Detroit Tigers & the Jim Bunning Sacrifice Bunt

Jim Bunning, the only MLB player in history elected to both the Senate and the Hall of Fame, died on 26 May 2017 at age 85. I’m seeing some major connections to the Detroit Tigers, a solid underdog pick for the World Series (who I first got onboard with after a Cubs-Tigers reference in Kong: Skull Island). Long-time Tigers owner Mike Ilitch recently passed away (2/10/17) and his business, Ilitch Holdings, was headquartered in Detroit’s Fox Theatre – where Chris Cornell played his final show.

Cornell born on 7/20, Ilitch’s 35th birthday. Detroit =35. The Tigers =53. Twenty Seventeen World Series =353. James Paul David Bunning =353. We find another major connection here as Bunning’s first game was on 7/20 (Ilitch’s 26th birthday) and his first no-hitter was also on 7/20 (Ilitch’s 29th birthday).

  • Jim Bunning =33 died 333 weeks 3 days after leaving office as a Senator =33 from Kentucky and debuted with the Detroit =33 Tigers =33. Motown =33. Astros =33. Mike Ilitch =333. The 2017 Sports Illustrated issue below released 3 years 3 months 3 days before the playoffs begin.
  • Jim Bunning =122. Detroit Tigers =221. There were 1 months 22 days between MLB season start and Bunning’s death and 22 weeks 1 day later will be Game 4 or 5 of the World Series. Fox Theatre =122. The SI preview issue released 1220 days before Game Seven of the ’17 World Series.

James Paul David Bunning =1314/227. His name a perfect pi-coding with: Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 & Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =413. Michael Ilitch Sr =227/143. The movie Kong Skull Island premiered 2 months 27 days before Bunning’s death. It released 227 days before the Playoffs begin and 7 months 22 days before Game Seven. George Springer =227. 

Baseball’s Great Experiment =162. The Houston Astros =1062. Detroit Tigers =162. Fox Theatre =162. Bunning died 1062 days after the SI issue’s date. MLB =162. Major League Baseball =162. Base =162. Ball =162. Baseball =162. And there are 162 games in a regular season, a tribute to the alphanumeric orgy that is baseball. The 62nd prime is 293 and the issue was 2 years 9 months 3 days before the 2017 season began.

  • Houston =112. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =112. Springer =211. Ilitch Holdings Inc =211. Springer’s first game with the Astros was 2 years 11 months 11 days before Bunning’s death, which happened 10,112 days after Spring was born.

The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =3390. Twenty Seventeen World Series =339. He died 19,333 days after his 7th perfect game pitching (6/21/64) which Wikipedia makes a point of highlighting because of this: he was 11,930 days old for it. Bradley David Ausmus =193 (born on 14/4).

Now, the 193rd prime is 44. The Tigers =404. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =404/444. Kong =44. Skull Island =44. Michael Ilitch Sr =44. Springer was 1444 weeks 4 days old when Bunning died. The SI issue dropped exactly 144 weeks before the season began. Houston Texas =144.

It’s the 113th World Series. Detroit MI =113. Jim Bunning =113. Bunning =113. Brad Ausmus =113 who was hired on 11/3 of ’13. Bunning died 1 month 13 days after Ausmus’ birthday. His hiring date can be expressed 3/11/13 and Game 7 will be 3 years 1 months 30 days later. Bunning died 130/131 days before the Playoffs begin on 10/3. AJ Hinch =103/131, Astros manager.

  • Ausmus =13 was manager for exactly 1300 days when Bunning died or 1301 days. Ilitch died 10,310 days after Fox Theatre reopened.

The 13th prime is 41. Detroit MI =41. Ausmus =41. Brad Ausmus =41. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =410. Fox =41. Space City =41. Kong =41 opened 4 weeks 1 day after Ilitch’s death. Bunning wore #14 and his big game happened 4 weeks 1 day before the birth of Cornell. Ausmus was hired exactly 41,100 days after Tigers’ first game. Ilitch died on the 41st day. Astros =411. 

Jim Bunning =224 died exactly 42,400 days after Tigers first home game. Fox Theatre =242. Ilitch was ranked the 242nd Richest American in 2006. Houston known as Space City, home to Johnson Space Center =1224 which opened 402 weeks 4 days before the Moon Landing and 20,240 days (exactly 55 years 5 months) before this season began on 4/2 and 20,424 days before the playoffs.

  • US Senator =666. The Tigers =666. Fox =666. Moon Hoax =666. Fake Moon Landing =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666. AJ Hinch =669. Baseball’s Greatest Experiment =999. 

July 20th, the date of Ilitch & Cornell’s birthdays plus Bunning’s first game and first no-hitter, is of course also the date of the Moon Landing, as we’ve been discussing. That’s the day that leaves 164 days remaining. Detroit Michigan =64. Detroit Tiger =64. Ilitch was 14,610 days old for the Moon Landing. Cornell died 10,406 days after Fox Theatre reopened. YUP IT’S A MYSTERY!

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