Cavalier Kingdom & the LA Kings

So the Cavaliers won game four and snapped the Warriors unbeaten playoff streak. With all the comparisons to the real King James and the English Civil War, check out this ESPN video about the Cavalier Kingdom and the two crowns of the Cleveland monarchy defeating the Golden State democracy.

And get this: the Los Angeles Kings staged a comeback down 3-0 to win games 4-7 and the 2014 Stanley Cup (thanks to a game-winning goal by Alec Martinez =47), their second championship in three years. It was the Kings’ 47th season (the Finals starting exactly 47 years after the team’s founding) and this is the 47th season of the Cavaliers – Game 7 being LeBron ‘King’ James’ 47th Finals game. The King =47. Cleveland Cavaliers Twenty Seventeen =470. Firepower =47, a term referenced many times in the scripted narrative. CAVS =47. 

  • Defend the Land =612 and this game was LeBron’s 216th game. Los Angeles =216. Game 5 on 6/12 will be exactly 2610 weeks after the LA Kings were founded. Twenty Seventeen =216. Of course 6x6x6 =216 and The Cavs =666. The NBA Finals =666. Trilogy =666. Convergence =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. Karma Cycles =666 (the announcers discussed karma at one point). Drake’s track Back to Back fades out with 6-6-6-6-6-6 and it dropped 666 days before LeBron beat Jordan’s record to make the playoffs – and now in Game 4 he beat another of Jordan’s records. Cavalier Kingdom =669/969. 

Game 5 will also be 1095 days after the 2014 Kings won the Stanley Cup. The Cavs win came 10,950 days after Kendrick Lamar’s birth (as LeBron referenced Championship DNA, like the Kendrick track). Cavaliers Comeback =195. Drake’s track Back-to-Back dropped 190 weeks 5 days after LeBron went back-to-back with the Heat.

Game 7 is exactly 3 years 5 days after the LA Kings win. If the Cavs win in 7 at Oracle Arena =35, the Cavs would end with 35 losses and the Warriors will be 30-5 for the their last 35 games. King James =35. Comeback =35. 

  • CAVS =44. The LA Kings won the ’14 Cup a span of 4004 days after King James =44 was drafted. If he manifests a historic comeback to win, he’ll be 4-4 in the NBA Finals. Wine and Gold =44. Comeback King =44. Cavalier Kingdom =144. 
  • The Two Crowns =1776. On Game 7 it will be a gorgeous duration of 88,008 days after Independence Day on 7/4/1776. King James VI and I =888LeBron Raymone James =88.

And as to how 113 points were scored by one team in each of the first three games before Cavaliers won their 113th game. 113×3 = 339 & 933 is the total points score now. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =339. LeBron Raymone James =1339. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.53.37 AM.png

And this is another great reader contribution: Cubs, Penguins, & Cavaliers all won last year on the road, like an invading army demoralizing the home team. A psychological victory. Following this trend, Portugal defeated France in France at the Euro Cup; Seattle Sounders beat Toronto FC in Toronto for the MLS Final; and the LA Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx in Minnesota for the WNBA Finals. Penguins could win the Stanley Cup on the road tomorrow and Game 7 of the NBA Finals is in Oakland.

7 thoughts on “Cavalier Kingdom & the LA Kings

  1. I’m not into predicting outcomes, I just like the numbers game. Game 7 is scheduled for June 18th which is also “Father’s Day” and “6” months and “12” days (6-12,612/216) from Lebron’s “33rd” birthday. The real King James ( He was a so-called “Black Man”) and was the only King that ruled over “Three Kingdoms” and sat on “Three Thrones”.

    “Thirty-Three Years Old”-Full Reduction=102-Divisors sum to “216”
    “Three Thrones And Three Kingdoms”-Full Reduction=142-Divisors sum to “216” & Octal is “216”
    “Father’s Day”-Full Reduction=44/Jewish Reduced=47
    “June Eighteenth”-Full Reduction/Jewish Reduced/Septenary=70-Divisors sum to “144”
    “NBA Finals Game Seven”-Full Reduction=70


  2. I found another 444 reference for the Cavs and Warriors.
    After Warriors went up 3-1 in last year’s finals, Cavs won 3 in a row to win last year’s championship. Then in the first regular season meeting this year, the Cavs won, which gave them a 4 game win streak vs. Warriors.
    The Warriors won the second regular season meeting, and combined with the first 3 wins in this year’s finals, that gave the Warriors a 4 game win streak vs. Cavs.
    Now Cavs need to win 4 in a row to win this year’s championship and bookend the repeat.
    And there’s your 444.

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  3. The duration between the day Kevin Durant announced he would join the Warriors (July 4, 2016) and game 7 (June 18, 2017) is…350 days. LOL


  4. Well upon reading this total gem of a post… I wonder if there’s any “rituals” planned for today… seeing that on 6/11/17 America is 88,000 days old/after their freemasonic freedom started…
    also noticed that from that same bday date of the Jew.S.A… to the queens next bday 21/4/18 it will hit… 88,314… for circles and pi…
    We just had Adam West “die” age 88 on 6/9 or 9/6 over here… sept 9th or 9/9 both sides of the atlantic… the US will hit 88,088 days…

    Remember a few days ago I pointed out how the 5th and 6th of July is 5777 days after 9/11 in the year 5777… well we can now add that the 5th will also share it with the bavarian illuminati hitting… 88,088 days old…

    Great work as always Brother Berg…


  5. I haven’t looked into the gematria/numerology details of this year’s World Series, but just going off the ESPN twitter picture and my intuition, I’m going to guess the Washington Nationals beat the Cleveland Indians.

    Assuming ESPN’s twitter picture is showing all the 2017 champs (how can you doubt it now?), that would mean Bryce Harper and the Nationals win this year’s World Series. And with the 25 year cycle and repeats, look at the 1991 and 1992 World Series losers…Atlanta BRAVES. Nationals beating the INDIANS would fit the war theme. And it would be hilarious if the Indians took a 3-0 lead and then the Nationals came back to win, back-to-back reverse mirroring repeats for the Cavs and Indians LOL. Could be a starting point to look into.


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