LeBron James & Michael Jordan’s Missed Slam Dunks: Poetry In Motion

Air Jordan =153. Cavaliers =153. Marvin =153. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =351.

You know we here at Extra-Capsa froth over media stories that use the terms “eerily similar” and “coincidentally” and we’ve got another juicy one with the missed wide-open playoff dunks of LeBron James (5/23/17) and Michael Jordan (5/9/92), twenty-five years apart and both with Marv Alberts doing play-by-play. Despite the gaff (or because of it), MJ & the Bulls went on to win the 1992 NBA Finals, a repeat of their 1991 Championship. Now coming off their Finals win last season, King James & the Cavs look to repeat history by the numbers here in the 71st NBA Finals.

Michael Jordan + LeBron James =333. Michael + LeBron =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Playoffs =333Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =333

  • The Seventy-First NBA Finals =1133. James + Jordan =133. Twenty-Three =133. Cleveland Cavaliers + Chicago Bulls =1330. Michael Jeffrey Jordan =1133. Slam Dunks =33. LeBron =33. James =33. Cleveland =33. Michael =33. Chicago =33. Bulls =33. NBA Finals =33. And to tie this sequence in with a solid long-count, James’ missed dunk came 13 weeks 3 days after Jordan’s birthday and exactly 1303 weeks after Bulls won the ’92 Finals. Marv Albert’s birth name: Marvin Philip Aufrichtig =331. 

That’s also 9120 days since the Bulls hoisted the trophy in ’92. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =2190. What a pretty synchronicity.

LeBron James was 2687 days old for Jordan’s missed dunk & 2687 is the 390th prime. Twenty Seventeen NBA Champion =390. The Cavaliers =39. Now that’s poetry.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.43.45 PM.png

LeBron James =122. Michael Jordan =122. Both in Jewish Ordinal. James + Jordan =1122. All-Time Playoff Scoring Leader =1122. Michael Jeffery Jordan =2112 and he and James were born 21 years 10 months 12 days apart, James beating Jordan’s scoring record in his 212th game. Trainwreck =122. The Cavaliers =122. James’ dunk was 221 days after his birthday. The 122nd prime is 673 and Jordan was 10,673 days old for his epic fail at The Garden =122.

Michael + LeBron =169. Michael Jordan =169. Magnetic Rims =169. James was 1069 weeks old, Game Seven is on the 169th day, and he fucked up one point shy of 69 points as the Celtics had 69 points. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The Cavaliers =69. Chicago + Cleveland =69. 

  • The 169th prime is 1009. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =109. Michael Jordan Jeffrey =109. Cleveland Cavaliers =190. Dunk =190. 
  • That’s also 11,833 days and 11,833 is the 1420th prime. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =142. Michael Jordan =42. LeBron James =42. Bulls + Cavaliers =42. NBA Finals =42. James’ next birthday comes exactly 1338 weeks after MJ’s dunk.

That’s an age difference of 1160 days (11,833-10,673). Seventy-First NBA Finals =116. Cavaliers =116. His Airness =116. Magnetic =116. Jordan’s missed dunk happened 11 weeks 6 days after his birthday and James’ trainwreck of a dunk happened 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of James’ movie Trainwreck, which featured a cameo by Marv Albert =1019. Marvin Philip Aufrichtig =1019. There’s an excellent example of deliberate coding in Marv’s two official names.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.44.32 PM.png

LeBron James =114 was born exactly 1141 weeks after M Jordan =114. Slam Dunks =114. King James =141. MJ + King James =141. Sports Actors =141. Cavalier =141. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =114. Twenty Seventeen NBA Champion =114/141. A perfect synch with the distance between their births.

Basketball Magnet =1722. Basketball Player =722. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =227. Michael Jordan + Kobe Bryant =227. LeBron James + Kobe Bryant =227. How about that… Their full names together is the mirror of Pi: Michael Jeffrey Jordan + LeBron Raymone James =413. All Time Playoff Scoring Leader =413. Chicago Bulls =413. James’ dunk came 31 weeks 4 days after his birthday. Number Twenty-Three =314. 

  • 227 is the 49th prime. Pi =49. Trainwreck =49. MJ + King James =49. His Airness =149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149.
  • The 149th prime is 859 and James will be 11,859 days old for Game Seven.

The Cavaliers =1206 scored 112 pts that game & Chicago Bulls =206 scored 94. The sum score of the winners: 112+94 =206. Slam Dunk =26. Jordan =26. Magnetic =26. Magnetic Rims =260. Seventy-First NBA Finals =260. Jordan’s dud came 26 days before he won the Final and Game Seven will be 26 days after the dud of LeBron =26. 

Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =2552. Jordan’s missed dunk happened exactly 1525 weeks after his birth, Trainwreck released when Jordan was exactly 52 years 5 months old, and now on 5/25 James surpasses Jordan to become the NBA’s all-time playoff scoring leader.

  • Michael Jeffery Jordan =1128. Michael Jordan =128. Slam Dunks =128. Marv Albert =128. The 128th prime is 719 and the 719th prime is 5441. Jordan will be 54 years 4 months 1 day old for Game Seven.
  • Twenty-Eight =156. Bulls + Cavaliers =156. Seventy-First NBA Finals =1560.  Basketball Stars =156. Trainwreck opened when James =156 was 11,156 days old.

The 56th prime is 263. The two missed dunks happened 1306 weeks 2 days apart. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =1362. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =362As if we needed anymore evidence to prove this isn’t any statistical anomaly.

James’s missed dunk happened 707 weeks 7 days after his NBA debut or exactly 708 weeks.  Cleveland Cavaliers =78. Cleveland =78. The Cavaliers =78. NBA Finals =78. Sports Actors =78. Air Jordan =178. James + Jordan =187. James =87. 

Last year around this time I caught a glimpse of the importance of long counts thanks to the extremely rigged NBA being generous enough to give us so many clues. Michael Jordan =678. Kobe Bryant =678. And it was exactly 678 weeks between Jordan’s final career game & Bryant’s final career game. Poetry in Motion.

And on the topic of basketball magnets, particularly after seeing the image below of LeBron’s dunk that looks very much like it’s going in, I’d like to end by sharing a fascinating reader comment:

“In 2011 when my son was playing AAU basketball, he was a good freethrow shooter and I really mean good he would miss one out of every 50 free throws in practice and in games would go 5 for 5 or 10 for 10. At one particular tournament he missed went 1 for 9 from the line and another went 2 for 8 it was like some kind of force field was making the ball clank off the front of the rim or off the back of the rim or the ball would be on point to swish then all of a sudden it was like it was pushed left or right. I asked him did he think something was wrong with the rims and he said when he would shoot the ball he would hear some kind of thunk or click and wondered what that was, I immediately came home and tried to find something on magnetic rims with no luck, but now from this article I see we weren’t the only ones who noticed this.”

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