Real Madrid: Predictive Programmed

Real Madrid are the back-to-back winners of the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final, as predicted by Gematria Club based largely on the predictive programming in the death of Stefano Farina, a UEFA football referee who acted in a 2007 film called Goal II: Living the Dream that depicted a fictional Champions League Final of Real Madrid over Arsenal. I’ll share some of their work here plus some more gems I found – but first get a load of the perfect alphanumeric anagram in the sacrifice’s surname:

  • FARINA =31/41/49/113/75/97/294/678/29/47/259/69.
  • MADRID =31/41/49/113/75/97/294/678/29/47/259/69.

It’s also another perfect case-in-point of how long-counts synched with Gematria indicate a win. Cristiano Ronaldo =187 was 11,807 days old for the Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =187. Ronaldo =87 scored Real’s Five Hundredth Goal =1187 to break the so-called Champions League Curse =1187. Real Madrid + Millennium Stadium =87. And to top things off, Real’s Manager is Zinedine Zidane =870.  

Goal II =27. It’d been 27 years since Champions League had a repeat champion. Real Madrid =27. Cristiano =27 scored a Double 27. Back to Back =27. Soccer =27. Curse Lifted =127. MCF =127.

  • The first half’s two goals came at the 20th & 27th minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo =227. Repeat Champions =227. UEFA Football =227. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =227. The Pi-sequence of history repeating again. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =3114. 

Goal II =116. The Final in Wales =1016 on June Third Twenty Seventeen =116 came 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of Drake’s track Back to Back. Five Hundred =116. UEFA Football =116. Twenty Seventeen UEFA Football =116. Real =16. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro =160. 

Real Madrid CF =230. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =2300. The film’s US release was 3200 days before the 6/3 UEFA Final & Farino died 19,970 days after his birth; 1997 the 302nd prime number. MCF =132. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =132. Real Madrid Millennium Stadium =132. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =132. Zidane =32 and Ronaldo is 32 years old.

  • The 32nd prime number is 131. Goal II =131. Champion =131. Twenty Seventeen Champions League =131.Two Thousand Seventeen UCL Final =131. David Beckham =131, the man who scored the game winning goal in the movie.
  • Real =13 was in their 113th season. Two Thousand Seventeen UCL Final =113. Real Madrid Back to Back Champions =113. Madrid =113. Farina =113. Twenty Seventeen Champions =311.

Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =186. Goal II Living the Dream =186. It’s Real Madrid’s 86th consecutive season in the top flight of Spanish football and Ronaldo was 11,806 days old in Wales =86. Madrid =86. Five Hundredth Goal =86. Five Hundred =1086. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =861

  • Real Madrid =68. Cardiff =68. Wales =68. Champions League =68. Real Madrid =168. Five Hundredth Goal =1680. 

The 168th prime number is 997 & Stefano died at the age of 19,970 days old. Real’s president is Florentino Perez =970 & their manager is Zinedine Zidane =197 aka Zizou =97. UEFA Champions League =97Champions League Curse =97.

The 2017 Final is a rematch of the 1998 Champions Final & Farina would have been 19,980 days old the day before the Final. Real Madrid CF =198. Real Madrid Club de Futbol =198. Florentino Perez =198. Millennium Stadium =198. UEFA Champions League Final =98.

  • That’s a span of 19 years 13 days between matches & 1913 is the 293rd prime.  Portuguese = 293. Champions League Curse =293. Taking it a step further, 293 is the 62nd prime and this is the 62nd season of the UEFA Champions League.
  • Wales =62. Real =62. Repeat Champions =62. C Ronaldo =62/162. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =162. 

Living the Dream =147. Cristiano Ronaldo =1470. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions League =470/474. Ronaldo =474. Champion =474. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =471. Stefano Farina =47. Farina =47. Madrid =47. Cardiff =47. June Third =47. David Beckham =47, who scores the game-winning goal. The 47th prime is 211 & June 3rd leaves 211 days.

Real Madrid =33. Real =33. Goal II =33. Goal II Living The Dream =330. The Final on June Third =33 came 3 months 30 days after Ronaldo’s birthday. Cardiff Final =133. UEFA Champions Leage =331.

  • It will be 3767 days since the UK release & 3767 is the 524th prime. Cristiano Ronaldo =245. Ronaldo =245. Repeat Champions =542. 
  • Millennium Stadium will be 6551 days old for the Final & 6551 is the 846th prime. Real Madrid Club de Futbol =846. Cristiano =648. 

Stefano Farina =256. UEFA Champions League =256. Champions League =256.

Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154 and the Final was on the 154th day. Curse Lifted =154. David Beckham =154. Champions League =54. Real Madrid CF =54. Real Madrid =45. Cristiano Ronald dos Santos Aveiro =454. Cristiano =45/54. Cardiff Final =45. Wales =450. Zinedine Zidane =145. Living the Dream =145.

4 thoughts on “Real Madrid: Predictive Programmed

  1. Hey Brother Berg… amazing decoding as always.. he only got 2 goals which is known as a brace or a double… not that I’m having a go… hahahaa I noticed upon doing a little Ronald digging myself a few weeks back… he was born 36 days after 1984 or into 85’… lot’s more interesting dates to be seen and hidden gems on wiki about his philanthropy and that he was apparently named Ronaldo by his dad after his favorite actor Ronald Reagan… owns a $18.5 million loft in Trump Tower NYC and that he is also in a few different ‘orders’ of freemasonry… he got promoted to a grand officer of prince henry a while back…

    Also noticed… before I list off some of the more interesting numbers… that he won 9 club trophies with Manchester Utd… after winning the league this year and now the Chumpions league with Real that makes 11 since he went there…

    Cristiano – 63
    Cristiano Ronaldo – 101, 1122, 747
    Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro – 193, 1987
    Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro – 106, 155, 1144
    CR7 – 33, 126 (his ‘brand’)
    CR seven – 32, 138, 923
    Febuary fifth – 903
    Funchal Madeira – 116, 606, 696 (born here)
    Funchal Madeira Portugal – 125, 226, 996
    Portugal – 110, 106, 136, 660
    Then his… Portuguese – 123, 147… clubs from a child…
    Alcohete – 36
    Andorinha – 110, 233
    Nacional – 33, 69, 147
    Sporting SP – 133, 137, 163
    Sporting Club Portugal – 112, 266, 966
    Then he moved to…
    Manchester Utd (how it’s mostly written over here) – 52, 74, 151, 177, 606, 906, 666

    Then off to…
    Real – 18, 36, 106, 216
    Real Madrid – 137, 234
    Real Madrid Football Club – 136

    Then the cherry on top tying in nicely with his place of birth… Madeira Airport was renamed after him earlier this year with a bad gold statue of his head outside… it’s now called the…
    Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport – 1696

    If you want a ‘laugh’ google Ronaldo 6 pad… there must be a video online of his TV ad where to be quite honest… he/they couldn’t of made him look more of a clone if they tried… and after watching it you’ll see that’s definately what they were aiming for… I personally have never been able to stand the bloke… looks and acts like he’s the be all and end of the world… blatant clone or at the very least DNA manipulated in my eyes… just like the Williams boys in the tennis… they had some pictures with the Reagans if I recall correctly… 😉


    • They’re androids, aka Life Model Decoy from the Marvel comics universe. Watch this season’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tv show for more info.

      They can copy a real person’s brain/memories into the android, give them objectives/missions, and control them remotely. The android won’t even know they’re an android unless they cut open themself and see that their insides are machine instead of human.

      Why do you think TPTB are able to control everything in this world so easily? Why do you think the gematria and numbers all line up so precisely? Them controlling the androids is equivalent to us playing a video game like Madden NFL or NBA2K. All the deaths of celebrities and sports figures are easily controlled by them since those “people” are androids!


      • I’ve imagined sports actors controlled by joysticks in the booth upstairs but I like this thought of them as androids. Meanwhile the public is in the stone age of robotics. Someone should ask LeBron or Ronaldo what he’d do if he was walking in the desert and came across a tortoise on its back.


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