Warriors Win

The Warriors win the NBA Finals, history repeating perfectly in ritual reenactment as the Cavaliers lost the English Civil War. Their win was also predictive programmed in The Warriors movie with its major symbol, the Wonder Wheel. Read my post on it for all the crazy coded ritual sacrifices connecting the actors from that movie to this championship. But this one here is my favourite:

Wonder Wheel =2017, the 306th prime. The Warriors =306. Seventy-First NBA Finals =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Kevin Durant =136. And that’s fucking gorgeous. 

Golden State Warriors =117 with Steph Curry =117 & K Durant =117 winning the 71st NBA Finals in ’17, The Warriors =71 in Oakland since ’71. LeBron & Curry are born 1170 days apart, both from Akron =117 Ohio =117, and as GSW & Curry both have the 117 connection – Cleveland & LeBron having none – it only makes sense that the best-of-three battles (the past three Finals) goes to the Warriors. Remember the English Civil War was actually three wars.

The Warriors =143/1403 movie came out 14,003 days before the Warriors victory at Oracle Arena =43 with Kevin Durant =43 as MVP. NBA =43. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

  • Kevin Wayne Durant =1350. K Durant =35 wearing #35 was born exactly 503 weeks after the release of The Warriors =1153. And there we see where all the 35 coding was pointing, 20/20 hindsight. NBA =35.

And for the record there’s no way in hell I would ever claim to have predicted the champion, whomever won, when we’ve all been showing compelling evidence for both sides. It’s easy to pick the favourites but part of the fun in Gematria is discovering the underdogs. And to boast that I’m Right You’re Wrong (especially when playing so neutral) is such a disservice to the craft, and the same old divide-and-conquer bullshit that strives to keep us separated. The same old techniques that professional sports is there for in the first place! This is a LEARNING experience and guess what, we’re all learning TOGETHER.

11 thoughts on “Warriors Win

  1. Thank you for your words and your work. I appreciate your comments on civility. Gematria is a fine craft as you put it. To brag about one’s work (I’m right and you’re wrong) truly is dispiriting and makes me suspect of the source as good as it is and has been. I don’t get it when one does that. I guess some folks have to be the ‘Cock of the Walk’.

    To hear from a voice of reason here in the community is reassuring. I can’t thank you enough. Please keep it coming.

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    • That kind of attitude definitely raises red flags but the trick is just to sift through all the bullshit and find the few gold flakes scattered throughout. It’s reassuring to me that I’m not the only one disappointed by behaviour like this — just goes to show that you get what you give, as I preach peace & unity and what do you know: my readers (at least those who comment) are all next level switched on past the ego-tripping, me-vs-you, low frequency stupidity – and I appreciate you all so very much.

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  2. I know didley about sports, my eyes used to glaze over on posts regarding them. Since you distill the numbers like a great jigsaw, I can now appreciate their connections and the commentary of your readers without the shortcomings you mention.
    One thing I see, in hingsight, is how the sun plays in their hand. This eclipse cycle (Solar Saros 136) has 71 events.

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    • Sports as theatrical ritual reenactments of occult symbolism adds the element of interest to the entire spectacle.

      For Example:

      Juuse SAROS is the back-up goaltender for the Nashville Predators, the team that just lost the Stanley Cup. His first NHL shut-out was on 12/30/16, a pieful 7 months 22 days before the 8/21 “Eclipse” =314.


  3. Shout out to you, your information is always great, and please NEVER turn into Zach… he’s said multiple times he doesn’t understand why he isn’t bigger yet, which shows me he really in this for the fame…you have done the Gematria community a great justice with your work…English Civil War and the Key of David were the major clues….also LeBron love for Batman, he sacrificed his legacy for Durant to save face just like Batman at the end of the Batman trilogy

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  4. In the NFL Tom Brady got his 5th championship. In NHL Penguins got their 5th Stanley Cup. Warriors got their 5th championship. Lebron got his 5th NBA Finals loss, in Game 5, 5 years after he beat Kevin Durant in 5 games. (ToMas StoVall noticed this 5 code)

    The two times the Warriors and Cavs played in the regular season the total points was 217 both times. Michael Jordan’s birthday is 2/17. Game 5 was Lebron’s 217th playoff game. The connection to the year 2017 is obvious. (Credit to Trav W)

    Curry’s birthday is 12 weeks 6 days before 6/12.

    Lots to learn from NBA finals. And I agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph! I think some certain individuals let their ego get the better of them.

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  5. […] Last year, I showed how the 1979 film The Warriors was perfectly coded to their 2017 Championship: The Warriors =1403 (Jewish Gematria) released 14,003 days before they hoisted their second-last trophy. And as it turns out, Steph Curry =304 was 11,043 days old when the Golden State Warriors =3411 won the 2018 NBA Finals, a perfect black mirror. Curry Five =431/34. Staged Sports =143 (an anagram of 3.14). Head coach Steve Kerr =34 was 13 years 4 months 13 days old when The Warriors hit theatres. Kerr =34. Stephen Kerr =314.  […]


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