The Death of Helmut Kohl: Berlin Wall & the Day of Fate

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl passed away on 16 June 2017, the day after I arrived in Berlin where flags are at half-mast across the city. Kohl was one of the most revered world leaders of the 20th century, widely regarded as the mastermind of German reunification and one of the principal architects of the European Union. With all the synchronicities we’ve been documenting between the Berlin Wall and Donald Trump, it’s only fitting that Kohl dies within 48 hours of Trump’s birthday.

Helmut Kohl =131/103. Kohl =13/31. Fate =13/31. Berlin Wall =31. German Unity Day is celebrated on 10/3. Judaism =103. Nationalsozialistische =1030. Nazi Germany =1113. German Reunification =311. Kohl was exactly 3110 weeks old when the Berlin Wall symbolically fell on 11/9/89, the day an evening news broadcast erroneously reported that the border had finally reopened, causing a flood of thousands to force their way through (at a crossing a ten minute walk from our flat here in what was once East Berlin).

  • Weimar Republic =1404. Reunification =144. Helmut Kohl =44 died exactly 1440 weeks after the border opened. Second World War =1044. 
  • Kohl was Chancellor for 5870 days & 587 is the 107th prime. Tag der Deutschen Einheit =107 (Day of Reunification). Berlin Wall =107. Helmet Kohl =701. Trump just turned 71. 

Berlin Wall =108. Holocaust =108. Kohl died 10,080 days after the border opened or 10,081 days. Helmut Kohl =118 also died exactly 1811 weeks after taking office. Chancellor Helmut Kohl =81. Reunification happened 8 years 1 day after he took office.

German Unity Day is celebrated on 10/3 instead of 11/9 due to several notable events that just so happened to transpire on this very date. 11/9 is known as Schicksalstag =116 which means The Day of Fate =116. Reichstag =116. The Enabling Act =116. Second World War =116. The Gestapo =116. Deutschland =1116. Weimarer Republik =1116 (founded 11/9). Dem Deutschen Volke =1116, engraved in large print on the Reichstag, now known as the Bundestag =119World Domination =1116. White Supremacy =1116.

  • What makes this 11/9 date (or 9/11 as written in Germany) so intriguing with regards to the Jewish tragedy in World War II is that this number is intimately interwoven with the occult symbolism of the Kabbalah & the False Jews behind the scenes. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Bankers =119. Master Plan =119. Donald =119. Fascism =119. November Ninth =1109. 
  • To restate this fact: 9/11 was called the Day of Fate long before 2001. 

On 9 November 1918, the German monarchy ended and a Free Socialist Republic =119 was declared. On this date in 1923, Hitler attempted a coup d’etat and was imprisoned for treason. Also on this date in 1938 was Kristallnacht, The Night of the Broken Glass =119, when the Nazis initiated the Jewish Pogrom =116 (the start of the Holocaust) following the 11/9 assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by a Polish Jewish teenager, born 11 years 9 months before vom Rath. Another case of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem-Reaction-Solution =369, a coding that illuminates the quote by Nikola Tesla about the key to the universe found in the magnificence of the 3-6-9. Or as is German for Jews, Juden =369.

Deutschland =666.  Neuordnung =666, German for ‘New Order’ which the Nazis sought to impose. As we know, the Reichstag Fire (which happened 6 years 6 months 6 days before World War II) and the Gleiwitz =666 Incident were both false flag operations, thus it would follow that the assassination of vom Rath =969 was also a staged event designed as ritual pretext for what was to come. Jewish Pogrom =996. Bundestag =669. Let’s see if we can find any other coding to support this theory.

  • Ernst vom Rath =1038 was shot in ’38 on the Day of Fate =38 by Herschel Grynszpan =1308 and sparked The Night of the Broken Glass =380. Weimar Republic =308. Germany =38. Masonic =38. German Unity =138. 

Ernst Eduard vom Rath =1560. Nationalsozialistische =1560. False Flag =156. Inside Job =156. Berlin =156. Second World War =156. The Reichstag Fire =156 happened 1 year 5 months 6 days before Hitler became Fuhrer. Tying it up neatly, the 156th prime is 911.


There’s so much here, truth-sleuths, and as I’ll be operating out of Berlin for the next while – an absolutely mind-blowing city – stay tuned for more European history lessons by the numbers. 

6 thoughts on “The Death of Helmut Kohl: Berlin Wall & the Day of Fate

  1. I was looking at 15/6 as it was 33 days before 18/7 and we all know the significance of those 3 numbers alone… but we grenfell on 14/6 then this dude 16/6… plus John Avildsen the 1977 oscar winning director of Rocky then later Rocky V and the 1984 film karate kid… plus 2 and 3…
    He “died” 188 days before his 82nd bday with the lovely date of birth of 21/12/35… which is also 177 days after he turned 81… I was looking at the cast of the karate kid aswell as alot of other 1984 film releases as being served up this year… we’ve had Hurt and Paxton and a few others so far… lot’s of 84′ and 77′ related “circles” coming back around…


  2. Nice Work As Always! Whenever I see the number “1116” in my breakdown I automatically think of its reflection “1611”. Which relates to the “King James 1611 Bible”.

    “King James Sixteen Eleven Bible”-Full Reduction=116(116/119)
    “King James Bible”-English Ordinal=119

    The duodecimal of “1116” is “790”(Or “79”). Like “The Synagogue Of Satan”-Full Reduction=79
    Also, our “41st” President “George H.W. Bush”-Reverse Sumerian=1116
    (The Bushes are really so-called “Germans”)
    “Aryan Race”-Jewish=611(611/116)
    “Bush Family”-English Ordinal=116
    “Prescott Sheldon Bush, Sr.”-Reverse Reduction=116


  3. Regarding the November 9th, the german “Day of Fate” – here is another gem: Markus “Mischa” Wolf, deputy Stasi boss for over 30 years, died on November 9, 2006 in Berlin. And … he was born on January 19, 1923 ( born 1/19, died 11/9 how about that) . Greetings Andi


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