Otto Warmbier & the North Korea Psy-Op

Otto Warmbier, the Jewish-American student arrested and sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea for stealing a sign, has died six days after returning to the States with brain damage that the North Koreans blamed on Botulism =666. Warmbier was arrested when Kim Jong-Un was exactly 1669 weeks old. An interesting detail is that the story from Pyongyang had him committing the theft in order to join a secret society at the University of Virginia called the Z Society. Also Warmbier was released just hours before the arrival of Jong-Un’s old buddy Dennis Rodman.

First of all that name Otto Warmbier means the essence or perfume of warm beer. He left America carbonated and full of life and returned home flat & stale, as it were. 

Otto Warmbier =211 was born on 12/12 and arrested aged 21 years 21 days old. Otto Frederick Warmbier =112/121. Otto =22 died at 2:20 PM at the age of 22. Botulism =221. Kim Jong-Un =122. Z Society =122. Warmbier was released home to Cincinnati =122 when Jong-Un was 12,210 days old and died on the abolition holiday Juneteenth =122. Kim Jong-Un + Otto Frederick Warmbier =2112. 

WARMBIER =534 and he died 534 DAYS after his arrest. KIM JONG-UN =435. That’s the perfect Gematria synch right there, wow. King James =534 and Warmbier died on the 451st birthday of King James VI & I. Kim Jong Un =154.

  • Jong-Un & Warmbier =115 were born 10 years 11 months 5 days apart. North Korea =115Warmbier was freed 1 year 5 months 11 days after his arrest and died 5 months 11 days after Jong-Un’s birthday.

Jong-Un & Otto Warmbier =57 were also born exactly 570 weeks apart. Z Society =1157. Otto Warmbier =75 died aged exactly 1175 weeks old. North Korea =750. 

Smells like psy-op to me. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.13.39 AM.png

6 thoughts on “Otto Warmbier & the North Korea Psy-Op

  1. NBA Hall Of Famer “Dennis Rodman” (56yrs old) and “Senator John McCain” (80yrs old)are character actors that are a part of this “Puppet Show” brought to us by our fake United States Government operated “The Synagogue Of Satan”. Rodman did some press upon returning from “North Korea” where he was allegedly visiting his longtime friend “Kim Jong-UN”. Rodman was wearing a t-shirt that read “Ambassador Rodman”.Also, Warmbier attended “The University Of Virginia”-Full Reduction=134-Duodecimal of “134” is “b2″(Or 22), “Character Actors” in LCH Kabbalah=122 and “John Sidney McCain III” in H-Exception=122. The Synagogue Of Satan loves the number “22”
    “Satanist”-Full Reduction&Chaldean=22
    “Fifty-Six Years Old”-Jewish Ordinal=202(22) Rodman is “56” years old(56/59)-6 is 9 upside down
    “Ambassador Rodman”-Full Reduction=59(Like “Freemasonry” in Reverse Reduction)(59/95/159)
    “Puppet Show”-Satanic=509(59)& English Ordinal=159-The Divisors or “59” sum to “60”
    “Eighty Years Old”-Septenary=59(McCain is “80”)
    “American Retired NBA Player’-Septenary=80
    “North Korean Prison”-Full Reduction=95
    “Faustian Bargain”-Francis Bacon=195
    “US Government”-Jewish Reduced=60(60/90)
    “Otto Warmbier”-Full Reduction=60
    “Faked Deaths”-Reverse Reduction=60
    “Character Actors”-Septenary=60
    “Puppet Show”-S-Exception=60
    “Prisoners Of War”-Chaldean=60
    “Ritual Deaths”-KFW Kabbalah=160
    “Kim Jong-Un Regime”-K-Exceptions=90
    “John McCain”=English Ordinal=90

    “Puppet Show”-Jewish Reduced=57(Like “Otto Warmbier”)
    “United Nations”Full Reduction=57

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  2. He died of a severe brain injury in Cincinnati, Ohio. An NFL reference perhaps? Does it link to the Bengals perhaps? Some foreshadowing/predictive programming?

    Also some symbolism that would work on the subconscious level: he was convicted of stealing a sign; “sign stealing” is a baseball term and one’s beer could get warm at a ball game.

    He was alumnus of the University of Virginia and we saw that supposed shooting of Scalise and others at the practice baseball game in Virginia.


  3. Great breakdown. I was also decoding this event. Apologies in advance if I somehow missed how you got 435 =Kim Jung un. what cipher did you use to get 435?
    Incredible work as usual. Cheers


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