Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux: Back-to-Back Champion Programming

The Penguins defeated the Senators in Game 7’s second period of sudden-death overtime to reach the Stanley Cup Finals for the second year in a row on the same night as the Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals for the second year in a row. This is further evidence of predictive programming & ritual celebrity sacrifice as we just saw Powers Boothe who played the villain in Sudden Death, the Van Damme flick set in Pittsburgh at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, die on the night of Game 1 of that series. Then we had the death of Lisa Spoonauer from Clerks whose lead character rocks a Penguins jersey. Now watch for the synchronicities between Mario Lemieux & Sidney Crosby and Michael Jordan & LeBron James – it’ll blow your fucking mind.

Karma Cycles =666. Penguins =666. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =666. The NBA Finals =666. These NHL + NBA =666 seasons began in 2016, the year of the 666 (as 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016 and 6x6x6 =216) which means the Penguins & Cavaliers are primed & pumped to go back-to-back as yet another clue that history repeats by the numbers. We’re living in the time of the Apocalypse, which means the Unveiling – both by definition & gematria – and these discoveries are all part of the Truth Wave.

(6+6+6) =18. Twenty Seventeen Champions =118. Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =1181. Muscles From Brussels =1181. Twenty-Five =181. Penguins co-owners: Ronald Burkle + Mario Lemieux =1118 and they won this round in sudden-death exactly 1118 weeks after Sudden Death opened, Van Damme born 10/18 and his character Darren McCord =118. The Great American Eclipse =118. We just saw Cloud Computing win the Preakness Stakes Baltimore =1118 a perfect span of 1118 days after he was foaled and Trump was elected 1 year 1 month 18 days after the much-hyped target date of 9/23/15, Day One of the Jewish Jubilee (which represents a 50-year span) and Penguins won here in their 50th season and this would be their 5th Stanley Cup. 

  • Fifty Years Old =1911 and in the Pens game I noticed a major play stoppage at 19:11 in the third period. I searched this number and learned that on April 8th the Penguins had a record of 50-19-11. That was 1 month 18 days before their win here. The Mayan Calendar begins on 8/11 (11 August 3114 BCE).

Penguins =50. Twenty-Five =50/150. Ball Game =50. Mayan Ball Game =150. Fifty Years Old =150. Sidney Patrick Crosby + Mario Lemieux =150. Michael Jordan + Mario Lemieux =1500. 

The matchup in Sudden Death is Chicago-Pittsburgh, which was the Stanley Cup Final from 1992 – Penguins winning with their star Mario Lemieux in the same year the Chicago Bulls won after Michael Jordan’s missed slam dunk, mirroring LeBron’s missed dunk as we just covered. That was 25 years ago and here they both make it to the Finals on 25/2. Michael Jordan + Mario Lemieux =2502. And look at the shot of Van Damme dressed as the Penguins goalie – a very clear 25. If you zoom in on the bottom right corner of the Clerks shot – the numbers 25 & 50. Mario and Michael =250. History Repeats =250. Repeat =25.

  • That’s Christian Ruutu getting punched out. Christian =25/52. Jean Claude Van Damme =252. Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg =2052. 
  • History Repeats by the Numbers =125/152. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =125/152. James + Jordan =52. Bulls + Cavaliers =152. Jean Claude =152. Sudden Death =1152. These games happened 12 weeks 5 days before The Total Solar Eclipse =152. Mayan =52. Mesoamerican Ballgame =520. Second Year in a Row =52. 

The thing is that 25 years is equal to 9130 days. Sidney Crosby + Mario Lemieux =319. Employing the Law of Reversals, the 319th prime is 2113 and LeBron James & Michael Jordan were born a perfect 21 years 10 months 13 days apart.

NOW GET THIS: I went in with the theory telling myself no way could it be this perfect but yep. The star of the 1992 Stanley Cup was Mario Lemieux, current Penguins owner, and he was born the almost exact same fucking duration of 21 years 10 months 3 days before Sidney Crosby. (!!!) The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =213. Twenty-Five Years =213. 

That’s game over, the final fucking piece to the puzzle that it’s all about the long-count. Perhaps the biggest clue we’ve ever been given is the Mayan Calendar. Life is indeed a Wheel, as the alphanumeric cycles reveal. The Mayans played what’s known simply as the Ball Game, which involved important rituals including human sacrifice. As our research shows, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Those gorgeous 2-11-3 durations are also equal to 1139 weeks 3 days. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =393. Cleveland =393. NBA Finals =393. Michael Jordan Jeffrey + LeBron Raymone James =393. Tolliver =393, the goalie Van Damme replaces in that ridiculous scene where he makes the save of the season then flashes a hand-sign at his son.

  • Ruutu & Van Damme were born 3 years 4 months 3 days apart. Mario Lemiuex + Michael Jeffrey Jordan =343. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =343. Pittsburgh + Cleveland =434. 

These Cavaliers & Penguins games came 4 years 5 months 4 days after 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Pittsburgh + Cleveland =1454.

LeBron James was 11,833 days old the day before he made the Finals and Sidney Crosby was 10,883 days old the day before he made the Finals. That’s pretty damn close. Especially when it gives us this: Pittsburgh + Cleveland =883.

  • And if we count to the day we get LeBron at 11,834 days old: Seventy-First NBA Finals =1834. And Crosby at 10,884 days old: Twenty Seventeen Champions =1884. 
  • I mean c’mon. We’re working with four-digit number-date synchs here and it’s perfectly coded with the potential outcome. We’ve collectively achieved the next level of decoding – especially if these two teams win, but even if they don’t – and there’s no longer any reason to be stalled in first gear when we can reach warp speed by working together.

Sid was also exactly 1555 weeks old. Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =555. Entertainment =555. Revolutions =555. Around & around like circles and the Pi-Cycles therein.

Penguins + Cavaliers =227. Repeat Champions =227. Back-to-Back Win =227. Twenty Seventeen =227. Definitely the year for it, especially with all the Pi-Tributes we’ve been documenting. This big day in sports happened 2 months 27 days before the Eclipse. The Mayan Calendar =1722. 

  • History Repeats by the Numbers =3140. Eclipse =314. Sidney Crosby =314. Number Twenty-Three =314. Twenty Seventeen Champions =314. Crosby & James’ birthdays fall 31 weeks 4 days apart in a calendar year. James’ missed dunk happened 31 weeks 4 days after his birthday and Sid’s win came 41 weeks 3 days after his birthday. Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers =413. 
  • The Great American Eclipse =2424. Double Overtime Sudden Death =2424.

LeBron James & Sidney Patrick Crosby =277 were born 2 years 7 months 7 days apart and 277 is the 59th prime. That’s also 950 days, emphasizing the 59/95 coding. Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers =595. LeBron was born 15,905 days after Marv Albert, excluding end points.

Jordan’s missed dunk happened on 5/9 at Madison Square Garden =195. Twenty-Three =195. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =195. Penguins + Cavaliers =195. Mario Lemieux + Sidney Crosby =1159. Lemieux + Crosby =159. Sidney Crosby =59. James =95. Back-to-Back Champions =95. Back-to-Back Titles =59. Repeat Champion =59. 

  • 59 is the 17th prime here in ‘17. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. Pens + Cavs =117. Penguins + Cavaliers =1170. May Twenty-Fifth =1170. Pittsburgh Penguins =1107. Twenty-Five =117. 

The 95th prime is 499. LeBron James =499. Twenty-Five =499. Lemieux + Crosby =1944. 

Sidney Patrick Crosby =223. James =223. Number Twenty-Three =223. Nineteen Ninety-Two =223. The Mayan Calendar =223. 

Sidney Crosby =67. Back-To-Back Champions =167. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =167. Cleveland Cavaliers =1167. The 167th prime is 991 (Mario Lemieux =199) and the 991st prime is 7841 and 7841 days after the release of Sudden Death is June 11th, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. A great day for the Penguins to win. We can include the same duration to June 12th, Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a great day for the Cavaliers to win.

  • 1487 is the 236th prime. Back-To-Back Win =236. Sidney Patrick Crosby =236. Pittsburgh Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =236. Pittsburgh Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =236. 
  • 487 is the 93rd prime. Penguins + Cavaliers =193. Back to the 393.

PS: Aesop Rock just rapped “recognizing family & alphanumeric characters” on the track ‘Castles’ by Cunninlynguists. Maybe they’re readers. 

6 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux: Back-to-Back Champion Programming

  1. You mentioned Lisa Spoonauer and Christian Ruutu as characters in this ongoing saga.

    We also have Christian Ruud, a former norwegian tennis player. Yesterday his son Casper lost a tennis match against Maxime Janvier. Casper is 18 years old and ranked as number 118th on the ATP ranking. Janvier is from France, which has deep ties to the Quebec region in Canada (Mario Lemieux).

    Janvier is ranked #267 ATP. Pittsburgh Penguins now enters the 2017 Stanley Cup with a total of 1927 losses, which is pretty close to a confirmation of 267. 1927 is also an anagram for 1972, the year that both Lisa Spoonauer and Christian Ruud were born. Ottawa entered the match yesterday with a total of 92 goals in their 2017 playoff games, Penguins ditto 97: 2997. Yesterday it was 6729 days since Casper Ruud was born. After conference final yesterday the total playoff goal count for Ottawa and Pittsburgh is 97 and 102: 1297 (another variant of the same numbers…)

    Sidney Crosby is born 4155 days before Casper Ruud. This counts to 99720 hours.

    Lisa Spoonauer and Christian Ruud is born 104 days apart, which also is 3 months and 12 days: 312.

    You also mentioned Sidney Crosby =67. Back-To-Back Champions =167. Casper lost the first set 6-7 to Janvier yesterday in a tie-break. Tie break is the tennis variant, or at least similar to, the sudden death overtime in ice hockey.


  2. One more detail that I should mention regarding the numbers in my comment above:

    Pittsburgh Penguins playoff match #18 in this year playoffs: before the 3rd period, the standing was 1-1, and Penguins had then scored 55 goals and had conceded 41 goals. Ref. Sidney Crosby born 4155 days before Casper Ruud.

    In the 3rd period Mike Hoffman scored the deciding goal for Senators with 18 minutes and 26 seconds left of the game.This is one second short of another 927 reference (18:26 = (1+8) 26 = 926), but on the other hand Penguins had not yet lost the game then, and would still have a total of 1926 franchise losses at the time of the goal.


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