Warriors & The Godfather’s Revenge

The first Godfather movie opened 1111 days after the book version was published & Curry =111 was 1011 days old for the premier of Godfather III =111. The Godfather Part Three =111. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =111. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =111. The Cavs =111. There’s a span of 1110 weeks 1 day between Curry’s birth and his draft selection and the Finals begin 11 weeks 1 days after his birth anniversary.

The Godfather =117. Michael Corleone’s last appearance was in the novel The Godfather’s Revenge (2006) published on 11/7. That’s 10 years 7 months 11 days before Game 7 of the 2017 NBA Finals (which is 11 months 17 days after the death anniversary of Marlon Brando =117) and Steph Curry =117 & LeBron were born 1171 days apart. Game 5 will be 17 years 11 months 11 days after the death of The Godfather creator Mario Puzo and LeBron was in his 1017th week of life when Brando died. Godfather III opened 11 years 10 months 17 days after The Warriors opened. The Finals were set on 5/25, a span of exactly 7 years 11 months since Curry was drafted and Game 3 will be 7 years 11 months 11 days later, so watch for Warriors to win that one. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. The Threematch =117. Thrillogy =117. 

  • 1171 is the 193rd prime and Curry was drafted 11,093 days after the official release of The Warriors movie. Godfather’s Revenge =1193. Rosa Parks + Martin Luther King =1193. Marlon Brando Jr =930. The Cleveland Cavaliers =93. 

Michael Jordan + LeBron James =333. Michael + LeBron =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Playoffs =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =333. How bout this: Wardell Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry II =333 was born 3330 days before the initial release* of The Warriors. (Google says it opened 2/1/79 in Australia which gives us that date count but everywhere else the date 2/9 is official). James + Curry =133. Cavs + Warriors =330. Rosa Parks + Martin Luther King =330. Michael =33. James =33. Revenge =33. 

The Warriors movie opened 14,009 days before Game 7. NBA Trilogy =1149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149. Vito Corleone =149. Marlon Brando =149. James + Curry =49. Cavaliers + Warriors =49. Michael =49. Chicago Bulls =49. N =49. 

The 149th prime is 859 and James will be 11,859 days old for Game 7.

This is also interesting. Sol Yurick, author of The Warriors novel, died 1607 days before the Finals begin and on that same day Curry is 10,670 days old. Cavs + Warriors =167. Cavaliers + Warriors =167. Godfather =167. Rematch =67. 

  • Godfather’s Revenge =176. Revenge =76. NBA Finals Trilogy =76. Cavs Warriors =76. Michael Jordan =76. Brando =76 died exactly 706 weeks after the premier of The Godfather III =76. 

Cavs Dubs =299. The Threematch =266. James was drafted 12 years 6 months 6 days after the premier of Godfather III. Cavaliers + Warriors =1266. LeBron James + Steph Curry =266. Michael Jordan + Steph Curry =266. Mario Puzo =266 died 260 weeks 6 days before the death of Brando; that duration again. Golden State =662. 

James was drafted exactly 727 weeks before the Finals begin. The Golden State Warriors =272. Twenty Seventeen =272. Jordan =272. Chicago Bulls =1272. The Godfather’s Revenge =1272. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =1272. 

  • 727 is the 129th prime. The Godfather =129. The Golden State Warriors =129. The Cleveland Cavaliers =129. The Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =129. NBA Trilogy =129. Sol Yurick died 1290 days after Curry was drafted.
  • The Godfather’s Revenge =912. James’ missed slam dunk happened 9120 days after the Bulls won the Finals in ’92 and James & Wardell Stephen Curry II =219 were drafted 2190 days apart. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =2190. Godfather’s Revenge =219. The Finals begin 2 months 19 days after Curry’s 29th birthday and 920 weeks 1 days after the death of Warrior Wilt Chamberlain. The Godfather Part Three =219. 

Seems all this Godfather coding is an allegorical tribute to the real mafia who run the entire entertainment industry by the numbers, predictive programming future events long in advance and breeding manchurian athletes to play the symbolic roles in their ritual reenactments like the puppet strings on the movie title. The Revenge symbolism might suggest a Warriors victory, but as Golden State won the first Final and Cleveland the second, remember that Vito Corleone was don in the first film and following his death, Michael (like Jordan) was don for the next two.

Know that if Warriors do win, it was coded into the original movie poster: Wonder Wheel =2017 in Jewish Gematria. Sunday June Eighteenth =2017. The Threematch =217. Game 7 will be 2017 days since Kyrie Irving signed with the Cavs and 2017 is the 306th prime.

  • The Warriors =306 (as a great example of prime-coded Gematria in relation to deep predictive programming). Seventy-First NBA Finals =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Michael =306. Michael Jordan + Steph Curry =306. The Godfather’s Revenge =1306. 

I’d also like to point out that the strings in the logo connect to the letters A-T-H-E-R-R, an anagram of Rather =92/420/54/67. Godfather =92/42/504/167. We won’t be surprised if Dan Rather =29/154/404 is sacrificed on 10-19-17, a date that will be exactly 31,400 days after his birth. 

6 thoughts on “Warriors & The Godfather’s Revenge

  1. Your a beast Brother Berg! Before I could get my thoughts into the comment box for your last post you drop this gem. You read my mind about The Warriors movie. Great work mate. I’m liking the Dan Rather 31,400 days old connection.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry for over-commenting, but I’ve been seeing an inordinate amount of Ferris wheel imagery. It’s everywhere these days. Some are linking it to the Ferris Mueller movie for what it’s worth.


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