We Are Humanoids. We are 138.

I just want to do a quick post here pointing out a few awesome long-count 138s I’ve found involving the death of motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden and the birth of Kate Middleton. First a reminder of the highlight 138s we’ve discovered so far:

As we connect occult rituals to Saturn worship, each side of the planet’s hexagonal cloud has equal sides each measuring 138,000 km in length. Chris Cornell =1308 died at the MGM Grand Casino =138. Death Hoax =138. Donald Trump =138 began his campaign 1 year 3 months 8 days after Flight MH-370 vanished and the Solar Eclipse comes exactly 113 years 8 months after the Wright Brothers made aviation history. Trump was exactly 1138 weeks old when Martin Luther King was assassinated. We also connected this to The Great Crash =1308 also known as Black Tuesday =138 which led to the Great Depression =1380.

Pi Cycles =138. Holographic =138. The American Dream =138. Hypnotize =138. Secret Language =138. Codename =138. Nickname =138. Klu Klux Klan =138. Zionist =138. Kingdom of Judah =138. Knights Templar =1038. Great Architect =138. 

And now for yet more evidence as to the power of the long-count:

Nicholas Hayden =138 died age 13,080 days old and Kate Middleton =1308 will be 13,008 days old for the Eclipse. If this is part of a Saturn =511 ritual, Middleton & Hayden were born 5 months 11 days apart. In the wake of Hayden’s death we saw Austin Dillon =138 win the Coca-Cola 300 and Takuma Sato, racing for Andretti Autosport =831, win The Indianapolis Five Hundred =308 featuring honorary starter Jake Gyllenhaal =1138 (Gyllenhaal =1038), Bebe Rexha =138/1038 singing the anthem, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (JD Morgan =38) driving the pace car, a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport =308/381.

There’s a song by The Misfits called ‘We Are 138.’ Song-writer Glenn Danzig’s birth name was Glenn Anzalone =138. Humanoids =138. Which is what the song is about. We’ve learned that 138 represents the fulfilment of 38. The Misfits =38. Anzalone =38. Masonic =38. Lucifer =38. Cyborgs =38. Robotics =38. Walk Among Us =38. Android =38. Robot Police =38. Humanoid Robot =308. 

As the internet tells us:

This song was written by Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig, who when asked about the song, says that it is about violence. Then he stops talking and waits for the next question. It’s likely that the 138 is a reference to THX-1138, which was the first movie by George Lucas. In the film, humans have been given names resembling license plates, and THX-1138 is a character portrayed by Robert Duvall who works in a factory making robot police. Misfits bass player Jerry Only and guitarist Bobby Steele have said that the band had buttons made showing a humanoid robot with the number 138 on its head. The idea was that people were being turned into androids like in the movie. Danzig’s response to their statements: “They didn’t write it, and they don’t know what the f–k it’s about.”

Duvall =38. Robert Duvall =138. The 138th prime number is 787. Freemasonry =787.

* Glenn Anzalone, Robert Duvall, & Humanoids all sum to 138 in Kabbalah Gematria, as yet further evidence to its significance. * Kabbalah =38. Gematria =38. 

4 thoughts on “We Are Humanoids. We are 138.

  1. So I just googled “Danzig” and low and behold, he just did a “Blackest of the Black” gig May 26-27/17. Interesting numbers in the title too as well as song titles. Thanks


  2. Also noticed it is Danzig’s 25th anniversary of the album “How the Gods Kill” kill this coming July 14th. Guitarist John CHRIST, yep….


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