Bridge Collapses & The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the area of Point Pleasant West Virginia (in Mason County) from 11/12/66 to 12/15/67, the date of the Silver Bridge CollapseSilver Bridge Collapse. The story goes that a series of supernatural events and premonitions hopscotched off each other to the tragic culmination of the bridge destruction, a theme very much like what we see with all these coded events leading up to something major. In this post we’ll tie in the predictive programming of 9/11 (where Mothman was sighted again) and the incident of the 1-85 Highway collapse in Atlanta.

The Silver Bridge =171. Route Thirty-Five =171. I-Eighty-Five =71. Bridge =71. Silver Bridge collapsed exactly 71 weeks after groundbreaking on the World Trade Center =171. The Mothman =117. US Route Thirty-Five =117. Bridge =117. New York Nine Eleven =117. 

  • The Mothman =113 first appeared 1 year 1 month 3 days before the Silver Bridge Collapse & the new Silver Bridge opened 1130 days after the first sighting. Interstate Eighty-Five =113. 
  • Mothman =33 was first sighted 333 weeks 3 days before WTC opened and the Silver Bridge Collapse =33 happened 33 years before 9/11 in New York City =333.  The 1-85 Collapse in ATL =33 happened on on 3/30. Bruce Hampton =33 died 33 days later.
  • Silver Bridge collapsed 1937 days before the World Trade Center opened & 937 is the 159th prime. September Eleventh =1590. Pi Cycles =590. 

The Silver Bridge collapsed 1484 days after the JFK Assassination & the World Trade Center was demolitioned exactly 1484 weeks after the buildings officially opened. The World Trade Center also opened 666% of a year after its groundbreaking ceremony, to give some credence to that figure. New York =666

The I-85 in Atlanta collapsed 52 days after Matt Ryan =25 and the Falcons =25 collapsed in the Super Bowl on 2/5, losing after a 25-point lead. Atlanta Georgia =52. Bridge Collapse =52. Demolition =152. US Interstate Eighty-Five =125. I Eighty-Five =125. Atlanta Georgia =125. Ryan =521. The bridge collapse is blamed on a homeless man named Basil =25. And think about a fire miraculously destroying and collapsing a steel & concrete structure, just like on 9/11.

Bridge Collapses =183. Route Thirty-Five =183. Silver Bridge collapsed 18,003 days before the collapse of 1-85 in Atlanta Georgia =183. Atlanta =83. Planned Demolition =83. Collapse =83. 

  • The 183rd prime is 1093. Point Pleasant West Virginia =1193. Mothman =93. Silver =93. The Mothman =39. The Falcons =39. 
  • Matt Ryan =164 was 11,640 days old for the bridge collapse. September Eleventh =1164. Georgia =64. Prophecies =64. 

Prophecies =227. The Silver Bridge =227. The new bridge opened 3 years 1 month 4 days after the first Mothman sighting. Atlanta =314US Interstate Eighty-Five =1722. The Atlanta Falcons =1722. Matt Ryan was 31 years 10 months 14 days old when the 1-85 collapsed.

And on the Hotlanta topic, Bruce Hampton of the Hampton Grease Band was playing a star-studded gig on 5/1/17 for his 70th birthday when during the encore he collapsed on-stage and died. Everyone thought it was a ruse so he laid there dying as a 13-year-old guitar prodigy soloed. It happened at the Atlanta Fox Theatre, the very venue of Prince’s final show, 1 year 11 days after Prince died. Fox =11. The Mothman =111. Remember Chris Cornell died after his final show at the Fox Theatre Detroit.

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