The NBA Finals: Ritual Reenactment of the English Civil War

Time for another history lesson, truth-sleuths. The Warriors (1979) is based on a book which is based on Anabasis, an ancient text written by Xenophon in 370 BC. The term anabasis refers to an expedition from a coastline into the interior of a country, fitting as the Golden State Warriors from San Francisco’s Bay Area venture into the Mid-West state of Ohio to face the Cavaliers – named after the derogatory term for wealthy Royalist supporters of King Charles I (son of King James) during the English Civil War (1642-1651) – which was in fact three wars. If history is to repeat, the trilogy Finals as ritual reenactments of the past, unfortunately for Cleveland – the Cavaliers lost.

Anabasis =900. Golden State Warriors =90. Kevin Wayne Durant =90. History =90. Cavaliers =90. English Civil War =90. NBA Theatre =90. The 90th prime is 463 & the 463rd prime is 3299. The English Civil War lasted 3299 days, a perfect alphanumeric tribute to the Programmers who have orchestrated wars by the numbers since the dawn of civilization – the Programmers who orchestrate symbolic sport theatre to this day.

  • Including the end date, the English Civil War lasted a perfect 3,300 days. Cavaliers =33 VS Warriors =33. Cleveland =33 VS Golden State =133. James =33 VS Stephen =33. King James =33 VS Cromwell =33 (who died 33 weeks 3 days before his birthday).
  • Cromwell’s men were the New Model Army =33 aka the Parliamentarian =303. NBA Finals =33. Brexit =33. King James VI & I =33. History =33. Rebellion =33. 

History =227. Cromwell died 7 months 22 days before his birthday & the Civil War =1722 was fought between the Roundheads & Cavaliers =314 and led to the Glorious Revolution =1314. This is the missing piece to the puzzle that ties in the entire Pi cycle and the ritual reenactments therein. The latest clue is found in the recent death of Jack O’Neill, the one-eyed inventor of the Wetsuit =1314. 

Civil War =149. Kevin Durant =49 will be 10,490 days old for Game Seven. As we saw in the previous post, the symbolic Wonder Wheel is located at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park =149 on Coney Island =49. Stephen Curry =49. Steve Kerr =49. King Charles I =49. James VI & I =49. The Dubs =409. Reenactment =409. Pi =49. A Revolution =49. And on that English Civil War tip, the Brexit referendum was voted exactly 49 weeks before the Finals began.

  • Jack =49 O’Neill =49, of the surf brand (founded near San Francisco) died on 2 June 2017 (the 64th anniversary of Elizabeth’s coronation). O’Neill lived a span of 34,400 days in this dimension. The New Model Army =1344. Revolutions =1344. 
  • O’Neill was born on 3/27, the same day that King James died and the reign of Charles I began, and a span of 30 years 2 months 7 days before Elizabeth’s coronation. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =327. O’Neill was born 108,830 days after Charles I became King. [Please refer to the end of the previous post for the 883 connections here.]
  • That’s also exactly 298 years: Seventy-First NBA Finals =298. The War of the Three Kingdoms =298, as the English Civil War is more accurately known.

Jack O’Neill =170. Seventy-First NBA Finals =107. Cavalier =71. Battle of Worcester =71. Great Rebellion =71. English Civil War =171. New Model Army =171. Parliamentarians =171. The Royalists =171. King James VI & I =1170. Stephen Curry =1071 and LeBron =17 James =17 were both born in Akron =117 Ohio =117 a span of 1170 days apart.

King Charles I =332 and it’s been 332 years since Charles II died. Stephen =332 was born 3320 days after The Warriors opened & Durant became a Warrior 332 days before the Finals began. Cromwell died 233 days before his birthday. Wetsuit =233, the 13th number in the Fibonacci sequence, related to spirals & history repeating by sacred numeric patterns. No small accident that James’ & Curry’s jerseys form a 2330.

  • 233 is also the 51st prime. Curry =510 & LeBron Raymone James =51 are both from Akron =51. The Warriors =51. The Cavaliers =51. Cleveland =51. Steve Kerr =51. 

LeBron Raymone James =1230 was born on 12/30, exactly 20,031 weeks after the birth of Charles I of England =231 who was executed 23 years 10 months after becoming King, for an extreme long-count. British Civil Wars =231. Rebellion =231. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =132. O’Neill =132. Durant was born 123,101 days after the English Civil War ended. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. The English Civil War =123. Monarchy =123. The Golden State Warriors =123. The Cleveland Cavaliers =123. 

Fun Fact: As legend has it, Oliver Cromwell made a pact with the devil in exchange for vanquishing the Cavaliers. The deal was done in the woods outside Worcester, the last stronghold of the Scottish Royalist army, and that very day he charged his men into battle and ended the English Civil War. The devil said he’d have seven years then his soul was his, and sure enough, Cromwell died exactly seven years later.

Glorious Revolution =319. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =319. The 16/17 NBA Season began exactly 19,103 weeks after the end of the English Civil War, which lasted 9 years 13 days. Game 7 is 9 months 13 days after the 365th anniversary of the War’s end (Cromwell died 365 weeks after the Civil War’s end).

  • Excluding the end point that’s 9 years 12 days. A Revolution =912. Parliamentarian =912. Civil War =192. LeBron James =192. James VI & I =192. Cavaliers =92. Oliver Cromwell =1092/92. British Civil War =1092/92. Rebellion =92. Jack O’Neill =92. English Civil War =92. Choreographed Rituals =1902. 
  • Kevin Durant =1129 joined the Warriors =1290 a span of 10 months 29 days before the Finals began. Royalists =1290. The Golden State Warriors =129. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =129. Sports Theatre =1129. 

New Model Army =1525. War =252. Durant was born 502 weeks 5 days before The Warriors opened. June Eighteenth Two Thousand Seventeen =2520. Seventeen NBA Finals =252. Battle of Worcester =252, the final battle of the English Civil War. The official term for the Brexit vote is the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum =252.

Revolution =1204. A Revolution =204. The English Civil War =204 was won by the Parliamentarians =204 and Game 1 of the NBA Finals was dominated by Kevin Wayne Durant =204 and had a total score of 204 points. Choreographed Ritual =204. Warriors =24. Oliver =24 Cromwell =24. James =24. Durant =24. O’Neill =24. The NBA Finals =241. 

Game 7 is 360 days after Brexit, like the degrees in a circle, a full revolution right back where we started and the illusion of change. Royalists =36. Monarchy =36. Cavaliers =36. The Warriors =306. NBA Theatre =36. 

If it ends on Game 6, the day after Trump’s 71st birthday, that’s exactly 19,084 weeks after the English Civil War ended, in heavy Big Brother overtones; LeBron born in 1984 Like the American & French Revolutions after it, the English Civil War resulted in the defeat of the monarchy and its replacement with “democracy” or the power of the parliament. Yet like most other revolutions before & since, what actually transpired under the guise of power to the people was the ever-deeper infiltration of the Jewish banking cartel, the same crew that run the NBA.

Now we know exactly why the Warriors & Cavaliers are waging the third & final battle of the ritual reenactment of the English Civil War. What remains to be seen is if history repeats literally, with King James & the Cavaliers again being defeated – or if they’ve symbolically traded roles, a Satanic inversion of history. However it ends, the result will grant us a much deeper insight into the method behind the madness.

21 thoughts on “The NBA Finals: Ritual Reenactment of the English Civil War

  1. Outstanding work! I was looking into the English civil war and the battle of Worcester yesterday funnily enough, with regard to your previous Worriers posts and connections to how last year’s finals played out.
    Its looking set for the Worriers, but let’s hope for a satanic inversion of history.
    I wonder how Thursday’s (June 8) UK general election plays into this with Brexit repercussions.


  2. The song ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Elvis Costello released 2/2/79 is about Oliver Cromwell and The New Model Army, which was the forerunner of the British Army.

    From the song’s release to June 2 2017 is 14,000 days or 2000 weeks or 38y 4m or 336,000 hrs.


    • Wow, and 7 days before The Warriors came out eh like the 7 years Cromwell lived. That’s 2002 weeks 3 days before Game 7. James =223. British Civil War =223. The Royalists =223. Choreographed Rituals =223. (Elvis Presley died exactly 2223 weeks old)

      Elvis Costello Oliver’s Army =314. Great find mate


  3. Jordan was exactly 1530 weeks old when he went back to back. (2/17/63 – 6/14/92)
    From 6/14/92 until game 7 (6/18/17) is exactly 1305 weeks. Same numbers, different order.
    The sum of divisors of 153 are 234.
    Sum of divisors of 1305 are 2340.
    Warriors scored 234 points against Cleveland in the regular season, the 2nd of those games was on 1/16. 1/16 to game 7 is 153 days.
    Curry’s birthday is 13 weeks 5 days before game 7.
    Golden state warriors = 243. Lebron raymone james = 243.
    Undertaker born on 24/3. Godfather released on 24/3.
    Lebron’s birthday to game 7 is 24 weeks 3 days (end date)
    3/24 is the 83rd day of the year.
    Warriors = 83. They’ll have 83 wins with a game 7 win.
    Kyrie irving was 83 days old when MJ went back to back.
    Kyrie Irving = 153.
    It’s been 25 years since ’92. Superbowl was on 2/5.
    2/5 – game 7 is 133 days. King James = 133.
    Michael Jordan = 169. Game 7 is on the 169th day of the year.
    Cavs are 47 years old. Forty seven = 123. Like Lebrons 12/30 birthday.
    12 weeks 3 days before game 7 is Irvings birthday.
    Game 7 to Lebrons next birthday is 195 days. Cleveland Ohio = 195.
    Lebron James = 164. Cavs postseason record would be 16-4.
    If Cavs win game 7 they will beat Golden state in the 71st finals and they’ll have 67 total season wins.
    Golden State = 160. Sixty seven = 160. Seventy first = 160.
    Finals started on 6/1.

    Every piece of Gematria in this post has been done using one single method.


    • Bravo! That is a masterful piece of work right there and I LOVE that you only used KFW Kabbalah. That method is fire and this piece just proved it even further. I never consider the sum of divisors – enough to work with as is – but those 234/243 connects are compelling. Earth’s axis is tilted at 24.3 degrees and 2,403 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbour. Keep up the awesome decoding!


      • Thanks guy, your work has helped a lot.
        Had a quick look at the NHL too.
        Pretty sure all sports are completely entwined.
        Penguins founded in 67, Cavs could finish with 67 wins.
        Crosby’s birthday is 67 days after the 25th anniversary of the penguins going back to back.
        That was 6/1/1992. NBA finals started on 6/1.
        Michael Sullivan = 243. Penguins conceded 234 regular season goals.
        Crosby was 1760 days old when penguins went back to back.
        Sidney Crosby = 176.
        Penguins won it last year on 6/12. Game 6 this year (6/11) which will be in nashville is on the 162nd day.
        It’s 126 after the superbowl on 2/5.
        Mike Sullivan = 192. Nashville tennesee = 291.
        6/11 is 57 days before Crosby’s birthday. Fifty seven = 129.
        Crosby will be 10,901 days old on 6/11.
        6/11 is exactly 52 weeks after last year’s win.
        Would be the penguins fifth stanley cup. Five = 52.
        The penguins v predators regular season game was on 1/31.
        1/31 – 6/11 is 131 days. Sixty six = 131. 66 is the number of season wins the penguins would have.
        This is the 99th stanley cup. Ninety ninth = 186.
        186 days before 6/11 is the predators coach’s birthday.
        Penguins would win the series 4-2.
        They are 50 years old. Fifty = 42.


      • Very nice. It definitely appears all sports are working off the same annual source code, and those long-counts keep proving themselves. Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan born 4700 days apart. Tiger + Michael =407. Woods + Jordan =47.

        That’s also 21 years 10 months 13 days like LeBron born 12 years 10 months 13 days after MJ and Crosby born 21 years 10 months 3 days after Lemieux. Kevin Spacey born 13 years 1 month 12 days after Trump.

        2113 the 319th prime and 9130 days is exactly 25 years. The year Bulls & Penguins both went back to back. Blue Jays won the World Series that year — and would repeat in ’93.


      • Going back to the 186, I knew I’d seen it before.
        Tom Brady’s birthday was 186 days before the superbowl.
        He got his fifth ring in the 47th modern era superbowl.
        Tom Brady = 74. Fifth = 47.
        Superbowl fifty one = 245.
        Thomas edward patrick brady = 245.


      • Nice dude. The pact with the devil for 7 years also says Cromwell wanted 21 years. It was on 9/3 and he died on 9/3. Saturn=21, 93. Anyway Oliver Cromwell also died 234 days after his bday. The English Civil War began on the 234th day of the year.


      • Hey Dan. I read your recent work on Rihanna and the number eleven.
        Sticking with the Kabbalah method. Rihanna = 101.
        If Cavs win game 7 the Cavs-Warriors playoff head to head will be 10-10.
        Eleven = 101.
        Exactly 11 weeks after game 7 is 9/3 which you just spoke about.
        From 9/3 – Lebrons birthday is 118 days.
        Rihanna’s birthday to game 7 is 118 days.
        Twentieth = 118. (Game 7 is 20th cavs warriors playoff game)
        Tiger Woods arrested 20 days before game 7.
        Game 7 to Lebrons birthday is 195 days.
        Eldrick tont Woods = 195.


  4. Last year was the year of the underdogs and comebacks. This year is the year of the GOATs (Greatest of All Time).

    NFL – Tom Brady becoming the first QB to win 5 Super Bowls.

    Soccer – Cristiano Ronaldo winning his 4th Champions League title and breaking the goal scoring record. Real Madrid winning their 33rd La Liga title (a new record) and the first team to win Champions League back-to-back (since it was renamed to Champions League).

    NHL – Sidney Crosby and the Penguins will win back-to-back Stanley Cups.

    NBA – LeBron James breaking Jordan’s playoff scoring record and then winning his 4th championship.

    Now the question is: Who in the MLB (baseball) is considered a GOAT (or future GOAT)? Real Madrid, Penguins, and Cavs all repeat as champs…so will the Cubs do it too?


    • 25 years since a lot of back-to-back: Penguins, Bulls, & Duke back-to-back in ’91/’92 (Michigan lost back-to-back in ’92/’93), Blue Jays in ’92/’93, Buffalo Bills made the Super Bowl four years in a row ’90-’94 (winning only once in ’92).

      Man United won the Premier League in ’92/’93. Stefan Edberg went back-to-back at the US Tennis Open ’91/’92. Nick Faldo went back-to-back at the Master ’89/90. Sterling Martin won the Daytona 500 in ’94/95.

      There was a reference in Kong Skull Island to Cubs-Tigers that got me really digging into that history repeating. Last time Tigers defeated Cubs in ’45 was 72 years 22 days before Game 7 of the ’17 World Series for some nice pi coding.


  5. I’m A Cavs Believer, BUT if Golden State wins – This blog entry is The Holy Grail =708. I hate to be so basic, but Warriors =49. GSW =49. Splash Bros =491. Kevin Durant =49 was listed already.

    The Civil War =780. Cleveland =78. Cleveland Cavaliers =78. Drop the S at the end – Cleveland Cavalier =149. Civil War =149.


  6. Both the Stanley Cup and NBA finals are mirroring last year’s. Penguins win the first two at home and then lose game 3 on the road, and Warriors win the first two at home. Let’s see if this continues.


  7. Seems like you were spot on with your Warriors / Oliver’s Army initial thoughts.
    I can only imagine a tonne of cash went on the Cavs to cause an upset and win game 5, perhaps preventing them from progressing to father’s day? One can only guess!


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