Times Square Car Crash & Wall Street Predictive Programming

A drunk driver named Richard Rojas plowed his Honda Accord into a crowd of people in New York’s Time Square on 18 May 2017 at 12:20 PM, killing 1 and injuring 22. Yet another vehicle-ramming incident, though this one isn’t being called terrorism. However with its perfect synchronization to other events, one wonders if it weren’t remote controlled… As the numbers have revealed, two major subway crashes in New York from the early 20th century were perfectly synchronized to predictive program the Wall Street Crash of 1929. May this staged car crash and others like it be alluding to a future market event?

The Times Square Car Crash happened 116 days before the 16th anniversary of 9/11. New York City =161. Times Square =161. Accord =161. Stock Market =161. The Great Crash =161/116. Black Tuesday =116.  The Malbone Street Wreck happened 1 year 10 months 16 days before the Wall Street Bombing of 9/16/20.

  • Rojas =621. New York City Times Square =126. Two Thousand Nine Honda Accord =126. Forty-Fifth Street and Broadway =126. It happened 1 month 26 days after the truck-ramming at Westminster Palace. Andrew Cuomo =126 and was born on 1/26. The Times Square Derailment of 8/24/28 occurred 1 year 2 months 6 days before the Great Crash.

New York City =129. de Blasio =129. Black Thursday =129 which precipitated the Wall Street Crash =29 of 10/29 of ‘29. Great Crash =29. Rojas =29. The Stock Market =209. Malbone Street Wreck =209. Financial Crisis =290. This car crash at The Crossroads of the World =290 involved a 2009 Honda on Forty-Fifth Street =209. The Times Square Derailment of 1928 happened exactly 2900 days after the Wall Street Bombing.

Black Tuesday =138. The Great Crash =1308. Times Square Car Crash =1308 happened 308 days after the truck ramming on Bastille Day =38 in Nice France =38. Great Depression =1380. Andrew Mark Cuomo =1380. Bill de Blasio =38. Stock Market =38. The Market =38. Dow Jones =38. Black Monday =38. Richard Rojas =83. Honda =83. Times Square Car Crash =83. Malbone Street Wreck =83. The Stock Market =83. 

  • Times Square Car Crash =883. It happened 8 years 8 months 3 days after the 2008 Market Crash began. 883 is the 153rd prime.
  • Drunk Driver =153. The Market =153. Black Monday =153. Black Tuesday =153. Black Thursday =153. The Great Crash =153. Andrew Mark Cuomo =153. 

Bill de Blasio =35. Car Crash =35. Broadway =35. Time Square =35. New York City Times Square =135. Wall Street =135. The 531st prime is 3823 and the 3823rd prime is 35,993. This car crash happened 35,993 days after the Malbone Wreck.

Times Square =900. New York City Times Square =90. Drunk Driver =90.Two Thousand Nine Honda Accord =90. Warren Wilhelm Jr =90. Malbone =90. The 90th prime is 4630 and this car crash came exactly 4630 weeks after the Times Square Derailment of 1928. Cuomo =463.

  • Wall Street Crash =221. Malbone Street Wreck =221. This crash at 12:20 PM involving a Drunk Driver =122 killed 1 injured 22. Trainwreck =122.
  • The Malbone Crash happened 1 year 11 months 23 days before the Market crashed. Malbone =123. Wall Street =123. Car Crash =123. Honda =123. 
  • Richard Rojas =176 and he crashed exactly 176 weeks after de Blasio took office. Black Tuesday =176. Wall Street Crash =76. Andrew Mark Cuomo =76. 

The 1928 Times Square Derailment happened exactly 512 weeks after the Malbone Street Wreck. This crash happened 5 months 12 days after Cuomo’s birthday. President Donald J Trump =512. 

Bill de Blasio =1332. Governor Cuomo =233. The crash happened 2330 days after Cuomo took office, 23 weeks 3 days after his birthday, and 1233 days after de Blasio took office. 233 is the 51st prime.

  • Andrew Cuomo =51. Warren Wilhelm Jr =51 (de Blasio’s birth name). Both synched up with the driver: Rojas =51. Great Crash =51. Times Square = 150. Wall St =15. Great Depression =1050. Andrew Mark Cuomo =1050. Dow Jones =105. 
  • Cuomo & Trump were born exactly 599 weeks apart, the 109th prime. Bill de Blasio =109. The Financial Market =109. Black Monday =109. Market =19. 

Here’s another clue about the Market Crash. The 1987 Crash happened on 10/19, a span of 10,805 days before this Car Crash =85 in New York City Times Square =1085. 

New York City Times Square =108. Great Crash =108. The 108th prime is 593 and 5903 is the 777th prime. de Blasio and Trump were born 777 weeks apart.

  • Brexit happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow Jones dropped 777 points and Trump took office when he was 70 years 7 months 7 days old. Chris Cornell died in a casino located at 1777 3rd Ave.
  • This car crash comes 7 years 17 days after a foiled Times Square car bombing attempt. The Wall Street Bombing happened 7 years 11 months 7 days before the Times Square Derailment. The 2008 Market Crash happened 7 years 17 days after 9/11.

And on last gem: New York City =333. Cuomo =333. The Wall Street Bombing happened 3330 days before the Great Crash. Elitism =333. Domination =333. 

5 thoughts on “Times Square Car Crash & Wall Street Predictive Programming

  1. There was another “MASSive car CrASH” in ” Port RICHmond,” StATEn Eyeland, just before Times Square (Time/Space Ritual) today at 11:40 am. No deaths, but 11 injured ( tally of all injured today: 33, & 1 dead, an 18 yr old female.
    Massive Car Crash = 1191 (J).
    Port Richmond = 171.
    Broadway near Castleton Ave. = 1104 (Satanic).
    May 18th : the 138th day of the year, 227 remaining.

    You’ve been on a real roll, BBerg, great connections.


    • Another car crash today (5/19) with 1 injured in New Haven, CT, just 1 1/2 blocks from the Skull & Bones building at 64 High Street…two blocks from “The Tomb” is…Wall Street.
      Accident location: 220 College St, Pacifico (=62) Restaurant.
      Intersection: CROWN and College Streets. Damage: LIGHT Post.

      Fun Fact: CORNELL University’s inauguration and FOX News founding share the same date: October 7th. From 10/7 to 5/18 (Chris Cornell’s death) is 7m 11d. Yale was founded October of 1701.

      “Cornell” surname origin (Latin): “Cornelius” meaning “Horn”. “Christopher” meaning: Christ or Anointed or Little Christ.
      Car Crash (CC) Christopher Cornell. Little Horn/Anointed Christ.
      Horns are hinked before a crash.


  2. These types of fearing/war mongering, planned depopulation agendas “Masonic Breaking News” stories are “Military Drills” and “Satanic Rituals”. NYC is the scattering of “Babel” aka “Tower Of Babel” with over eight hundred dialects spoken in the city. We know that the “synagogue Of Satan” loves the number “22” and destruction rituals. Remember “Isaiah Thomas” of the “Boston Celtics” fake sister died recently in a “Car Crash” at the age of “22”. The “SOS” love to tear down and build back up again with some sort of tribute and “Memorial(s)” for the “Sleeping Masses” visit. Also, the temperature was predicted as being “93” degrees in NYC yesterday.

    “Fear/War Mongering”-Full Reduction=93(93/39)
    “Masonic News”-Full Reduction=45-Duodecimal is “39”

    May 18,2017(5+18+20+17=60)
    “Military Drill”-Full Reduction=72-Duodecimal=60
    “Satanic Rituals”-Jewish Reduced=60
    “Depopulation Agenda”-Septenary=60
    “Fear War Mongering”-Chaldean=60

    The “22nd” prime is “79”(Like “The Synagogue Of Satan”=79 in Full Reduction&Septenary)
    “New York”-Septenary=22
    “One Dead”-Septenary=22
    “Babel”-English Ordinal=22(22+22=44, 22+22+22=66, 22+22+22+22=88, 110)
    “Black People”-Full Reduction=44
    “Capitalism”-Jewish Reduced=44
    “Car Crash”-S-Exception=44
    “Tear Down”=Reverse Reduction=44
    “Rebuild”-English Extended=440(44)
    “Fear Mongering”-Reverse Reduction=66
    “Synagogue Of Satan”-Jewish=1088(188,1×88=88)
    “National September Eleven Memorial And Museum”-S-Exception=188
    “Georgia Guidestones”-S-Exception=110(Twin Towers “110” stories)


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