The Passion of the Christ & the Ritual Reenactment of Blood Sacrifice

Dying on the same day as Brzezinski was Italian actor Toni Bertorelli most noted for his roles in The Young Pope and The Passion of the Christ (speaking about ritual sacrifices). His character was the first High Priest of Judea, the first man to judge Jesus before he was reluctantly sentenced by Pontius Pilate. This movie also plays into the 252 coding we saw continued with Zbigniew Brzezinski =252 as The Passion =250 of The Christ =52 released on 25/2.

Toni Bertorelli played the roles of Annas ben Seth in The Passion and Cardinal Caltanissetta in The Young Pope. What’s interesting is that just like Brzezinski, Annas was one of the Roman Empire’s most influential political individuals, “aided greatly by the use of his puppet High Priests,” as Wikipedia says in a telling line. It’s also interesting to note that there’s a Biblical conspiracy theory about the involvement of Annas in a plot to assassinate Lazarus after he was raised from the dead.

Toni Bertorelli =174. Annas ben Seth =174. Cardinal Caltanissetta =74. Pope Francis =174. Jesus =74. Christ =74. Lazarus of Bethany =174. 

  • Brzezinski & Bertorelli were born exactly 1042 weeks apart. Jorge Mario Bergoglio =1142. Annas ben Seth =42. Mel Gibson =42. 
  • Toni Bertorelli =1224. Zbigniew Brzezinski =224. Passion of the Christ =224. Annas =224. The Secret Elite =224. Blood Sacrifices =422. 
Murderer =484. Bertorelli died 484 days after The Passion and the Twin Towers were destroyed exactly 1484 weeks after their grand opening.

Passion of the Christ opened 2 months 18 days after Mel Gibson’s other film Apocalytpo, featuring a solar eclipse, Zibigniew Brzezinski & Toni Bertorelli =812 died 218 days after the release of The Young Pope. The Eclipse is on 21/8. TRUMP =218. Mayan Long Count =1218. 

The Passion’s grand opening happened a curiously perfect span of 15,800 days after the assassination of JFK. Solomon’s Temple =1158. Freemasonry =58. Devil =58. Jesus =85. Christ =85. Lazarus of Bethany =85. Passion =185. 

  • It also released 1993 days after 9/11 and 1993 is the 301st prime. Puppet High Priest =310/131. Bertorelli & Brzezinski died 10 years 3 months 1 days after The Passion of the Christ =310/13. Jesus =31. 

David Bowie’s last single before his death was called Lazarus, and it dropped 3 weeks 3 days before he died, the video airing 3 days before his death. The single also released exactly 74 weeks before the death of Chris Cornell and the Eclipse comes 223 days after Bowie died. 

The Passion of the Christ opened 3830 days before the Great American Eclipse. Satanic Elite =383, the 76th prime. Brzezinski =76. Baphomet =76. Donald =76. World War II began exactly 7600 days after World War I ended.

  • 3803 is the 529th prime. JFK was born on 5/29 and Anwar Sadat was assassinated exactly 1529 weeks before the 2011 Eygptian Revolution.
  • We’ve seen all these 833 codings lately and Pope Francis will be 80 years 3 months 3 days old for the Eclipse.

Brzezinski & Bertorelli died 26,200 days after World War II ended and Donald Trump will be 26,002 days old for the Great American Eclipse =262. How about that. Passion of the Christ =262. The British Empire =262. The Church of Satan =262. 

Queen Elizabeth will be exactly 91 years 4 months old for the Eclipse and we just saw that George HW Bush’s 9/11/90 speech about the New World Order came 4019 days before 9/11/01. Zbigniew Brzezinski + David Rockefeller =419. Serial Killer =419. 

  • 4019 is the 555th prime number. Revolutions =555. Lunar Eclipse =555. A Major Crisis =555. The Masonic Order =555. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. Sequoia =555, the name of JFK’s yacht. The Manchester Bombing happened 555 days after the Paris Attacks and 55,555 days after Abraham Lincoln died, the Invasion of Baghdad happened 555 days after 9/11, and George W Bush & Dick Cheney were born 5 years 5 months 5 days apart.

Trump was born 155 weeks 5 days before Orwell’s 1984 was published and was inaugurated 15,505 days after Nixon resigned. MTV first aired 15 years 5 months 5 days after the first Apollo flight, Kevin Smith was born 1555 days after the Church of Satan was founded, and Sidney Crosby was exactly 1555 weeks old when the Penguins made the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

419 is also the 81st prime. President Trump =81. Jorge Bergoglio =81. Passion =81. Christ =81. David Rockefeller died exactly 801 weeks after 9/11 and Zbigniew Brzezinski =108 died 80 years 1 day after John D Rockefeller.

5 thoughts on “The Passion of the Christ & the Ritual Reenactment of Blood Sacrifice

  1. Mighty stuff again lad..
    I was looking into the soccer yesterday, Celtic vs Aberdeen cup final..
    The goal scorers had very interesting numbers regarding the duration of their birthday to yesterday’s date.
    One guy was 322 days, another was 133 days.
    Looking at the Stanley Cup, I haven’t looked at every player yet but, Jean Sébastien Dey would be a contender to score in the first game. Would be long odds on him as he was brought up from the minor league.


  2. FEMA reminds me of Newton’s Second Law of Motion (seen in I, Pet Goat 2, on chalkboard). F=MA, “Force is Equal to Mass times Acceleration” = 555.

    Kennedy’s parents: Joseph and Rose. Trump’s parent’s: Frederick Christ and Mary.
    Between the two sets: Joseph and Mary, Jesus Christ’s earthly parents. Reminds me of the Ira (eye/Ra) Levin (evil) novel, Rosemary’s Baby. Novel /Polanski’s film dream conception scene: Kennedy and his yacht, Jackie, Pope, Satan, NYC witch coven. Levin’s sequel, Son of Rosemary, reveals details of the anti-christ that eerily mirror Trump’s, including his hotel/tower at Columbus Circle. (The film location for ‘Taxi Driver’ attempted assassination scene.)

    It’s rumored that Leonardo DaVinci made copies of his Mona Lisa, which was stolen on 8-21-1911, 106yrs from the eclipse 8-21-17. 106= Prophecy. (There’s even a film ‘Art of the Steal,’ comedy spoof, on this theme, released 9-11-13.) From Mona’s theft to Trump’s inauguration is a span of 105y 5m or 5500w 5d.

    This present Solar Saros 136 cycle began 6-14-1360 (Trump’s bday) and was a hybrid event from 11-22 (JKF death) in 1612 thru 1-17-1703. (91 yrs.)
    From 1-17-1703 to 11-22-1963 = a span of 260y 10m 6d. (9-11 NYC dead:2,606.)
    JFK witnessed a total solar eclipse from USA northeastern coast on 7-20-63, 911 days into his term. 125 (5x5x5) days later was his assassination.
    History Repeats by the numbers =125. American Coup =125/119. Donald = 119(J).

    Trump will be 30w 3d into his term on 8/21 eclipse. 125 days later: December 24, Christmas Eve. A Mona Lisa Christ–mas?
    From JFK’s birth 5-29-1917 to 12-24-2017 = 100y 6m 26d.
    From Trump’s birth 6-14-46 to 12-24-2017 = 26,126d.


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