Kevin Smith & The Church of Satan

Lisa Spoonauer, who played Caitlin Bree in Kevin Smith’s cult classic, Clerkspassed away on 20 May 2017 at age 44 due to unknown causes. It’s pretty obvious to us however that Pi cycles had something to do with it – as did Smith’s curious connections to Baphomet. His upcoming film Helena Handbag (about mankind teaming up with Hell to save the world from a rapturing giant Jesus) notwithstanding.

In 2009 he authored a six-issue comic book series called Batman: The Widening Gyre that pairs the Dark Knight with a new masked hero named Baphomet. Batman grows close to Baphomet, revealing his identity to his new friend & helper, and together they take down Calendar Man – known for committing crimes that correspond with holidays and significant dates. Sound familiar? The series ends with a cliffhanger as Baphomet is revealed to be the supervillain Onomatopoeia.

  • Onomatopoeia =131. The Devil =131. The Great Beast =131. Church of Satan =131. Anton LaVey =131. God =131. 

Kevin Smith =49. Caitlin Bree =49. Clerk =49. In the film Bree is dating Dante Hicks =49 and Clerks was based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, its first section Dante’s Inferno =49. Pi =49. The 49th prime is 227 and her last day on Earth was exactly 22 years 7 months after the release of Clerks. Notice the 227 on Calendar Man’s belt. The Church of Satan was founded on April Thirtieth =227. 

  • Devil =227. Satanic Bible =227. A Satanic Ritual =227. Lucifer the Lightbringer =227/314 (yes both pi codes in one).
  • Jehovah =314. Solve et Coagula =314 (as is tattooed on the arms of Baphomet). Kevin Patrick Smith =413 who played Silent Bob =413. Anton LaVey died 1413 days before 9/11/01, or 3 years 10 months 14 days, for a perfect tribute to the Law of Reversals.

KEVIN SMITH =480. BAPHOMET =480. SATAN =480. Solve + Coagula =48. Smith =48. Illuminati =48. Hollywood =48. Clerk =148. Satanic Ritual =148. Presidential Assassination =148 and JFK was killed exactly 148 weeks after his inauguration. The 148th prime is 857 and Spoonauer was born 857 days after Smith.

With end date that’s 858 days. Kevin Smith =85/58. Kevin Patrick Smith =85. Smith + Spoonauer =85 (Bree =58). Dante Alighieri =85 (Alighieri =58). Templar =85 (Freemasonry =58). The Devil =85 (Satan =58). Baphomet =85 (Lilith Samael =58), as it reads on the Sigil of Baphomet, which is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. And as we’ll see, the connections between Satanism & Kevin Smith run deep.

SOLVE means to separate or dissolve & COAGULA means to coagulate or bring together. The maxim of duality as represented by the symbol of Baphomet, it means that something must be broken down before it can be built up. Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos) is another way of expressing this philosophy of the occult elite. Before we dig deeper let’s point out that SAMAEL =666. Law of Reversals =666. Perfection =666. Batman =666. God Incarnate =666. Horned Beast =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. Karma Cycles =666. Dissolve =666. Clerks: The Animated Series first aired 66 weeks 6 days before 9/11. Remember the giant Baphomet statue in Detroit was unveiled 6 years 6 months 6 days after Obama took office.

Samael =24. Lilith =42. Individually they’re equal: Solve =24 & Coagula =24. Combined they’re inverted: Solve + Coagula =402 and expressed similarly in English: Dissolve + Coagulate =242. Satanism =24/42. Magick =24/42. Qabalah =24/42. Dante Alighieri =242. Dante’s Inferno =1242. LaVey =240/420. Caitlin =24. Bree =24. Lisa =402.

  • Kevin Smith =124/142 was exactly 2442 weeks old when Spoonauer died. (244+442=666). Alphanumeric Palindromes =2244. 
  • Smith =244 was born 2 years 4 months 4 days before the birth of Spoonauer =124 who died 1020 weeks 4 days after the death of Anton LaVey =124. Dante Hicks =124. Clerks Three =124 was cancelled 14 weeks 2 days before she died. Palindromes =142. 
  • Kevin P Smith =224 was born 122 weeks 4 days before Spoonauer. Clerk =224. Jay and Silent Bob =1224. Batman The Widening Gyre =224. The Satanic Bible =224. The Secret Elite =224. Secret Elite =422. Occult Elite =422. Blood Sacrifices =422. Satanic Inversion =244. 

Spoonauer was 21 years 10 months 14 days old for the Clerks premier. Smith was born on the 214th day. Coagula et Solve =214. Anton Szandor LaVey =214. A Palindrome =214. Satanic Inversion =214. Satanic Bible =412. 

Dissolve =111. Coagulate =111. Samael =111. The Devil =111. Templar =111. Batman =111. Onomatopoeia =1110. Smith + Spoonauer =1110. The Apollo Program ran for 11 years 1 month 11 days. Alphanumeric Palindrome =111. View Askew Productions =111, Smith’s production company.

Spoonauer =119. View Askew Productions =119. Clerks opened on 10/19 of 1994. The Devil =119. Satanic Mass =119. Palindromes =119. Coagula =119. This is the name of the first Transgender =119 superhero in comics, who can coagulate liquids and dissolve solids at will.

Kevin Smith =44. Silent Bob =44. Spoonauer =44 dies age 44. Ritual Sacrifice =44. Magick =44. Her character was dating Dante =44. Full name Dante Hicks =444. Batman The Widening Gyre =444. Order of Thelema =444. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law =444. Lucifer =444.

  • Spoonauer =114 was exactly 1141 weeks old when Clerks opened. Anton LaVey =141. Dissolve & Coagulate =1140. Aleister Crowley =1140. Satanic Bible =114. Manifest =411. Knowledge =411. LaVey was born on 4/11. 

Lisa Ann Spoonauer =777. Order Out of Chaos =777. The Long Count Calendar =777. Smith =77. Spoonauer + Smith =77. Coagula et Solve =77. Dante Alighieri =77. Hexagram =77. Elite =77. Judaism =77. The Powers That Be =77. Superheroes =77. 

There’s really something to this alphanumeric palindrome phenomenon. Bree =29/92 dying 292 days after Smith’s birthday. Batman The Widening Gyre =292. Dante =260/62. Solve =26/62. Kevin =26/62. The Church of Satan =262. Anton Szandor LaVey =2602. Satanic Inversion =262. 

Square and Compasses =262. The Perfected Man =262. The Hidden Truth of Reality =262. The Blueprint of God =262. The Alphanumeric Source Code =262. The Fibonacci Sequence =262. Harmonic Vibrations =262. Holographic Matrix =262.

Compass =331. Lisa Spoonauer + Kevin Smith =133. Solve + Coagula =133. Lilith + Samael =133. Church of Satan =133. Government =133. Inversion =133. Now how’s this. The 33rd prime is 137. Lisa Spoonauer + Kevin Smith =137. Anton LaVey =137. The Church of Satan =137 was founded exactly 1307 weeks after the birth of Donald Trump.

  • Anton LaVey was also born 5909 days before Trump and LaVey died 9950 days after Smith was born. Fuckin weird eh? Dante’s Inferno =599. 
  • Kevin Smith was born 1555 days after the Church of Satan was founded. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law =555. 

Spoonauer died exactly 753 weeks after Clerks: The Animated Series ended. If we employ the Law of Reversals we find yet another tribute to the Church of Satan in the inversion: Smith =357. Anton Lavey =1357. 

Calendar Man indeed. Truth hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see. And I’d like to give a massive THANK YOU to everyone who’s donated lately, even without my asking. That’s proof of an abundant universe. If you too appreciate the time & energy I invest in this project (working overtime on finishing my book) & would like to give back, please support the cause by clicking the Paypal button on the sidebar. I am grateful.

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