Adam West & the Batman-Cavaliers Connections

Adam West dies on the day the Cavaliers win Game 4 to launch a potential comeback. What’s most intriguing to me about this is all the references over the past years between Batman & LeBron. He’s stated that his two biggest inspirations are Michael Jordan and Batman said he wants to play the Caped Crusader in a movie. He also wore a Batman-style mask during a game on 2/27/14 and posted a drawing of him as Batman on 3/6/16. We’ll also find some interesting parallels to the Dark Knight shooting hoax in Aurora Colorado on 7/20/14, blamed on James Holmes.

  • LeBron Raymone James =88. Adam West was aged 88 years 8 months and change the day before America turned 88,000 days old. Game 7 comes 8 months 8 days after West’s final film and he died 88 days after the anniversary of the Batman season finale. Aurora =88.
  • William West Anderson =216. (6x6x6) =216. Batman =666. The Cavs =666. Game 5 is 666 days after the death of Batgirl, Yvonne Craig. The NBA Finals =666. Double Dribble =666. Adam West died 660 weeks 6 days after Superman, Christopher Reeve.

Adam West =1131. His Batman series ran for 113 weeks 1 day and James Holmes was sentenced 1131 days after the shooting. LeBron’s Batman instagram was posted 1 year 3 months 11 days before Game 7. The NBA Finals =131. Championship =131. Caped Crusader =113. Dark Knight =113. Mayor West =113, his character on Family Guy. An episode of that show featuring a scene where Peter beats Cleveland using a glitch in the old basketball game Double Dribble aired 1 year 1 month 3 days before this Game 7. Batman’s creator, Bob Kane, died on 11/3.

William West Anderson =314. Batgirl =314. Batman’s 1968 finale was on 3/14 and West received his Hollywood Star 3 months 14 days before the Aurora Shooting, which happened 3 years 1 month 4 days before James Holmes was sentenced.

  • West died 2 months 27 days after the 49th anniversary of the last episode & LeBron wore the Batman mask on 2/27. Remember that 227 the 49th prime. Pi =49. Dark Knight =49. Adam West =49. West =49. 
  • The NBA Finals =322. James =223. The Batman series ran for 2 years 2 months 3 days and Game 7 comes 22 years 3 days after the release of Batman Forever.

Bruce Wayne =169. William Anderson =169. William West Anderson =69 died on 6/9. West =69. Pi =69. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The NBA Finals =69. The Caped Crusader =69. Batgirl =69. It’s Not Who You Are Underneath, It’s What You Do That Defines You =690, as LeBron posted with his Batman picture. Game 7 is on the 169th day of the year and Justice League comes out 169 days after the Finals began.

Caped Crusader =47. Cavs =47. The King =47. LeBron’s Instagram post came 470 days before Game 7, which would be his 47th Finals game in the Cavaliers 47th season. Just like the LA Kings staged a comeback in their 47th season. Adam West died exactly 1147 weeks after Batman Forever. The upcoming Batman film is called Justice League =147 and its tagline is Unite The League =147. 

  • One of Batman’s foes is The Cavalier =206, real name Mortimer Drake =1206. 
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206/206. The Dark Knight Rises =206. LeBron Raymone James =206 wore the mask 1206 days before Game 7. The Cavaliers =1206. English Civil War =1026. LeBron =26. Adam West died 11 years 11 months 26 days after the release of Batman Begins. Batman =261. 

LeBron James =164 was 10,064 days old for the Aurora Shooting, which came 9 years 23 days after he was drafted. LeBron James =923.

The NBA Finals =213. Justice League =213. LeBron James was born 2 years 11 months 13 days before the birth of James Holmes. Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before James and Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Crosby. Drake Back to Back =213 released 12 years 1 month 3 days after LeBron was drafted. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130.

Justice League comes out on 11/17. James Holmes was sentenced when he was 10,117 days old. Bruce Wayne =117. King James VI & I =1170. LeBron & Curry both born in Akron =117 Ohio =117 a span of 1170 days apart.

  • (As Gematria Club predicted again, Tapwrit =107 just won the Belmont Stakes =1170 at the same span of 1170 days old, the exact same age as last year’s Belmont winner).

Caped Crusader =708. Adam West =78. Holmes will be 10,780 days old (exactly 1540 weeks) for Game 7 and he and LeBron were born 1078 days apart (exactly 154 weeks). Defend the Land =154Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154.

3 thoughts on “Adam West & the Batman-Cavaliers Connections

  1. Superhero Marvel Comics are based on delusional “White Supremacist Ideologies”. Also, I can’t overlook Mr. Bill Cosby and how his current “Media Lynching” is somehow a part of this Synagogue Of Satan ritual equation.
    “White Supremacist”-Jewish Reduced=88
    “Batman Television Series”-Septenary=88
    “Superheroes”-Reverse Sumerian=888
    “Klu Klux Klan”-Reverse Reduction=66
    “Superheroism”-English Ordinal=166
    “Behind The Mask”-LCH Kabbalah=166
    “Superhero”-Reverse Sumerian=708(78)
    “Mr. Bill Cosby”-Sumerian=780
    “America’s Dad”-English Ordinal=78(Cosby’s moniker)
    “Seven Prescriptions”-Septenary=78
    “Quaalude Prescription”-Septenary=79-(Cosby’s Age)The Octal of “79” is “117”
    “The Synagogue Of Satan”-Full Reduction=79
    “Media Lynching”-Jewish Ordinal=117
    “Ennis Cosby”-Jewish Ordinal=117(Cosby’s only son who was ritualistically murdered)
    “Order Of The Illuminati”-Reverse Reduction=117
    “Ritualistic Deaths”-Reverse Reduction=117


  2. After playing around alittle earlier… I noticed that…
    17/11/17 is 88,223 days after 1/5/1776 for the Bav/Illum…
    and 19/11/17 is 88,225 days…
    was looking for the dates after the UK’s 22/3 and 5…


  3. Great decode BB. Damn, Batman and Superman are dead. West died 660 weeks 6 days after Christopher Reeve. Superman and Batman are dead=666 (Primes). Reeve was 19,009 days old when he died. West’s birthday was 19/9. Christopher Reeve=252 was born 1,252 days after West.

    Holy feature film, Batman=227. Millionaire Bruce Wayne=314. Adam West + DC comic + Christopher Reeve + Satan=227.

    Adam West was 60 years 9 months 1 day old when “Batman” starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton premiered on (6/19), 1989. Michael Keaton=169. William West Anderson=69. Pi=69. Michael Keaton as Batman=227. Batman starring Jack Nicholson as the Joker=227. 

    This may be off subject. Did you see actress Glenne Headly passed away the day before Adam West? Perhaps a twin trick as you would say. Headly died 2 months 27 days after her birthday. Headly’s birthday was the day before Warriors’ Stephen Curry birthday of 3/14 aka the anniversary of the TV series Batman final episode.

    Headly was also in “The Circle” with Bill Paxton who died 3 months 14 day before her.

    The final film appearance for Glenne Headly will be in “Villa Capri” that is scheduled to debut on (11/22/17) (227!). Headly who plays the role of Jane in the film died 167 days before the debut. Glenne Headly as Jane=167. Villa Capri=167.

    Headly was born 33 years 1 day before Stephen Curry and her birthday is 13/3. She died 6/8/17 or. June eighth two thousand seventeen=133. Her death comes 103 weeks 3 days after Stephen Curry won the 2015 NBA Finals.

    Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals was 2 months 22 days after Headly’s 60th birthday. Glenne Headly=222. Stephen Curry II=222. Include the end date for a 2m 23day span. Glenne Aimee Headly=223. Glenne Aimee Headly June eighth two thousand seventeen=223. Glenne Aimee Headly + NBA Finals=223.

    Glenne Headly + Bill Paxton one hundred thirteenth World Series sacrifice=314. Glenne Aimee Headly NBA Finals=227. Tommy Lee Jones Lonesome Dove=314. Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face=2270. Headly was in the mini-series “Lonesome Dove” with Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall.

    Robert Duvall was born January 5, 1931 and Glenne Headly was born March 13, 1955. That is a difference of 1262 weeks. Robert Duvall=1262.

    Adam West + DB Cooper + Robert Duvall=314. Robert Duvall was in the movie “The Pursuit of DB Cooper” and Adam West said he was DB Cooper in the TV show “Newsradio” episode “Clash of the Titans” that debuted (11/24/98) exactly 27 years after DB Cooper made off with the loot 11/24/71. That’s a span of 1409 weeks. Adam West as DB Cooper=149/314. Dan Cooper DB Cooper=227.

    Could Robert Duvall be on the way out for Super Bowl LII? You mentioned him in your “We Are Humanoid” post. Your Edgar Allen Poe/Ravens/ Super Bowl theme could include Robert Duvall. His film debut was in “To Kill A Mockingbird”.
    To Kill A Mockingbird=227.
    Super Bowl + the Baltimore Ravens + Robert Duvall=227.
    The Baltimore Ravens + To Kill A Mockingbird + Robert Duvall=227.
    Baltimore Mockingbirds Super Bowl LII Champions=314 (EP).

    George Michael died on Christmas last year when Duvall was 31,401 days old too. Robert Duvall and George Michael=227.
    Christmas day in 1962 is when “To Kill a Mockingbird” debuted. The movie debuted 20,130 days before Super Bowl LII. Super Bowl LII=213. Baltimore Ravens=1213.
    On January 27, 2001 Robert Duvall was 70 years 22 days old. The next day Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.

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