Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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In light of the Ferris Wheel programming in The Warriors movie poster, around and around in Pi-cycles of history repeating, we’ve now discovered that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off =314 was directed by John Wilden Hughes Jr =314 and released 31 years 4 days before June 14th, which is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. He rocks a Gordie Howe jersey and the legend died the day before Penguins won last year’s Stanley.

  • Matthew Broderick =227. Cubs won 7 years 2 months 27 days after Hughes died. Wheels Within Wheels =227. Seeds =227. Expanding Symmetry =227. Time on Repeat =227. 

The film is set in Chicago and there’s a scene of a Cubs game at Wrigley. Wikipedia tells us that game was on 6/5/85, which is 31 years 4 months before last year’s baseball playoffs began, of course leading to the Cubs first World Series in 108 years. History Repeats By The Numbers =3140. Historic Repetition =314. 

The film opened 11,102 days before the Cubs won the 112th World Series on 11/2. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Chicago World Series =112. The Wheel =112. 

  • If we exclude the end date that’s 11,101 days after Ferris Bueller’s Day Out =111. Broderick =111. The Cubs =111. Wrigley Field celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film by showing it on three giant screens on 10/1/11. 
  • They won 5 years 23 days after the screening, the 99th prime. Illinois =99/45. Wrigley =99/45. Red Wings =99/45. Forty-Five =99. Bueller =450. Ferris =45. Broderick =45. Chicago =45. Ferris Wheel =45. Cubs won in their 145th season.

Ferris =300. Bueller =30. The Cubs =30. Gordie Howe died exactly 30 years after Ferris Bueller opened. That’s 10,957 days and 10,957 is the 1331st prime. World Series =1333.  Epstein =333. The Cubs =33. Cleveland =33. King James =33. Detroit =33. Howe born on 3/31. Wheels of Karma =133. Wrigley Field =133. Wrigley Field Home of Chicago Cubs =1033. 

Save Ferris =1066. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =1066. 

With our new methods we see that The Cubs =666 in Reverse Sumerian, making them a perfect fit for Champions in the Year of the 666 (666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016). We also see The Cubs =108 in Kabbalah for their 108-year drought (6+6+6 =18). And now we have The Cavs =666 and Penguins =666 in the Finals of seasons that began in 2016. That’s also the year the Leister City Foxes shocked the world to win the Premier League. Fox =666. Karma Cycles =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. 

  • To be precise its 108 years 20 days since they defeated the Detroit Tigers =182 back in 1908.Theo Nathaniel Epstein =82. That’s 109 years 20 days before they first beat the Detroit Tigers =1092. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =1920. 

This World Series Game 7 is 3009 days after Hughes died (430 weeks). Epstein =309/43. With all this back-to-back coding going on, maybe this year we see a rematch of the Cubs-Tigers series from 1908/1909?


Ferris Wheel =138. The Wheel =138. History Repeats Repeatedly =138. The Great Wheel of Time =1138. Repeated =38. 

7 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  1. There’s so much here. Some folks liken this movie to Back to the Future in regards to coded messages. Who knows? Don’t know if this is significant, but this movie came out in 1986 and John Hughes died on 8/6.
    The movie came out on 6/11 according to Wikipedia and if 6 is 9, perhaps that is a clue?
    Gordie Howe died on 6/10 and so did Christina Grimmie. Twins trick perhaps? I don’t know why, but this stands out to me.
    Lots of Chicago/Detroit and their sports teams- Lions, Tigers, Bears, Cubs- always reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. There are 84 fixed ferris wheels in the world, and 20 in the USA. Maybe a clue there too? One of them is in Seattle on Pier 57. Chris Cornell from Seattle, know as the Emerald City just died in Detroit. Everything is so connected, it’s hard to keep up.


    • Saw more Ferris wheel imagery whilst watching the spelling bee today. It’s in San Diego and prominently shows a Ferris wheel.


  2. The year of possible ‘back-to-back’ victories starts this Sunday with Real Madrid aiming to become the first team in Champions League history to achieve the feat.
    I’m not quite sure which team will win, as the final this year being played in Wales which has links to the other finalist Juventus, as back in 1957 John Charles (Welshman) became the record British transfer when he joined Juventus.

    As for Leicester City (the foxes) premier league win last year, the b b c was quick to let us know they were 5000-1 odds at the beginning of the season to win (after they had won it).


    • Cristiano Ronaldo =187 will be 11,807 days old for the Final in Madrid’s 87th season. Ronaldo =87. Zinedine Zidane =870. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =1870.


  3. Great stuff. Could we see Patriots v Falcons again in Super Bowl 53 after they played each other in Super Bowl 51? No city has every hosted and played in a Super Bowl and SB 53 is in Atlanta. I doubt it would happen but… How about some Pi?

    Falcons & Patriots LIII=227. Atlanta Falcons & New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI & LIII=227. Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz stadium=227 (H). Matt Ryan & Tom Brady=314 (Bacon). Tom Brady and Matt Ryan Super Bowl LI and LIII=227. First team to break the Super Bowl curse is the Atlanta Falcons=314.

    Matt Ryan was born 2 years 27 days after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was founded. Their is only one person alive from that 1st Class of Rock and Roll Inductees.

    Richard Wayne Penniman known as Little Richard=314 (EP). Little Richard was born Richard Wayne Penniman on December 5, 1932, in Macon, Georgia=314/1314 (Baconis).

    Chuck Berry who was in the first class of inductees with Little Richard, Berry died a span of 3 months 14 days after Richard’s birthday. I’m working on a date for Little Richard to check out on. He’s from Macon, Ga and would make a excellent sacrifice for the Atlanta Falcons. I’m liking the date 11/22/18 for either Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buzz Aldrin, or one of the remaining members from the band The Pretenders to die on. Perhaps a Twin or hell even a Triple Trick. I can send you a copy of what I’m thinking. Your the Mack Daddy when it comes to 11/22 and JFK’s death day. Anyways Mate.

    Sky View Atlanta=2217. That is the ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta. It opened 2027 days before Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

    Matt Ryan from Atlanta had a birthday 3 day 14 weeks after Super Bowl 51 and his birthday is 3 months 14 days after Super Bowl 53.

    In Atlanta the I-85 bridge collapse on 3/30. (Richard Sherman’s birthday). Interstate eighty five bridge fire=330. Happy Birthday Richard Sherman=330/330 (Kabbalahs).

    Sherman’s March to the Sea? C’mon the Battle of Atlanta was fought on 22/7. General Sherman aka. William Tecumseh Sherman=329 (Bacon) and the 329th Prime is 2207. Atlanta=314.

    Matt Ryan was 31 years 10 months 14 days old on 3/30 when the I-85 bridge collapsed. Minnesota’s Sam Bradford has a birthday in 2018 a span of 2 months 27 days before Super Bowl LIII.
    Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta Georgia=314. Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta Georgia February third=227. Bradford=227. Farve=227. Brett Farve=117. Former Atlanta Falcon and Minnesota Viking Brett Farve’s birthday is a span of 117 days before Super Bowl LIII.

    Speaking of bridge collapses one collapsed in Minnesota. The I-35 W Mississippi River bridge reopened to the public on September 18, 2008. From 9/18/08 to the day before the bridge collapsed in Atlanta would have been 3,114 days.

    Minnesota bridge collapse tribute on March thirtieth twenty seventeen in Atlanta Georgia=314. Minnesota Interstate 35 W bridge collapse and Georgia Interstate 85 N bridge collapse=314.
    Minnesota Interstate 35 bridge and Georgia Interstate 85 bridge collapse and fire=314.
    I-eighty-five North and I-thirty-five W Mississippi River bridge=314.
    I-35 W Mississippi River bridge aka Bridge nine three four zero=314(H exception). Minnesota bridge nine three four zero collapse and Georgia interstate 85 N bridge collapse=3114.

    The Governor of Georgia is Nathan Deal. Gov. Nathan Deal=227. Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell R. McMurry=227. Crack-smoking man charged in Atlanta overpass fire=227. September eleventh psychological operation=227.

    Yeah they say a crackhead started the fire that caused a whole bridge to collapse. Sound familiar?

    The Atlanta I-85 bridge reopened on May 13, 2017. That’s 44 days after the fire. C.W. Matthews=44. That’s the contractor for the job.


    • Excellent work here my man! Interesting on the Little Richard from Macon tip, where 2 of the “Allman Brothers” 314 died. I love 2027 day span to SB 53.

      Crackhead reminds me of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who got whacked on 3/22/16. That’s 1 year 7 days before the bridge collapse. Mayor Rob Ford =171. Ford =17. Mayor Ford =107/701. Crack =71/117. Bridge =71/117. I-Eighty-Five =71. The Mothman =117.

      I missed looking into that bridge collapse but should probably investigate it one of these days. It happened 18,003 days after the 1967 Silver Bridge collapse prophecied by the Mothman – might be something juicy based on that run.


  4. I found some Pi riddle for Ben Stein. Ya know Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher in the movie. Who was born in Washington, DC btw.

    Stein + Trump + Nationals =227(K).

    Ben Stein best known as Ferris Bueller’s Economics Teacher=2271. Could you have guessed Ben Stein was 72 years, 2 months, 11 days old the day of Super Bowl 51?

    On Jan 20 2017 (Trump’s inauguration day) Stein was 72 years 1 month 27 days old.
    Also on Jan 20 in 2007 Ben Stein was 22,701 days old. Well on 1/20/2007 a US Blackhawk crashed killing US soldiers. (It varies on the amount from different web sites.)


    President Trump had the Blackhawk/Golf Course crash on April 17, 2017. From the 2007 crash to the day before the 2017 crash was 10 years 2 months 27 days. If you include the end date between those Blackhawk crashes it would be 10 years 2 months 28 day. Benjamin Jeremy Stein=228. Bueller Bueller=228. Like how he called roll in the classroom.
    Bueller, Bueller, Ferris Bueller, Has anyone seen Ferris Bueller=314/666(K)&(777 Bacon).

    Maybe this helps Mate!

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