Tiger Woods + Frank Deford

Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI on the same day Sport Illustrated propagandist I mean journalist Frank Deford passed away, both events occurring in Florida =38 and showing more of that juicy 138 sequence – and some major synchs between the two men. Tiger’s real name is Eldrick Woods =138Drunk Driving =1038. Mind Control Programming =1038. Driving Under the Influence =381. Deford died in Key West Florida =1038. Golf =38/83. Drunk Driving =1183. Tiger was 11,803 days old when his handler I mean father Earl Woods =38 kicked the bucket. MK-Ultra + Golf =38. 

Tiger =117. Driving Under the Influence =1107. He calls his ethnicity Cablinasian =117. Frank Deford =1170. Benjamin Franklin Deford III =1107. Golf =17. The US Open =117. It’s the 117th US Open ending on Father’s Day =117. Tiger’s last – and most likely last ever – win came exactly 17 years 11 months after Earl famously predicted in a Sports Illustrated issue that Tiger would win 14 majors before he’s through. Sure enough he’s won Fourteen Majors =1017. 

  • Deford =660. Frank Deford =66. Woods =66. TW =66. MK-Ultra Mind Control =66. Eldrick Woods =66 and he was arrested exactly 660 weeks after his marriage to Elin =66. Golf =66. Tiger was born when Earl was 16,006 days old. The arrest happened 6 years 9 months 6 days after his divorce. MK-Ultra + Golf =966. 

(6x6x6) =216. Earl =216. Cablinasian =216. DWI =216. It happened in Jupiter Florida =216 with 216 days remaining in the year and 216 days before his 42nd birthday while he was in his 2160th week of life. I mean c’mon. Frank Deford =612 born 12/16. The US Open Final is 6 months 12 days before Tiger’s birthday. Tiger’s last win was on the 216th day of 2013 (Obama’s 52nd birthday) and on the 216th day of 2017 (Aug 4th), Sports Illustrated will be exactly 23,000 days old.

In yet another instance of arranged marriages by the numbers, Tiger & Elin Nordegren were born exactly 4 years 2 days apart. Tiger Woods =42. Frank Deford =42. Nigger =42. Eldrick Woods =142. Ritual Satanic Abuse =1402. Drunk =402. DUI =204. Woods owns the PGA Tour record for consecutive cuts made at 142.

  • Tiger & Elin were born exactly 209 weeks apart. Tiger =29. Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren =129. Florida =129. Elin was exactly 1292 weeks when they wed. Deford =29. Driving Under the Influence =129. Mind Control =129. 
  • Earl Woods =111. Tiger’s first television appearance with Bob Hope was 1011 days after his birth. Subconscious Programming =111. Father’s Day =111. 

Frank Deford =57. Eldrick Woods =57. Tiger =57 was 10,507 days old for the wedding. Drunk Driving =157/151. That’s also exactly 1051 weeks old. Woods =151. Tiger + Elin =151. Government Mind Control Program =151. 

Eldrick Tont Woods =188. Frank Deford =88. Jupiter Florida =88. Fourteen Majors =1188. Earl died 18,888 days after SI’s inaugural issue.

  • Tiger Woods =134 was arrested exactly 1134 weeks after Earl’s prediction in SI. Public Shaming =134. Sports Illustrated Writer =134. Deford =34. Earl =34. Father’s Day =34. Dear Aging Athletes: Say Hello To Goodbye =134, an NPR article Deford wrote telling Tiger to quit.
  • His arrest happened 4044 days after Earl’s death and Tiger was 144 weeks 4 days old for his TV debut. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law =444. MK-Ultra =441.

It’s clear that Tiger is a product of heavy-duty mind control and ritual Satanic abuse since he was a cub. In this regard we understand the inside joke here in this coded riddle: Teeing off under mind control programming – or – Driving Under the Influence.

And it’s goddamn silly to think these sacrifices / shaming rituals are solely for one sport, as if the patterns aren’t synched up with the entire orchestra of telescreen programming. This is not just about golf and it’s not just about the NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup. It’s about mind control in general – which is what professional sports are all about. Mind controlled athletic actors and the millions upon millions of mind-controlled men & women obsessed with sports theatre who believe it to be as authentic as the latest ISIS terror attack. The real takeaway from all this is YOU being in control of YOUR own mind.

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