Prince Philip Mountbatten

Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip was replaced by Prince Charles for the Queen’s Speech after he was hospitalized with an infection the day earlier. Perhaps his death is the 6/26 event? If that picture looks out of place, the oldest living great-great-grandchild of Queen Victoria (his wife being the second oldest) is a huge UFO nut, which might have something to do with him being a shape-shifting reptilian 😉 The man who famously declared he’d like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to solve overpopulation.

On 6/26, Prince Philip Mountbatten =358 will be a perfectly synched 35,080 days old. The date written 26/6 in the UK. Prince Philip Mountbatten =266. Queen Victoria was 6602 days old when she ascended the throne.

  • Prince Philip =1134. June 26th is exactly 1034 weeks after Princess Diana died. It’s also 134 weeks after Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes (fill up pews) was killed by an errant bowl during a match, which as I covered back then was very likely a staged hoax. The Westminster Attack happened 10,340 days after Hughes’ birth.
  • Hughes =408 wore cap #408. Prince Philip Mountbatten =408. Windsor =48. Westminster =48. Cricket =48. Hughes died 18 days before the Sydney Siege at Lindt Cafe on PHILLIP Street. The Philip-connection reminding us Philip the Fair who expelled the Templars & Jews from Paris for the crime of being a ‘state within the state’ on Friday the 13th in 1307. Which is pretty much the exact same thing that Hitler did 631 years later.

I also just read the other day that the PHILIPS electronics company was founded by a man whose father was the first cousin of Karl Marx (his paternal aunt Marx’s mother). Fun Fact as Marx was a German Jew and Prince Philip =555 is also German, a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg =555. 

Philip & Elizabeth =114 are third cousins and were born 4 years 10 months 11 days apart; their first son Charles was born on 11/14. Their second-born, Princess Anne, was married on 11/14. King William III was born on 11/4 in 1650. Diana was murdered 1 year 4 days after her divorce & 4 years 11 days before 9/11/01. The British Empire =1104. Lindt Cafe =1014. Philip IV of France =1014. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. Marx =411. 

Prince Philip was 9660 days old when he married Elizabeth. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha =996Secrecy =666.

  • That’s exactly 1380 weeks old. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh =138. On 7/22/17, Prince George’s fourth birthday, it will be exactly 1038 weeks after Diana died. Knights Templar =1038. Replacement =138. 
  • The film The King’s Speech premiered exactly 355 weeks before 6/26, the date that Prince William will be 35 years 5 days old. Queen Elizabeth the Second =355. 

June 26th is also 180 years 7 days after Victoria’s reign began. Prince Philip =187. William the Conquerer died in 1087Mountbatten =870. Duke of Edinburgh =870/87. Windsor =87. Queen Victoria =87. 

And is it just me or does Philip’s royal monogram look like a big-breasted babe wearing bandoliers?

There’s also an interesting replacement theme ongoing, with Charles replacing Philip on the throne for the speech on the same day that the Saudi King deposed the Crown Prince and replaced him with his son. Perhaps is a clue that Charles will be replaced with King William when Elizabeth dies. I’m also reminded of King Solomon who, as the myth goes, was replaced on the throne for a period by Asmodeus, the shape-shifting King of Demons. George Washington, too, is said to have been replaced by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. Food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Prince Philip Mountbatten

  1. Will have to try and dig it up… but there was a “tv drama” called the royals or the windsors not that long ago… I didn’t watch any of it but from the adverts it seemed as if they played out a story along the lines of… queen dies… public are in uproar at the prospect of king charles… flashes up old footage of actual riots as if we’d do that… was alluding to charles abdicating for the anti christ/prince william to take his throne… obviously they didn’t say anti christ on the ad or in the series itself… but I’m sure I’ve read or seen that the film omen was based along the lines of inducing a birth on a full moon trying to birth satans son or something like that… I did see the interview with william where he is playing up to his what he called his… harry potter scar/mark of the beast on his forehead…

    Anyway… excellent post as always…
    I’m sure you know as you have how many days old she was… but queen vic succeeded the throne on 20/6/1837 same day king william IV died… I made a list of intersting things from history from 20/6 a few days ago was going to share on the day but got tied up in other stuff…

    1782 – great seal of united states adopted by U.S congress…
    1840 – Samuel Morse patents telegram
    1863 – west virginia admitted as 35th U.S state during civil war…
    1877 – Alexander Graham Bell installs 1st phone…
    1900 – Boxer rebellion, imperial chinese army begin 55 day siege in bejing…
    1944 – 1st rocket reaches space (176km)
    1945 – Operation paperclip Wernher Von Braun + team of rocket scientists transfered to the U.S
    1956 – plane crash near NJ in atlantic 74 dead
    1959 – 35 die during “rare june hurricane” in Canada
    1972 – Watergate Scandal missing 18mins of tapes
    1973 – Argentinian sniper kills 13 injures over 300 (on 20/6 this year we have a argentinian supercenturian 113yrs die)
    1975 – Jaws released is 1st “summer blockbuster”
    1982 – final action of the Falklands war
    1990 – asteroid eureka discovered
    1990 – 7.4 earthquake north Iran 35,000 – 50,000 dead 60,000 – 105,000 injured
    1991 – German gov vote to move seat of gov to Berlin
    1994 – imam rela shrine bombing in Iran 25 dead 70 – 100 injured

    1248 – Oxford University receives royal charter –

    I left this until last as although you may know or people can go to wiki and see for themselves…

    Coming out of Oxford Uni we have alsorts of interesting people a few of which I’ll list…

    12 saints
    20 archbishops of Canterbury
    58 nobel prize winners (all catagories)
    27 UK prime ministers
    28 nobel laureates
    140 sit in house of lords atm
    5 Austrailian prime ministers
    5 Pakistan pm’s
    2 Canadian pm’s
    2 Indian pm’s
    Lots of African pm’s
    A million judges, supreme court justices, lord chief justices for both U.K and U.S and all over the world
    A few famous names to end…
    Cecil Rhodes (scholarship)
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Sir Walter Raleigh
    Rupert Murdoch
    Stephen Hawkin
    Edwin Hubble
    Oscar Wilde
    JRR Tolkien
    TS Eliot
    Lewis Carol
    Aldus Huxley
    CS Lewis
    William Gladstone
    Bill Clinton
    Maggie Thatcher
    Tony Blair
    David Cameron
    Theresa May

    Hahahaaa that will do… 😉


  2. Great post again. I found it interesting that yesterday in the “news” the big Prince Harry story was that in a Newsweek magazine interview he said no one in the royal family wants to be King or Queen…..Also quoted as saying the Monarchy was a “force for good” as well as “We don’t want to dilute the magic….the British public and the world nee institutions like it”. What a load of crap! I don’t know why people think having a Monarchy is okay, just the gold carriage alone is enough. Thanks again.


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