Powers Boothe’s Sudden Death

Powers Boothe has passed away on 14 May 2017, the actor known for his role in Sin City (another Tarantino-Rodriguez related death) and 24 as the vice-president turned president following an assassination, as well as other villains and powerful men. The synchronicities surrounding his death are quite intriguing, particularly as relates to the Stanley Cup. 

Powers Boothe =1160 died suddenly 1116 weeks after the release of Sudden Death, the 1995 flick starring Van Damme as Darren McCord =116 and Boothe as the terrorist mastermind holding the vice-president hostage at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh. This movie depicting his death aired on the Action channel the same night as Boothe died – the night after Penguins =116 lost to the Senators in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals – and I just happened to be watching it as I wrote this post.

The matchup in the movie is Pittsburgh-Chicago =1116, which was the 1992 Stanley Cup. That final ended on June 1st (Boothe’s 44th birthday), a span of 9111 days before Boothe’s death, if we exclude the start & end dates. This June 1st will be exactly 1119 weeks after Sudden Death. Boothe was born 1 year 11 months 19 days after the birth of Trump. Donald =119 elected on 11/9. Frank Miller =119. Jim Jones =119. Jonestown was the worst mass murder of Americans until 9/11, a span of 1190 weeks later.

  • As we covered, Michael Parks =116 died 11 months 16 days before his birthday. Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez =116. Rodriguez =116. Tombstone =116 which Boothe was in with Bill Paxton =116 who also died this year. Paxton =116 died 11 weeks 6 days before his birthday. Celebrity Sacrifice =116.

Allen Powers Boothe =199. Van Damme =99. The ’92 NHL Final was the 99th year of the Stanley Cup and this year is the 99th season of play.

Powers Boothe =996 died 999 days after Sin City: A Dame to Die For, his last film. Sudden Death is another Peter Hyams film, like End of Days which released 666 days before 9/11. Penguins =666. Senators =666. Pens Sens =666.

  • Ha, there’s a scene where a lady terrorist dressed as the Penguins mascot goes to shoot a little girl in the face but the clip’s empty and she says, “You owe me a Mothers Day card.” Boothe is in the very next shot and he died on Mothers Day… There’s then a fight in the kitchen where the mascot gets its head chopped up, resulting in some blatant one-eye symbolism to go with all the 33 jerseys we see.

And how’s this synchronicity. Sudden Death was based on a story written by the wife of Howard Baldwin, former owner of the Penguins. Boothe died on 4/15: Howard Baldwin’s fucking 75th birthday.

Powers Boothe won an Emmy in 1980 for his portrayal of cult leader Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy. Held during a strike of the Screen Actors Guild, Boothe was the only one of 52 nominees to show up. The guy who once did a John Mcain campaign ad.

  • Powers Allen Boothe =82 died exactly 2008 weeks after James Warren Jones =208/82 aka Jim Jones =28 from the Massacre =28 in Jonestown Guyana =208. Sudden Death =208. Darren McCord =208. 

We showed how the death of Michael Parks on 5/9 was very much synched up with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez – and now five days later it’s the death of Boothe, who played Senator Roark in Sin City, a Rodriguez-Tarantino picture. Ottawa Senators?

  • Powers Boothe =68 died age 68. Sin City =68. Frank Miller =1068. Powers =86 died exactly 686 weeks after the premier of Deadwood. The 86th prime is 443.
  • Boothe died 4430 days after the premier of Sin City =344.
  • Powers Allen Boothe =209. Robert Rodriguez =209. Quentin =29. Sin City =29. Senator Roark =129. Boothe =29/129. A Band Apart =29/192. Sudden Death =192 opened 2090 days before 9/11. Ottawa =290. Boothe was born on 29 numerology and died on 29 numerology.

I’m reminded of John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln will have been assassinated 55,555 days ago on 5/22/17 (Game 5 of the Conference Finals) so we’ll see what stories we get served up then eh.