Ravens Part II: Edgar Allan Poe

The Baltimore Ravens were named after Edgar Allan Poe and his poem ‘The Raven’, the author dying mysteriously on 7 October 1849 in Baltimore. As we explored in the previous post, the death of former Raven star Michael Jackson is strongly suggestive of a Ravens appearance at the upcoming Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis . It’s opened up another rabbit hole for us to go tripping down, and led us to an excellent example & case study of the coded events that foreshadow a championship.

The Ravens last won Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, the result of a perfect recipe of a ritual sacrifice + predictive programming. John Cusack played Poe in The Raven (2012), a murder mystery about the ritual reenactment of scenes from his own stories – fiction becoming reality & a thinly veiled allegory of predictive programming. Six months later, Ravens founder & owner Art Modell died – the day after the NFL season began.

In this piece we’ll show how these events led to the Ravens Super Bowl and how the same alphanumeric pattern may be expanding with recent events to point towards the upcoming final. We’ll be repeating some stand-out finds from the last post so if you haven’t read that then you should probably check it out first.

Edgar Allen Poe The Raven =411. The Baltimore Ravens =411. Modell died 41.1% of a year before their Super Bowl win and the two Michael Jacksons died exactly 411 weeks apart. Maryland =114. Minneapolis Minnesota =114. Edgar A Poe =114. John Cusack =114. Another example of character matching actor, with Ravens coach John W Harbaugh =114. Now here it is: Ravens won the Super Bowl 11 months 4 days after the release of The Raven, defeating the San Francisco Forty-Niners =114. Sometimes it’s just that easy.

  • The 114th prime is 619. Ravens =916. Baltimore Ravens =96. Founded in ’96. Huginn & Muninn =906 were the names of Odin’s ravens and Modell died on 9/6. This regular season begins exactly 9006 weeks after ‘The Raven’ poem was published and the movie released on the 69th day. Lenore =69, the subject of the narrator’s grief in the poem.
  • Edgar Allan Poe =69. Edgar A Poe =69. Edgar =69. Arthur Modell =69. Art Bertram Modell =69. Modell =69. John W Harbaugh =69. Ozzie Newsome =69 (that’s Ravens GM). Minneapolis MN =609. Baltimore Ravens =169.

Baltimore Ravens =699. Founded in 1996. Super Bowl LII =966. Jackson =696, Michael Dwayne Jackson born in 1969. The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V a span of 10,969 days before Baltimore Ravens won the 2001 Super Bowl. John Cusack was 16,690 days old for the release of The Raven. Edgar Allan Poe =666.

Edgar Allan Poe =57. John Cusack =57/157. Baltimore =570. Newsome =570. Ozzie Newsome =157. Ravens =157. Super Bowl =1157. The Raven =57. Arthur Modell =57. Modell =57. LII =57. Minneapolis =57. Coach Harbaugh =57. Quoth the Raven Nevermore =575. Raven =75. Baltimore Maryland =75. Maryland =175. 

  • The Ravens two Super Bowls were 12 years 6 days apart. The last and only other time Minnesota hosted the SB was on 26/1 and the upcoming is 26 years 10 days later, and exactly 261 weeks after Baltimore’s last appearance. Poe died 261 days before his birthday and Ray Lewis had 2061 career tackles. Edgar A Poe =1026. Arthur Modell =1062. Art Bertram Modell =1062. Modell =26 died 162 years after after Poe and exactly 26 weeks after The Raven opened in cinemas. Edgar =26. Raven =62. 
  • Edgar Allan Poe =219/129 and The Raven was published on 1/29 of 1845. The Ravens =1029. John W Harbaugh =1290. Super Bowl =129. LII =29. Lenore =29. Modell =129/29. Art Modell =29. Arthur Modell =292. Huginn & Muninn =192. The players wore Art =291 written on their uniforms that winning season and Art died 291 days before his birthday. Ozzie Newsome Jr =209. This season begins 2009 days after Cusack’s The Raven and its playoffs will mark 209 years after Poe’s birth. Ravens last Super Bowl was 21 years 9 days after the last Minnesota Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens were founded on 2/9 and named on the 29th of March.
  • The 29th prime is 109. Edgar Allen Poe =109. Michael Joseph Jackson =109. Baltimore =119. Raven =119. Poe was born on 1/19. Michael Dwayne Jackson died exactly 1109 weeks after the franchise was founded and 119 days before the start of the NFL season.

Nevermore =52. Minneapolis MN =52. Art Modell =152. Super Bowl 52 is 5 years 2 days after Baltimore’s last appearance. Michael Jackson =52. The 52nd prime is 239 and Harbaugh born 23/9. Huginn & Muninn =239.

The poem calls the Raven a prophet, as the Greeks perceived the bird, and many cultures throughout space & time have considered the raven a symbol of ilove omen, the mediator between life & death. The one-eyed Norse god Odin had two ravens that served as his eyes and ears, which connects to the Minnesota Vikings as host team.

As harbinger of doom symbolism we must appreciate the fact that the Ravens defeated New York to win the 2001 Super Bowl a Pi-span of 227 days before 9/11. Ozzie Newsome =227 was GM then too. Their next SB was played in New Orleans Louisiana =227 and featured the sibling rivalry of the Harbaugh Brothers =722.

  • The New Orleans game was Super Bowl XLVII =197 which came exactly 1097 weeks after the last and only Super Bowl played in Minneapolis MN =197. Baltimore’s ’01 win was the city’s first since SB V, a span of 10,970 days earlier. Art Modell =97. Michael Joseph Jackson =197 died in Los Angeles California =197 a span of 1970 days after Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.
  • Poe =34. Nevermore =34/430. Ravens =34/43. Minneapolis Minnesota =343. US Bank =343. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =343. 

The Raven film released 308 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII. The Ravens franchise will be 8031 days old for the next Super Bowl =183 and Michael Dwayne Jackson died in Tangipahoa =183 Louisiana =38 a span of 3 months 8 days after the last Super Bowl and 38 weeks 3 days before the next one in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. Dwayne Jackson also died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =1830. Huginn & Muninn =183. Joseph Vincent Flacco =83. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.

Edgar Allen Poe died exactly 8783 weeks before Super Bowl LII. 8783 is the 1095th prime. Ravens Super Bowl =195. Baltimore =95. The AFC/NFC Championship games will be held 10,905 weeks after the birth of Poe. John W Harbaugh =1905. 

  • Modell died 6055 days after Ravens founded and 605 weeks 5 days after their first SB win. Edgar Allan Poe =566. Modell died 6005 days after the Ravens were named.
  • The Raven =939. Minneapolis Minnesota =939. Ray Lewis was 9390 days old for the ’01 SB. Edgar Poe =93. Baltimore =93. Ravens =93. Baltimore Ravens =93. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =93. Edgar Allan Poe =39. The Raven released on 3/9.
  • Baltimore Ravens =202 are in their 22nd season. The Ravens =222. Edgar =22. Cusack =22. Poe’s wife died 2 years 2 days after ‘The Raven’ was published

The Baltimore Ravens =211. Harbaugh Brothers =211. Dwayne Jackson died exactly 1102 weeks after The Ravens =112 were named on 3/29/96. Newsome =1120Super Bowl =112.  Reynolds =112. This is the name that Poe was screaming out repeatedly as he stumbled delirious about the streets the night before his mysterious death.

Edgar Allan Poe =111. The Raven opened 11 years 1 month 11 days after Ravens first Super Bowl win.

Huginn and Muninn =244. Jackson =244. There’s another very interesting connection between Michael Jackson and the Ravens here as in many cultures, such as Aboriginal and Native American legends, the raven is believed to have originally been white. Transformation and the New World Order. Art Modell died 244 weeks before Michael Dwayne Jackson. Edgar Poe died 244 weeks after ‘The Raven’ published.

Now stay tuned for Part III because we’ve found a whole lot more here, truth-sleuths.

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