Trump + Putin & the Egyptian Revolution

Donald Trump + Vladimir Putin =338 [Kabbalah] and they were born precisely 338 weeks apart. Trump was exactly 3380 weeks old on 25 January 2011, the start of the Egyptian Revolution, which led to the arrest of President Hosni Mubarak. On 18 July 2017, Putin will be exactly 3380 weeks old. Will we see the start of another revolution then? Perhaps one that leads to another ousted world leader? This 18/7 target is exactly 338 weeks after the 25/1 Revolution…

Totally mind-blowing geometrics in action. And yet another massive example of why LONG-COUNTS MATTER. Even though I seem to be the only truth-sleuth out there that’s digging down far enough to find the truly undeniable patterns. Why is that?

  • Crusade =383. Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat =383. As another crazy connection, 3803 is the 529th prime and Sadat was assassinated exactly 1529 weeks before the 1/25 Revolution. Sadat was succeeded by Mubarak.
  • Egyptian Government =1380. Coup d’Etat =138. Pi Cycles =138. Donald Trump =138 was born 3080 days before the birth of el-Sisi =83. Egyptian =38. Morsi =38. Pi Cycles =38. Muslim =83. President Vladimir Putin =83. Egypt Revolution =183.

883 is the 153rd prime number. Donald + Vladimir =153.The Illuminati =153. World Jewry =153. Mohamed Morsi =153. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi =153. President Mubarak =1530 was in power for 1530 weeks and was sentenced to life imprisonment 503 days after the 1/25 Revolution. Sadat =53. Revolutions =53. 

The 53rd prime is 242. President Hosni Mubarak =242. President Putin =242. Egypt Revolution =242. 

Muslim Brotherhood =225. The New World Order =225. Mubarak was released from prison on 3/24/17, a span of 2250 days after the 25/1 Revolution. That’s exactly 251 weeks after his sentencing. Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat =251. The Yom Kippur War =225 ended on 25/10 of 1973. Muslim =522. Pi Cycles =552. Twenty-Fifth of January Revolution =552. Morsi took office as president 522 days after the 1/25 Revolution.

Hosni Mubarak =125. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant =125. January Twenty-Fifth Twenty Eleven =125. Pi =25. The Illuminati =205. Israel =205. World Government =205. 

  • Egypt Revolution =215. Muslim Brotherhood =215. The Jewish Mafia =215. Donald J Trump =512 was elected 2115 days after the Revolution of January Twenty-Fifth =215/251 and 2 years 5 months 1 day after current President el-Sisi. Our new July 18th target is 251 days after Trump’s election.
  • Donald J Trump =152. The Star of David =152. The All-Seeing Eye =152. January Twenty-Fifth Revolution =152. 

Overthrown =49. Revolutions =49. Pi =49. Anwar Sadat was assassinated 4009 days into office, on the anniversary of his surprise attack on Israel. Putin =409. Donald J Trump =49. Cairo Egypt =49. Twenty-Fifth of January Two Thousand Eleven =490. The 49th prime is 227 which is the fraction equivalent of Pi cycles and history repeating by the numbers.


4 thoughts on “Trump + Putin & the Egyptian Revolution

  1. Off topic but I thought you might be interested in this, I know you like the twins theme.
    In England on 5/15 we had the death of a seriel killer called Ian BRADY, he’d been in prison 51 years.
    Reminded me of Tom BRADY winning Superbowl 51.
    It was 2/6 in England when Brady won the superbowl.
    From 2/6 – 5/15 is 98 days. Tom Brady = 98.
    Ian Brady died aged 79. Seventy nine = 152.
    152 days after Tom brady’s birthday takes you to 1/2. Guess whose birthday that is, Ian Brady’s.
    His real name is Ian duncan stewart which adds to 187.
    187 after Tom Brady’s birthday brings you back to 2/6.
    Ian duncan stewart also adds to 61. Like thirty nine = 61.
    Tom Brady is 39 years old and Ian Brady was 39 when Tom was born.

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    • Excellent work!
      2/6 (6th Feb) in England when Superbowl 51 was won with a combined score of 62 points, on the 2/6 anniversary of the Queen ascending the throne (1952).
      6w 2d later was the Westminster attack.
      The Queen coronated 6/2 (2nd June) 1953. Another notorious English serial killer – Peter Sutcliffe (aka the Yorkshire Ripper) has a 6/2 (2nd June) 1946 birthday.
      Peter Sutcliffe apprehended 1/2 (2nd Jan) 1981. Ian Brady born 1/2 (2nd Jan) 1938.

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      • I’m sure the 2/6, 6/2 connections will continue for quite a while. NBA finals start on 6/2 (England time)
        Ducks end on 62 wins with a stanley cup win.


  2. Revolution= 125
    Karl Marx born on 125th day of year (5-5-1818) Died on Pi (3-14-1883).
    August 1 has 152 days remaining.
    Target date 7-18-17, 199th day/yr with 166 remaining.
    8-1-17 marks 199y 2m 27d or 72,772d since Marx’s birth.

    CA Gov Jerry Brown born 119y 11m 2d or 12,000.27% com/yr (Pi) after Marx.
    Or a span of 119y 11m 3d or 12,000.55% com/yr. Revolution = 125.
    Days between Lenin’s birthday to Brown’s = 11m 16d. (4-22 to 4/7.)

    Days between Trotsky’s birthday to Trump’s = 7m 7d. (11/7 to 6/14.)
    Trotsky’s birthday (11/7) is also the start day of the second Russian Revolution.
    The 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse date will mark 77 years to the day from Trotsky’s grisly ice pick to the head assassination on 8-21-1940.


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