NBA Finals Game 1 Deep Coding: King James VI & I & The National Spelling Bee

Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended Warriors 113 Cavaliers 91. Karl Malone was on the Jimmy Kimmel show after the game, a perfect fit for the coding on LeBron & Curry. Karl Malone aka The Mailman =91 was born 9001 days before Curry, like 91 points scored by the Cleveland Cavaliers =190, and 9001 is the 1118th primeAnayana Vinay =109 won the Ninetieth Spelling Bee =910. 

  • LeBron =118 was born 1118 weeks after Karl Malone =118. That’s perfect dual-coding for both star players encoded into Malone’s long-counts. Game 1 was 11 months 18 days after the 450th birthday of the real King James VI & I. That’s an extreme long-count of 164,700 days & 647 is the 118th prime; a pretty nice fit, I reckon.
  • Twenty-Seventeen Champions =118. Penguins co-owners: Ronald Burkle + Mario Lemieux =1118 and they advanced to the Finals after a sudden-death win exactly 1118 weeks after Sudden Death opened, Van Damme born 10/18 and his character Darren McCord =118. The Great American Eclipse =118. Cloud Computing win the Preakness Stakes Baltimore =1118 a perfect span of 1118 days after he was foaled and Trump was elected 1 year 1 month 18 days after the much-hyped target date of 9/23/15, the start of the Jubilee Year.

Karl The Mailman Malone =213. Karl Anthony Malone =213. Golden State Warriors =213. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. LeBron James & Michael Jordan were born 21 years 10 months 13 days apart & Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux were born 21 years 10 months 3 days apart.

Karl =24. Malone =24. Karl Anthony Malone =204 and there was a total 204 points scored at Oracle Arena =204 a span of 204 days after Cavs visited the White House. LeBron =24. Warriors =24. Masonic =24. Marocain =24. 

Another thing I notice is that Karl Malone was born on 7/24/63, which is exactly 396 years after King James’ reign began. LeBron =396. Karl =396. Karl Anthony Malone =1396. Ninetieth Scripps National Spelling Bee =396. Scripps National Spelling Bee =396 was held on the same night and won by Anayana Vinay =1963, incidentally the year Malone was born. That’s a crazy run right there, shit.

If we tweak a slight anagram, 1693 is the 264th prime number, the winner’s number a perfect synch with National Spelling Bee =264. I wonder what the Vegas odds were on Ananya. Ha, imagine if the Spelling Bee was absolutely rigged too? Would not surprise me in this wacky-ass world of ours.

  • It was the 90th edition of the Bee sponsored by EW Scripps Company =90 & Karl The Mailman Malone =90 was also born a clean 9000 days before Steph Curry. Golden State Warriors =90. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =90. 

The winning word was M-A-R-O-C-A-I-N =19/34/38/ 70/74/444. M-A-S-O-N-I-C =19/34/38/ 70/74/444. Another way to interpret this code word is MAROCAIN =38/52/74/142/444. GEMATRIA =38/52/74/142/444. I like to imagine these are clues helping us to uncover the truth of our reality. And think about a spelling bee by the numbers, as several mainstream articles wrote about, sponsored by SCRIPPS (based in Ohio) on the day the SCRIPTED by the numbers NBA Finals began. It’s perfect.

Ananya =14. Vinay =141/14. The OG James became King of Scotland only 1 year 1 month 4 days after his birth and Game 1 was 1 year 1 month 14 days after Kobe Bryant’s retirement. James VI and I =1140. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. LeBron James =114. Malone was a 14-time all-star. LeBron & Michael Jordan were born exactly 1141 weeks apart. Choreographed Rituals =1141. 

  • Scripps National Spelling Bee =410. King =41 and Game 1 was LeBron’s 41st Finals game. The original King James =141 was crowned at 401 days old Warriors =401. 401 is the 79th prime.
  • King James VI and I =79. LeBron Raymone James =79. The Cleveland Cavaliers =79. Moses Eugene Malone =79. Anayana Vinay =179. Ninetieth Scripps National Spelling Bee =179. 

Malone reminds us of Moses Malone who died on 9/13/15 at the age of 22,090 days old. The 229th prime is 1447. Game One =447.

229 is the 50th prime. Scripps =50. LeBron James =50. Anayana Vinay =150. Vinay =1150. 


7 thoughts on “NBA Finals Game 1 Deep Coding: King James VI & I & The National Spelling Bee

  1. Hey what’s up! Been a big fan for a while now of your coding and writings, who do you think will win the Championship? It’s funny because last time you predicted Game 7, Cavs won because of King James birthday. Hope to hear from ya soon!


    • Hey cheers Marco! Much appreciated brother. It looks like the birth counts from King James of old are still in effect and I like Cavs to make the Godfather’s Revenge comeback and win in 7 – but if Warriors take it I’ll swear it was predictive programmed in that Wonder Wheel =2017 movie poster.


  2. I find that picture of LeBron dressed as a king and holding up 4 fingers very suspicious and hilarious at the same time. I’ve been trying to find out where that’s from and my best guess is the December 2005 issue of SLAM.

    If/when Cavs win this year’s championship and LeBron is NBA Finals MVP, he will have accomplished the following in his career:
    4 x NBA champ
    4 x NBA MVP (2 with Cavs and 2 with Heat)
    4 x NBA Finals MVP (2 with Cavs and 2 with Heat)

    So is that picture from 2005 foreshadowing his future NBA career accomplishments?

    Then I see the following in your post and it’s clear it’s not a coincidence:

    Also, look at the day on which LeBron won each of his championships:
    2012: June 21
    2013: June 20
    2016: June 19
    2017: June 18 -> game 7

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    • Awesome man, just like Earl Woods stating in a 1995 Sports Illustrated issue that Tiger would win 14 Majors before he’s through. And Voila. I love that countdown too. 21+20+19+18 =78. The Cavs =78.

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  3. Awesome work!

    Ohio = 47, it’s the Cavs 47th season
    Game 7 would be Lebron’s 47th finals game.

    This finals is also his 41st playoff series all time.
    King = 41, game 7 last year and this year had date numerology of 41.

    If he wins it will be his 33rd playoff series win.

    Not sure this is correct but I heard Tyronne Lue, with an NBA finals win, would have 33 playoff wins.


  4. Karl malone is known for never winning a ring and losing to jordan twice. He was durant ‘s mentor in 2014. Also espn has posted the cavs are the 33rd team to be down 0-2, just like last year when they brought up them being the 33rd team to be down 3-1.


    • Great points! Malone & Durant were born 1314 weeks apart (25 years 2 months 5 days). That same duration from now into the past takes us to the end of the ’92 NBA season.


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