Penguins Stanley Cup

Penguins =135 win the Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =135 with Patric Hörnqvist =1350 (aged 30 years 5 months old in the Ninety-Ninth Season =1350) scoring the game-winning Goal =35 against #35 with a perfect 1:35 remaining in the third period. Major exclamation points for all us following the importance of the 35 sequence.

  • NBA Finals Game 7 is exactly 3 years 5 days after the LA Kings win. If the Cavs win in 7 at Oracle Arena =35, the Cavs would end with 35 losses and the Warriors will be 30-5 for the their last 35 games. King James =35. Comeback =35. 

The 35th prime is 149. Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Champions =409. Back to Back Stanley Cup Victories =409. Pittsburgh =490 in their 49th playoff game and 213th game since the start of the 2016/2017 season. Again, Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Sidney Crosby and Michael Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before LeBron James.

Patric Gosta Hornqvist =118 was born 11,118 days before his Stanley Cup win. Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Champions =118. Twenty Seventeen Champions =118. Penguins co-owners: Ronald Burkle + Mario Lemieux =1118 and they made the Finals with a sudden-death win exactly 1118 weeks after Sudden Death opened, the film with the Penguins Stanley Cup win.

Patric Hornqvist =88 scores on Rinne =88 on that clean 88,000 day span after the birth of America. The Penguins =188. Stanley Cup =188. 

9 thoughts on “Penguins Stanley Cup

  1. Pens Won in 2016 just like the Cavs, & now we have both repeating in 2017 – Seventeen =135.

    Today is June Twelfth =53/153. Game Five =35 on the date 6/12/17 =35. Cleveland =35. Cavaliers =153. King James =35/53. LeBron & Kyrie =153. Ty Lue =135. NBA =53. Thirty-Five =53. COMEBACK =53

    Keep Killin BB!


      • Using the Chaldean version of Gematria… Cleveland =35. I don’t recommend that cipher, but when its your 6th, 7th example – why not pile on 🙂 Witness =135. F’n Cavs just ruined my week.

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      • I’m fond of the Chaldean cipher myself. Especially since the Warriors won their 5th Championship on 12/6/17. Their first was pre-NBA.
        The Golden State Warriors fifth NBA championship June twelfth two thousand seventeen=314 (Chaldean).


  2. Barron William Trump (=611) arrived at the White House with Donald (=119) on 6/11 (seven days before Father’s Day) at 11y 2m 22d old. He’s the first boy to live in the White House since 1963, (JFK,Jr,, 3 yrs of age). Barron…USA royalty, now.

    LeBronJames (LBJ). G. AIMee HEADly dead. 11/22/17 next film..(JFK 11/22/63).

    From Barron’s birth: 3-20-2006 to Game Seven, Father’s Day,= 4108d or 11y 2m 29d. or with end date: 11y 2m 30d or 4109d….(419=81st prime.)

    Barron+Donald+Warriors Win = 123 / 2611(J) (above # synchs) and 217 & 281 (K)…( 8/21/2017 eclipse) and 147 / 1710 / 1410.
    Barron+Donald+Cavaliers Win = 2230 (J) / 322 (K) . NBA Finals = 223.
    Barron William Trump+Fathers Day = 135 / 414 / 1322 (Sat) / 313 (K).
    On 6-11-17 (WHouse) Barron was 4101d. On his father’s bday (6/14) he will be 4104d old. 6/14 will also mark 77yrs since Nazi’s occupied and humiliated Paris.

    Barron Trump + Fathers Day = 1418 (J).
    Barron William Trump + Fathers Day = 135 / 171 / 1322 / 414.
    Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel = 226 /81. (Batman TV closing words.)

    Oh, and Shakespeare in Central Park 2017: Julius Caesar..with Trump look-a-like assassination…


  3. Thanks BB! This could be off subject but the Penguins won the Stanley Cup as the King of NASCAR Richard Petty was exactly 29,200 days old. Richard Petty=292 (Baconis). Richard Petty car forty three=292. Richard Petty + Mario Lemieux=292. Richard Petty Sidney Crosby Lebron James=292 (EP).

    Petty was a back to back champion also winning the Winston Cup Series in ’71 and ’72 plus the Daytona 500 in ’73 and ’74. Petty’s dad Lee was born on 3/14 and Lee won the first ever Daytona 500. Richard Petty’s first Daytona 500 win was in ’64 crusin’ in at a race time of 3 hours 14 minutes. HA! rigged sports=314 (Baconis).

    Mario Lemieux=1189 was 18 years 9 months old when Petty won his last NASCAR race on July 4, 1984.

    Get this shit. Sidney Crosby was born exact 3 years 1 month 4 days after that July 4 victory for Petty. Sidney Patrick Crosby=314 (Bacon). Sidney Crosby=314 (Baconis).
    Richard Petty Back to Back Champions=314.
    Richard Petty + Sidney Crosby + Lebron James + Back to Back Champions =314.
    Richard Petty Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers=227.
    Richard Petty Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers and Baltimore Ravens=314 (Jew Red).
    Adam West Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers and Baltimore Ravens=314.
    Adam West Pittsburgh Penguins Golden State Warriors and the Baltimore Ravens=314.
    Richard Petty was born 3209 days before Adam West. The 329th Prime is 2207. I wouldn’t be shocked if Petty passes away at his home this year.


    • Sorry to bring up Richard Petty again not sure if he is off subject. The MVP of the NBA Finals was Kevin Durant. Durant was born 2 months 27 days after Richard Petty. Kevin Durant Richard Petty sports rituals=227.


  4. “SHOOTING at the WALLs of heartache BANG BANG I am The WARRIOR,
    Well I am the Warrior and heart to heart you’ll WIN”
    This song,The Warrior, will be 33 years old on the solar eclipse date.Miss Dangerous Woman Ariana ended her ill-fated concert with : ‘BANG BANG’. hmmm.


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