Finding Dory: NBA Finals Predictive Programming

I just watched Finding Dory, released two days before the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals, and as readers were pointing out last year, there’s a subplot of an octopus named Hank trying to hitch a ride from from the Bay Area to Cleveland (spoiler alert: he doesn’t make it). There’s a couple other coded moments that deserve an entry. First notice that Hank the Octopus & Dory the Regal Blue Tang are coloured just like the Cavaliers & Warriors.

There’s a tag that Dory gives Hank the Octopus, #3181. That’s the 450th prime number (Pixar =450) & Finding Dory opened two days before the 450th birthday of the original King James =45, the Father’s Day that he Cavaliers =405 won The Finals =45 at Oracle =45. Cavs =45. The Cavaliers =145. Oracle Arena =145 broke ground on 15/4. 

  • Ed O’Neill =154 is the voice of Hank & he’s from Ohio (like Curry & LeBron & Cleveland). The Warriors =154. GSW =154. Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154. 

The Golden State Warriors =318. Comeback =318, which Cleveland did last year, down 3-0. The Cleveland Cavaliers =1380. The Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =138The 1138th prime is 9181 and Game 6 in Cleveland is 9181 days after Cavaliers’ stadium broke ground.

Dory =26. Ed O’Neill =26 will be 26,000 days old on Game 7. LeBron =26. Curry =260. The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206/206. The Cavaliers =1206. The Warriors =206. Steph Curry =1026. English Civil War =1026.

The Cleveland Cavaliers =399. Ellen Degeneres (who voiced Dory) will be exactly 3099 weeks old on Game 7, which is also 366 days after Finding Dory released. The Cleveland Cavaliers =366.

  • Hank the Octopus =666 doesn’t it make it back to Cleveland. “I lost her,” he says. The NBA Finals =666. The Cavs =666. Trilogy =666.
  • At the end when they hijack the Marine Life truck heading for Cleveland they get stuck in a roundabout, going in three circles before finally getting off and driving into the sea. And as they’re airborne we spot police car #1104. 

LeBron James =114. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Choreographed Rituals =1141. James born exactly 1141 weeks after Michael Jordan who was 11,114 days old when his father was murdered (33 days after he won his back-to-back championship).

Finding Dory =149. Hank the Octopus =149. Kevin Durant =49 will be 10,490 days old for Game 7 & The Warrriors movie opened 14,009 days before Game 7. NBA Trilogy =1149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149. The Finals =149. And 149 is the 35th prime. K Durant =35 wears #35. Hank the Octopus =135. Marine Life =35. Oracle Arena =35.

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