Grenfell Tower Fire Sacrifice

The Grenfell Tower Fire in North Kensington London on Donald Trump’s birthday is yet another case in our ongoing series of Ritual Fire Sacrifice by the numbers, a theory that is again best supported by long counts of history repeating (as opposed to simple gematria synchs with synonyms of secret societies – an easy trap for confirmation bias). Let’s see how a bit more digging into durations can better prove a conspiracy than identifying a few 33s & 74s and calling it a day.

Fire Sacrifice =666. Londinium =666. North Kensington =669. Jewish Lightning =699 (that derogatory term for insurance fraud). Planet Trump =696 (as The Economist’s World in 2017 issue with a the Tower tarot card was subtitled). The Great Fire of London happened in the year 1666 and there were 16,606 days between the Grenfell Tower Fire and the deadliest skyscraper fire in world history [Daeyeonggak Hotel 12/25/71].

  • Daeyeonggak =202 had 22 floors and 222 rooms. Arson =22. Fire Sacrifice =220. Jewish Lightning =202. Grenfell Tower is 220-feet tall.
  • Grenfell =157. Ramadan =157. The 157th prime is 919 and this Skyscraper Fire =919 happened exactly 9190 weeks after the birth of Lord Francis Grenfell [4/29/1841], after whom the Tower is named. The fire sacrifice in part a tribute to the distinguished British Field Marshal. Glass Tower =191, the building in The Towering Inferno

As for the 14/6 date of the Apartment Fire =146 in the Kensington =146 district of London =146. Grenfell Tower Kensington London =146. Daeyeonggak Fire =146. Fire =46. Grenfell Tower =58/1146 burned exactly 5800 weeks (40,600 days) after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 caused the first four skyscraper fires in world history, none of which resulted in collapse. 4 years 11 months 6 days later came the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (in the ironically named Asch Building) that killed 146 garment workers in New York, and also didn’t collapse.

Wikipedia’s list of skyscraper fires reminds us that two planes crashed into NYC in the forties; the Empire State Building was hit in 1945 for a clean 20,500 days before 9/11. Skyscraper Fire =205. Apartment Fire =205. United Kingdom =205. The Illuminati =205. World Government =205. Knights Templar =205 were founded 2050 years after the death of King Solomon. There were 250 fire fighters battling the blaze at Grenfell.

  • The Empire State crash happened 42 weeks 2 days before another plane crashed into Wall Street in 1946, a mirror span of 20,204 days before 9/11. And American authorities said no one could have imagined something like this happening.
  • Londinium =426, as London was originally called. And as a perfect synch here, the movie The Towering Inferno released exactly 42 years 6 months before the Grenfell Fire.

The Towering Inferno was based on a book titled ‘The Tower‘ published in 1973, the year the World Trade Center officially opened as the tallest building in the world. In it, a disgruntled worker detonates a stolen bomb in the basement of the fictional World Tower Building, located across the street from the World Trade Center. Fire erupts throughout the complex killing many people in another awesome example of predictive programming I’d never heard of.

Fire =228. Grenfell =822. This fire started exactly 822 weeks after 9/11/01 and happened during Ramadan =822. And those are the gematria + long counts that tell the persuasive story. The Holocaust =882 remembering that the term originally denotes a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire. And I love this metaphor of the apartment building as Wicker Man, the effigy built of sticks and filled with people to be burnt in sacrifice by the Druids.

At the time of posting there’s a wildfire raging in Portugal that’s already killed 43 people. 

9 thoughts on “Grenfell Tower Fire Sacrifice

  1. Brother Berg, Again thanks. As I read, my mind went to Sodom/Gommorrah; the five cities of the Plain; Admah/Zeboim/Bela. Ran some #’s, (didn’t ‘see’ anything, I am still in training)

    Then I went to James and John who wanted to ‘call down fire from heaven’ on ‘Samaria’ ran those #’s and again, I didn’t ‘see’ anything, yet I am sure a narrative or thread could be in there as well.

    I wanted to share that in case, dare I use the pun, ‘spark’ something in someone else.

    All the best to all.


  2. Original “The Wicker Man” release in Britain: 10-16-73. (116/611/911.)
    From release to the Daeyeonggak Hotel Fire (12-25-71) = 661d.
    The Green Man Pub = 199 / 223 (K)….their local watering hole.


  3. Just stumbled upon…

    2/23 to 6/14 is 111 days like queens bday and sept 11th from start and end of the year…
    2/23 to 6/14 is also 3 mths 22 days…
    3/22 to 6/14 is 2 mths 23 days…

    A brief look at 2/23 I see it leaves 311 days until the end of the year

    Alan Colmes of fox died age 66
    It was a couple of days before Bill Paxton I think and on 2/22 I saw Fritz Koenig died aged 92… he was born 20/6/24 made the sphere globe (or the 3rd pillar if you’re familiar or seen something called appledoor on youtube?) that used to sit inbetween the 2 world trade center towers and now sits in battery park… sorry if you’ve already covered all of the above and I’m just rehashing again… 😉 I remember the Paxton post… I’m sure you’ll find some more interesting things that happened on 2/23/17 I only had a brief look on wiki…

    Incase they carry the theme on…
    2 mths 23 days from 6/14 is 9/6 (sept)
    3 mths 22 days is 10/6 (oct)


  4. Also seen a couple more predictive programmes pointed out on youtube…

    In the “fantasy world” that “The Dark Tower” is set in there’s somebody called Lord Grenfell I don’t think that they appear in the film perhaps in the comics or books whatever it is…
    And an even better example is there used to be a tv drama series over here called Londons Burning… it ran for 14 series from 20/2/88 to 25/8/02 (there was a tv film pilot in 86′) and apparently had a 2 part episode called Grenfell… I’ve not seen the episodes and think that the might refer to a characters name rather than going to or featuring the tower block itself… although I could be wrong… but there will be plenty of other episodes that they might of and loads that it may have featured flats on fire or the block itself in the background or something… the 2 episodes in question were shown in 97′ not sure of dates or episodes but think it was season 10 which was the last series produced by a Paul Knight who done them all upto then… there os a note saying the series start was pit back a week due to it being close to the coverage of Dianas funeral… which is in the news again today with Harry and his comments in a mag being rehashed again… was due to be shown on 7/9/97 but shown on 14/9/97 the series ended 22/2/98
    It had 18 episodes which was the most… the first series only had 5 shows the next couple were 8 shows then 3 lots of 10 episodes then 3 lots of 15… then its season 10… then next 3 series has 16 and the last which started 7/7/02 had 8 episodes…

    Sorry for the lack of gematria and date duration work I’ve put in… but I’ve got to walk me dog’s 😉 just wanted to “share”

    On that note “just incase” also saw a possible predictive programming decode regarding London and “terror attack predictions/target” it regarding a song and it maybe nothing but the bloke talking about it mentions how it predicts 5 attacks the 1st 3 already done… being 22/3 3/6 and 14/6… they don’t do the dates but mention or flash up in the video parts of london… if there’s anything to it then he’s saying the next one will be something that will “shut down harrods” so maybe a attack through the store or a bombing again (17/12/83 was the last with 3 dead civilians and 3 dead cops hahahaa 90 injured) just checking that date… to 26/6 as we’ve been talking about is 33 yrs 6 mths 9 days… on 3/6 it was 12,222 or 12,223 including the end date… on 14/6 it was 12,233 days…

    The one after that something to do with Brixton… the bloke making the vid guesses we will have a death of a citizen by cops turned into a riot type false flag… again organised and set up by our zionist controlled government and their freemason minions…

    So yeah… harrods or brixton… there will be more to this riddle to be found if it’s a real thing… although I do like the brief piece of working that I done above… 😉


    • Forgot again…

      From 17/12/83 to 22/3/17
      Is 33 yrs 3 mths 6 days

      To 22/5/17 its 33 yrs 5 mths 5 days
      or 12,210 / 12,211 days


  5. Hello. I was in London the day the fire started and watched it from a nearby location that I was working in/at. Do you think that the fire has any connection with what many were building up to in the Masonic arena with the 300th anniversary of Freemasons? I heard that they, Freemasons were over a certain weekend in the same month ushering in Lucifer at the Grand Lodge in London. Could there have been a link? I personally don’t know. Is there any evidence to such thoughts or claims? Thanks. J


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