost to the Patriots the year after the Nipplegate game.

LII =57. Minneapolis =57. Baltimore =570. Coach Harbaugh =57. Ravens =157. The 57th prime is 269. Dwayne died 269 days before the game which is held 26 years 9 days after Minnesota last hosted. 

  • Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. The Ravens =131. Harbaugh =131. Dwayne died in the early hours after the 131st day. 
  • King of Pop =103 aka Michael Joseph Jackson =301 died 301 days after his birthday. MJ =13/31. Purple Rain =130. Farrah Fawcett =130 died on the exact same date as Jackson. Fawcett =31. Michael =31 died 31 days before the birthday of his father / handler Joe Jackson =31/103 and 10 months 30 days after his birthday. Michael Dwayne Jackson died on a Kawasaki =31.

Super Bowl LII will be exactly 888 weeks after Baltimore’s first SB win in 2000. Baltimore =888. The Jackson Five =888. Michael Dwayne Jackson =88. Tangipahoa =88. Purple =88. US Bank Stadium =88. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =88. 

Absolutely astonishing synchronicities here. Ravens are currently 16th place favourites to win the Super Bowl at +3300 odds. Could all be for naught as we saw with the Oilers but I’d say it’s worth a $20 wager just for fun.

4 thoughts on “The Death of Michael Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens

  1. how about a ravens-cardinals super bowl?
    former raven/cardinal todd heap accidentally (apparently) killed his 3 year old daughter april 15, 2017. I think you should look into this, BB .


  2. Nice work BB.
    We’ve been seeing a lot of these type of things for different teams over the years.
    It seems they do this for more than one team in the season. They have backup plans in case too much money goes on one team.
    My advice would be to wait til closers to the season starts. We have to be smarter, it’s obvious they flip the script on us and go to their plan B or C.
    That said, this is an excellent piece of research lad.


  3. I do agree with Ballygobackwards.

    It also occurred to me that references to the Ravens could also be references to the Colts who used to be from Baltimore. Apparently a few people are finding some good clues for the Colts.


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