Kathy Griffin Decapitates Trump


KATHY GRIFFIN =266 is a perfect 20,660 days old here for her photoshoot holding the severed head of Donald Trump the day after JFK 100th birthday. Understandably she’s caught some flak for it but as the numbers suggest, this wasn’t her idea, but rather a part of a larger and longer ritual.

  • Remember that Apollo Eleven =266 landed 2060 weeks 6 days after the birth of Edwin Buzz Aldrin =266, and 2066 days after the assassination of John F Kennedy. Kurt Cobain was born 260 weeks 6 days after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth and Chris Cornell was the exact same age of 260 weeks 6 days old for the Moon Landing. The 266th Pope visited the White House on the 266th day of 2015.

The long-count continues to reveals why Griffin was perfect for this psy-op orchestrated from behind the scenes. Trump & Griffin were born exactly 751 weeks apart. Griffin =157. Government =1057. Assassinated =157. Kill Trump =157. Tyler Shields =57, the controversial photographer who staged the shoot.

  • 751 is the 133rd prime. Presidential Assassination + Donald Trump =133. Death of Donald Trump =133. President =133. Government =133. 

Anti-Trump =666. Kill Trump =666. “I am Sorry I went too Far I was Wrong” =333/333. That’s what Griffin tweeted after copping shit for it, summing to 333 in two Kabbalah methods. June 22nd will be 33,300 days after the Queen’s birth. So, ya. Watch out for that.

Kathy Griffin =1140 was born on 11/4. President =114. Trump =114. President Donald John Trump =114. Trump Assassinated =114. This June 11th will be 100 years 14 days after JFK’s birth. Trump was born 411 days after Hitler died.

Beheaded =314. Presidential Assassination =314. Griffin =314. Tyler Shields was born 13,104 days after Trump. Trump Assassinated =1314. This happened 31 weeks 4 days after the 33rd anniversary release of The Dead Zone, the predictive programming of Trump & assassinations.

  • Presidential Assassination + Donald Trump =227. Trump’s tombstone appeared 227 days before the election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport in Denver Colorado =227 and he survived an apparent attack at Treasure Island Casino =227. The Dead Zone =722Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722. Donald Trump Murdered =1722. 

227 is the 49th prime. Pi =49. Griffin =49. Shields =49. Donald J Trump =49. Donald John Trump =49. Assassinated =49. 

Presidential Assassination =383. Trump Is Back Home Angry and Alone =383. Depressed =383. The Donald =38/83. Angry and Alone =183. Trump Depressed =183. Trump =83. The CNN headline of a depressed Donald came hours before the gory photoshoot released, which couldn’t help his morale.

  • Tyler Shields =831. Donald Trump =138. The Death of Donald Trump =1380. Donald Trump Assassination =1138.
  • The 38th prime is 163. Shields & Griffin born exactly 1163 weeks apart. Donald Trump Assassination =1630.

The August 21st Eclipse =222 comes 1222 weeks 2 days after the New World Airport capstone date. Trump =22. Donald John Trump =220. 

Assassinated =144. Trump was elected 144 days after the attempt at Treasure Island Casino. And this psyop is 4 months 11 days into office. Ten Days Later =144 is June 11th which will be 441 days after Trump’s tombstone appeared. He met the Pope with this girls dressed like they’re at a funeral on the 144th day.

4 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Decapitates Trump

  1. That image of Griffin holding a “Bloody Trump” head is photoshopped.
    “Bloody Trump”-Reverse Ordinal =136 (136/163)
    “President Of The United States”=1306(136)(1×36=36)Like Mockery in Full Reduction&Reverse Red.
    “Decapitate”-KFW Kabbalah=136 and “36” in Chaldean&Jewish Reduced
    “Photo-Shop”-Reverse Sumerian=666


  2. Things keep getting stranger and stranger. Is this a stunt to detract from Bilderberg or the Seth Rich murder or “fake news” or whatever? I’m pretty tired of all the bull. I also wonder if it points us to anything else? I’ve been looking at name associations. Can we be clued into another Griffin or another Kathy? Is this a lead up to something? We have several Roman festivals coming up and several that have passed that rely on rituals. We’ve had some notable deaths and death anniversaries. It’s impossible to keep up with it all. They all relate and are interconnected. It’s crazy.


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