Gregg Allman RIP

Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band, has passed away on 27 May 2017 at the sacrificial age of 69. The behind-the-music story is a fascinating web of synchronicities, starting with Gregg’s father who was murdered by a hitchhiker when Gregg was two. Duane Allman, considered one of the greatest guitars player in history, died in a motorcycle crash (10/29/71) just as the band was blowing up – then a year later the founding bass player Berry Oakley also died in a motorcycle crash (11/11/72) just three blocks away from where Duane wrecked in Macon Georgia. Born in Jacksonville & Chicago and they both die in bike crashes in the same backwater Georgia town.

Fast forward to 2017 and the founding drummer Butch Trucks kills himself in front of his wife (1/24/17) three months before Gregg. The curse continued with Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story, a feature film about the man, when on the very first day of filming (2/20/14) one of the crew members was hit by a freight train on a trestle bridge and killed. The director Randall Miller became the first director to go to jail for the death of a cast or crew member.

  • Fun Fact: Miller directed H-E Double Hockey Sticks about a hockey player who sells his soul for his team, the Delaware Demons (a thinly veiled version of the New Jersey Devils) to win the Stanley Cup. The film released (10/3/99) two days into the NHL season that sure enough led to a New Jersey championship. The Devils won 252 days after the predictive program.

Hot on the trails of the previous post’s Christ connections, Allman published an autobiography titled “My Cross to Bear” that released 5 years 25 days before his death for yet another 525 for the list. He was also born 1 year 5 months 25 days after Donald Trump. The Allman Brothers Band =252. If we exclude end points, John Lennon died 12,052 days after Allman was born.

There’s another connection to Jimmy Carter here, with Gregg Allman dying the day after Carter’s national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Allman Brothers Band being major donors to his campaign and playing at Carter’s Inaugural Ball.

Gregory Allman =1218 and he was born on 12/8. John Lennon died on Allman’s 33rd birthday. Rockstar =33. Midnight Rider =133. Duane + Gregg =133. Duane died exactly 33 weeks after recording At Filmore East =128. The Tavistock Institute =218. Tavistock Institute for Human Relations =218. Social Engineering =218. 

  • Allman Brothers =314. Allman Brothers Band =227. James Earl Carter =227. Raymond Berry Oakley =227. Claude Hudson Trucks =1314. Oakley died 31 weeks 4 days after his bday. Lennon died when Gregg was exactly 1722 weeks old.
  • Allman died 3 years 3 months 8 days after the train death. Jimmy Carter =1338. The Brothers were born 383 days apart, that number again.

Gregg & Duane were born 1 year 19 days apart. Berry Oakley =119. James Marshall Hendrix =119. Richmond Hill =119. Duane died 11 months 9 days after his birthday when he was 9110 days old. 911 is the 156th prime and Hendrix died age 10,156 days old.

Rolling Stones ranked Howard Duane Allman =47 the second greatest guitar player of all-time after Jimi Hendrix. Allman Brothers =47. Allman + Hendrix = 47. The two legends were born 407 days apart. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. John Lennon =47. Rock =47. 

  • That’s exactly 58 weeks between the births of Duane & Jimi Hendrix =508. Rock Music =58. Social Engineering =58. Freemasonry =58. Macon Georgia =58. At Filmore East =58. Butch Trucks =158. Allman Brothers =158.  
  • The Allman Brothers Band =86. Duane + Gregg =86. Kurt Cobain died 8,600 days after Hendrix. Tavistock Institute =86. Rock N Roll Mind Control =86. Rockstar =86. 

Duane died in 71 in Macon Georgia =170 then Gregg died in 17 in Richmond Hill =71. Duane died 7 years 11 months 7 days after the Kennedy Assassination. Trump =171 will be 71 years 17 days old on 7/1/17, Canada Day, and on the upcoming 48th anniversary of the Moon Landing, President Trump =71 will be 71 years 1 month 7 days old. Berry Oakley died 1 year 7 months 17 days after their Midnight Rider single released.

3 thoughts on “Gregg Allman RIP

  1. Hey Brother Berg…

    Upon “researching” the history of the 11th of august with the view of some sort of ritual happening on that date… as I said in my email…

    22/3 westminster attack is 81st day
    22/5 manchester attack is 142nd day leaving 223 days…
    81 + 142 = 223

    So 11/8/17 is the 223rd day has 36 date numerology…

    From 22/3 to 11/8 is 142 days
    From 22/5 to 11/8 is 81 days
    Again the same sum equals 223

    So upon fishing around the history archives I stumbled upon this amazing fact…

    11/8/1999 there was a solar eclipse… lasting 2m23s… hahahaa. was the first visible in the U.K since 29/6/1927 and first in europe since 22/7/1990… ahhahaa… also number 155 in the metonic series is due 11/8/2018…

    I decided that this post was a good one to place it in… as from the 11/8/1999 eclipse to the death of Butch Trucks the drummer you mentioned that apparently “suicided” himself… 24/1/17… is 911 weeks including the end date…


  2. Hahahaa ohhh wait you may already know… as the next day 25/1 is still 911 weeks and Sir John Hurt “died” aged 77… 33yrs after starring in 1984 film 1984… also mary tyler moore and a few others on each day… I’ll have to go read those posts again and probably see that you knew it’s 911 weeks… hahahaaa


  3. Another little snippet… nothing to do with this but I’m here now… 😉 on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the 7/7 London attacks… on the 5th or 6th of July… its 5777 days from 9/11/01… and we’re obviously in the jewish year of 5777… maybe we’ll see some top level international jewry on one or both days???


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