The Queen’s Speech

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The Queen’s Speech on 21 June 2017, the summer solstice & Prince William’s 35th birthday, marks the start of a new Parliamentary session, a ritual event similar to the State of the Union Address in the United States. As per centuries old tradition, a member of parliament is taken hostage and locked away in Buckingham Palace to ensure the monarch’s safe return. The cellars beneath the Houses of Parliament are searched for explosives, a throwback to the false flag hoax of Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot.

The Queen’s =113 Speech begins at 11:30 BST a span of 11 months 30 days after the Brexit referendum. The Royal Family =1130. The Throne =113. Elitism =113. United Grand Lodge of England =1113. The NWO =1103. The New World Order =311. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms =311. The Queen’s Speech is also 111 weeks 3 days after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

The United Grand Lodge of England is the governing body for Freemasonry in the Commonwealth, claimed to be the oldest Grand Lodge in the world. The Queen’s Speech comes 3 days before its 300th anniversary as she’s a perfect 33,300 days old. (And somehow I’m still the only blogger out there using long-counts…) Elitism =333/33. Masonry =33. Kings =33. The Gods =33. Kingdom =33. Regent =33. Brexit =33. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =303. Saturn =303. Sun =330. Secrecy =33, as coded into the UGLE’s motto:

  • AVDI VIDE TACE =87, Latin for HEAR SEE BE SILENT =87. Grand Lodge =87. Queen Elizabeth II =87. Queen’s Speech =187. Summer Solstice =187. The Queen’s Speech is 781 days after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

The current Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, the Queen’s oldest living paternal cousin. His father Prince George died in a plane crash on 8/25/42 when Queen Elizabeth was exactly 853 weeks old. 853 is the 147th prime number. Hear See Be Silent =147. Freemason =147. The Queen =147. Establishment =147. 

Excluding the end date the Queen will be exactly 91 years 2 months old for the Queen’s Speech =219. Avdi Vide Taci =219. Leader of the Illuminati =219. Pomp & Pageantry =219. The Queen’s Speech is 2 years 1 month 19 days after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

The Queen will follow her Speech by attending Royal Ascot, a major horse race ritual where men are required to wear top hats. It’s held at Ascot Racecourse which was founded 8/11/1711, a span of 306 weeks 2 days before the 6/24/1717 founding of the United Grand Lodge of England. Prince Edward Duke of Kent =362. President Donald J Trump =362. Assassinated =362. We point this out to identify another target window on 13 August 2017, which will be 306 years 2 days after Ascot Racecourse was founded.

  • Its mirror, 263 is the 56th prime. Queen’s Speech =56. Summer Solstice =56. Avdi Vide Taci =56. Royal Family =56. The Iluminati =56. 

August 7th will be 300 years 6 weeks 2 days after the UGLE and August 25th will be 300 years 62 days (and exactly 330 weeks after William & Kate’s wedding). That’s also 4 years 1 month 3 days after Prince George’s 7/22 Pi birthday or 1494 days, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Edward born exactly 494 weeks apart. Maybe some other dates to watch for.

Also on 24 July 2017, the 48th anniversary of Apollo 11 returning to Earth, Queen Elizabeth will be 33,333 days old (incidentally coinciding with yours truly’s 33rd birthday). And again, the 6/26 date we earlier identified which will be 33,303 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth & 300 years 3 days after the United Grand Lodge of England was founded. Absolutely smokin’ hot for a major event, 33 years after 1984.

Speaking of witch, an element I missed mentioning when discussing the history of Nazi Germany was its suppression of Freemasonry alongside the Jewish element. They were blamed for the German surrender of 1918 and many Masons were executed or sent to concentration camps during World War II. It’s probably the single-most taboo thought crime to hold that Hitler might have been on to something but as the saying goes, “to learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Holocaust Denial is a crime punishable by three months to five years imprisonment here in Germany. 

16 thoughts on “The Queen’s Speech

  1. Yet another brilliant post…

    To quickly add a couple of snippets…

    The Duke of Edinburgh as mentioned in the comments yesterday recently turned 96… was admitted to hospital last night so he couldn’t perform his duties of standing next to his wife today… Charles has taken his place for the speech and off to ascott it is… they’re saying it’s only a precautionary measure…

    There’s also a whole load of demonstrations planned for today in what the media are calling the “day of rage” due to grenfell…

    Will come add some more in abit after I’ve read your Prodigy post… 😉


  2. They scaled things down due to it being a snap election and having to go watch the horsies… commentator said it was the 74th time she has done the speech but I think that maybe wrong… it was the 1st time since 1974 she travelled there in a car instead of the gold carriage… the “crown” got it’s own car to parliament and own throne to sit on as she didn’t wear it… 🙈

    Had abit of a problem… I tried posting this and a massive paragraph asking you something and it disappeared… tried posting it again and it kept saying that I was duplicating it but it’s not here… hmmmmm


      • Cheers… yeah I hit you up with aload of big numbers on there a few weeks back… wasn’t really anything important just seeing if you’d looked into some demons… will paste the last bit again to see if it works this time…

        P.S its done it again… it vanished… will send email… hahahaahaa


  3. Brother Berg, Nice Read! This reminds me of her father’s famous speech. Which took place approximately 77yrs, 9 months and 18 days ago.
    “King George VI Speech”-S-Exception=113(113/131)
    “Seventy-Seven Years Nine Months Eighteen Days”-Full Reduction=181-Duodecimal is “131”


  4. Slimy soothsayer Stephen (King) just so happened to write a novel ‘Firestarter’ released on 9-29-1980. A film was made…same name. Its release: 5-11-1984. 5/11 11/5 Jesuit Treason Plot date in reverse…Donald Reno scare 11/5/16.

    From Firestarter film to (UGLE-367 date) – 8/7 = 33y 2m 27d.
    Film to wedding anniversary (Kate/William) 8/25 = 33y 3m 14d.

    The character,Charlie, thinks she can “change the sun.”
    Film to eclipse = 33y 3m 10d or 3330.14% common/yr.
    Firestarter Change the Sun = 314 (K).

    Film to 14th anniversary of Northeastern US and Ontario Blackout (8-14-2003):
    33y 3m 3d.


  5. As you are in Berlin – August 13th 2017 will be the 56th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. 56 like “fake history” and “mind control”.
    Like your blog – Andi


      • Long before Gematria I was on board with his fake death and escape to South America reward for a job well done. Visited the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin the other day and literally all that’s there is a parking lot with a sign that says he committed suicide underground here. All part of the mockery.


    • This knot is tied in our themes, too: The 6-17-17 collision of PHILIPpines flagged container ship, ACX Crystal, with the US NAVY Destoyer FITZGERALD, which ignored warnings ahead of deadly collision…176 dead, it involved the Berth (Birth) area of ship, which took on Water…what baby awaits?

      From the 53rd anniversary of John FITZGERALD Kennedy’s Assassination to collision = 6m 26d.
      From JFK’s birth (5-29-1917) to collision = 100y 19d….!….discuss….


      • Correction:7 dead. I mixed my 176 dead count from another collision: USS Hobson (a destroyer/mine-sweeper) with carrier WASP, during night practice. It happened during the Korean War, ship about to leave for duty, on 4-26-1952, west of the Azores. USS Hobson plunged to the bottom of the Atlantic, WASP had bow damage. Collision also on a Saturday night and also hit starboard side (right side). Deaths include 7 officers. From the 65th anniversary of this collision to ACX/Fitzgerald collision: 1m 22d.


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