House Whip Scalise & the Staged Assassination Attempt

Rep. Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip, was shot & injured after a gunman opened fire during congressional baseball practice near Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria Virginia on the morning of 14 June 2017 – Donald Trump’s 71st birthday. Most likely this is a staged hoax and part of the ongoing scripted narrative designed to look like a warning to Trump to obey or else. As the alphanumeric synchronicities reveal, it was certainly perfectly timed.

This assassination attempt of a high-ranking American politician at Eugene Simpson =188 Park in Alexandria Virginia =808 comes in that target window between 88,000 & 88,008 days after the birth date of the United States. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Zionists =888. Elders of Zion =888. Washington =88. What’s immediately intriguing to me is the age of Rep Steve Scalise =88 at his shooting: 18,880 days old on June Eighteenth =188 and 8 months 8 days after his birthday. Lobbyist Matt Mika =88 was also wounded.

To be precise, Scalise was shot 88,003 days after the birth of America. We’ve been seeing a lot of 883/338 lately, like Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin =338 born precisely 338 weeks apart. The thing about 883 is it’s the 153rd prime. Assassination Attempt =1530. The Secret Society =1053. The Illuminati =153Congressional Baseball =351.

  • Scalise was shot 1048 days into office. Donald J Trump =148. Donald Trump =48. Stephen Joseph Scalise =184. Rep Steve Scalise =84. Like the 88,004 days into America with end date. And notice that sequence of 2-1-13 showing up again.
  • 213 & Scalise is directly synched with the 2/13/16 assassination of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia =184 – who died 488 days earlier (the mirror of 88,004). Justice Scalia =184. Congressional Baseball =408. 

Truth-Sleuths out there, pay attention for clues in this riddle related to the Washington Nationals World Series campaign.

This shooting also comes a clean 3330 days after Scalise assumed office in the House of Representatives. Thirty-Three =156. Steve Scalise =56 was shot by James Hodgkinson =56 exactly 156 weeks after being elected as Majority Whip (and 15 weeks 6 days before the MLB Playoffs begin). Donald J Trump =1056. False Flag =156. The President of the United States =156. Home of the Titans =156. 

This whole scenario reminds me of House of Cards where before becoming President, Frank Underwood was House Majority Whip, a good ol’ boy from the deep south, like Scalise from Louisiana. Underwood survived an assassination attempt 504 days into office.

  • On June 18th, when it will be 88,008 days into America, it will also be exactly 504 weeks after Rep Steve Scalise =154 was elected to the Senate (10/20/07). Donald J Trump =154. Hodgkinson =154. James Hodgkinson =54. Mika =54. Nats =54. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise =504. GOP Congressional Baseball =405. 
  • We’re told the date President Underwood was shot is 17 March 2016. 504 days after that is 3 August 2017, so let’s watch for that one too. The 54th prime is 251 and he was shot 251 days after his birthday at Eugene Simpson Park =251.

President Underwood was shot in Season 4 Episode 4 which released (3/4/16) a span of 66 weeks 6 days before Scalise got shot. Notice too that’s a man named James shooting a man named Stephen two days after Curry beat LeBron in the NBA Finals. 

10 thoughts on “House Whip Scalise & the Staged Assassination Attempt

  1. BB, sorry to go off topic but have you looked into the London block of flats fire which happened today?
    From 15 Sept 1940 (Battle of Britain Day) daylight climax of Luftwaffe blitz on London …. To 14 June 2017 is 4004w 4d.


    • Grenfell Tower Fire =1188 and call received at 0:54 with 45 fire engines dispatched to synch up with these events in America. Thats a nice 444 you found. And speaking of the Luftwaffe I’m off to Berlin today via London (in Europe til at least October) so I’ll be taking a closer look at “Old World” history. If anyone has any recommendations of occult sites to visit please let me know!


      • I have been through Germany a few years back, I would imagine southern Germany / Bavaria and into Switzerland (a country which I would like to visit one day) would be occultic destinations. Enjoy your travels!


  2. Your on it Brother Berg! Thanks for putting in the work. Not sure if this is off subject. This “attack” comes 48 hrs after “Poppy” Bush’s birthday and I believe is apart of the ritual for his death that is to come. “Poppy” Bush was Captain on the Yale Bulldog baseball team when they made back to back College World Series appearances in ’47 & ’48. Yale Bulldogs baseball squad made the NCAA tournament this year for the first time since ’93 and they won their Conference this year too. Perhaps that’s why this also went down at a baseball field.

    Those 10/6 birthdays are in the sweet spot for inauguration day. This dude who was “shot”, Steve Scalise has a birthday on 10/6. George Herbert Walker Bush=106. Rep Steve Scalise =106/227. Steve’s birthday was 106 days or 3 months 14 days before 1/20/89 when “Poppy” became President. Stephen Joseph Scalise as President George Herbert Walker Bush =314.

    Hell yeah that Trump 148/184 code is where it’s at BB. Next year on 14/8 Donald Trump will be 72 years 2 days old. The Pi code reflection. A great day for some hi-jinx just like today being Trump’s birthday. August 14, 2018 will be 2 years 27 months since Trump won the nomination on 7/19/16. August 14, 2018 will be 3014 weeks since JFK won his nomination on 11/8/60. President Donald Trump assassination August fourteenth twenty eighteen=3014 (Satanic). Nah, couldn’t happen…

    As you documented JFK was assassinated 3 years 14 days after he won his nomination. President Donald Trump suicide bomber August fourteenth two thousand eighteen=314. President George Herbert Walker Bush August fourteenth twenty eighteen=314. President Donald Trump August fourteenth twenty eighteen=227.
    The Washington Nationals=227 (Kabbalah).
    Some interesting Pi coded phases, eh? Could it be the last day for Poppy Bush also?

    Donald Trump August fourteenth two thousand eighteen=223. Donald John Trump August fourteenth two thousand eighteen=223. George HW Bush was 22 years 3 days old when Trump was born. Here’s a little photo of “Poppy” with the baseball team. Lookin’ good.


    • *August 14, 2018 will be 2 years 27 months since Trump won the nomination on 7/19/16.* should be 2 years 27 days. D’ohh!


    • Trump born 22 years 3 days after Aleister Crowley’s daughter’s husband! That’s great. Someone should photoshop Bush there onto a carnival dunk tank. He looks like the ghost of christmas past visited him and cursed him with a conscience

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  3. From the Iroquois Theatre Fire on 12-30-1903 to 6-14-17 Grenfell Tower Fire =
    41,440d or 113y 5m 15d.
    Grenfell Tower = 180 / 164 both (K). 164/6-14…..on Zero Hedge they reported a man on the second floor was extemely upset…he said to his neighbors that he thought a “Faulty FRIDGE” caused it! Yet more fridges in 2017 fires! Remember the Oakland Warehouse fridge and that Cocoanut Grove survivors were in the walk-in fridges.
    The officials on ZH said the first call for the fire came in at 01:16 hours and the fire started on second floor and spread to the 27th (2-27) floor.
    From the creepy unveiling of London Ba’al Arch (4-18-16) to this fire = 1y 1m 27d.


  4. Would you be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what your wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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