The Spectre of Korean War II

Perhaps the Trump / Berlin Wall symbolism is pointing towards War on the Korean Peninsula, which could lead to reunification between North & South, just as the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the reunification of East & West Germany. With the Otto Warmbier psy-op on the collective consciousness, tensions are at a boiling point with an American president eager to exercise an itchy trigger finger.

President Donald John Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler died and 4 years 11 days before the Korean War began. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was 11,004 days old on 9/11, which came 4 years 11 days after Princess Diana was killed. Temple of Baal =114. Bel =114. Pyongyang =114. Cold War II =114. The Second Cold War =1014. Soviet-Afghan War =1014. Warmbier returned home 1 year 10 months 4 days after Kali was projected on the Empire State Building (8/9/15).

  • The Korean War =121. Otto Frederick Warmbier =121 was arrested when he was 21 years 21 days old and released when Kim Jong-Un was 12,210 days old. Warmbier’s arrest also marked 12,001 days since the 1984 release of Red Dawn =121, about the Soviets invading America. The 2012 release of Red Dawn came out 1201 weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall. United Grand Lodge of England =121. Cold War =21. 

There’s some good Pi coding in Red Dawn =314 as the teenage guerrillas call themselves The Wolverines =227. Twenty-Fifth of June =227. United Grand Lodge of England =227. The Great Mosque of al-Nuri =314. Again, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was 30 years 1 month 14 days old on 9/11/01 and spoke at this recently destroyed mosque 11 years 3 months 14 days after the Iraq War began. The Solar Eclipse comes 722 days after the Temple of Bel was destroyed. The Second Korean War =1722. 

Patrick Swayze =46 died exactly 406 weeks before June 26th. North Korea =46. Dear Leader =46. Otto Warmbier =46. Pyongyang =146. ISIS Terrorism =1146. 

Last episode we showed that the Temple of Bel was destroyed 666 days before June 26th but what we missed is that Temple of Bel =666. Located in Palmyra Syria =996. Pretty crucial details. Warmbier was released 1666 days after the 2012 release of Red Dawn.

  • Kim Jong-Il died on 12/17/11, the day after the Iraq War ended. 2017 days later is the 67th anniversary of the start of The Korean War =217, our target of June 25th. A Terrorist Attack =217. Prince Philip =217.

Warmbier was released from North Korean custody on June 13th, exactly 3333 weeks after the Korean War ended. On June 25th, Queen Elizabeth II will be 33,303 weeks old. The Temple of Bel Arch was reconstructed in London 33 weeks 3 days after its destruction. Kim =33 Jong-Un has been 33 for the past several years. Twenty-Sixth of June =3003 when the United Grand Lodge of England will be a perfectly synched 300 years 3 days old; a date that is practically impossible for the Programmers not to carry out some sort of tomfoolery. 

The 2012 remake of Red Dawn =33, this time with the North Koreans as the enemy, came out 10,330 days after the original. Otto Warmbier =133. June 26th is 133 days after Jong-Un’s older brother, Kim Jong-Nam, was assassinated on 2/13/17.

  • The Korean War lasted 1129 days. North Korean =129. Kim Jong-un =129 the Supreme Leader =209 was 12,090 days old for the murder of Jong-nam =29, which came 2 months 9 days before the Queen’s birthday (Diana & Kate both married on the 29th of the month). Prince Philip =129. June 25th is 1290 days after the execution of Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Sung-taek, by anti-aircraft machine gun fire — and the 26th is 12,009 days after 

June 25th is 10,090 days after the Berlin Wall fell and exactly 19 weeks after the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam. June Twenty Sixth Twenty Seventeen =901. June Twenty-Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen =191 is 10,091 days after the Berlin Wall fell. This sets up real nice durations forthcoming. North Korean =191. ISIS Terrorism =191. Pyongyang =119. North Korea =119. July 13th will be 10,109 days later or exactly 1444 weeks. July 24th will be 10,119 days later. Aug 21st will be 10,147 days after the Wall fell.

6 thoughts on “The Spectre of Korean War II

  1. Nice as always…

    Don’t forget that 24/7 the queen hits 33,333 days

    And love that as you were typing up this pointing out how Kim Jong Il “died” on 17/12 and Jong Un was 12,210 days old when Warmbier was arrested…
    At the same time as I was typing up my comment about 17/12/83 Harrods bombing and how it was 12,210 days or 33 yrs 5 mths 5 days inbetween then and 22/5 in the grenfell post… 😉


  2. Interesting parallels between the remaking of “Red Dawn” and “North Korea”. We know that “Hollywood” uses motion pictures as a form of “Mind Control” on the “Sleeping Masses”.
    “North Korean Prison” in Jewish Ordinal=217
    The divisors of “217” sum to “256”(or 625, 6/25-Target date)

    “Continent Of Asia”-Jewish Reduced=67
    “Hollywood Movies”-Reverse Reduction=67
    “MK Ultra Mind Control”-Chaldean=67


    • Sony Pictures Hack =411, when North Korea threatened through a group called ‘Guardians of Peace’ =1722 to pull the movie ‘The Interview’ =314 about assassinating kim jong un. might just have to do a post on this


  3. Brother Berg, you should take a look at this article about the 85-year-old “Khmer Rouge Leader” “Former President Khieu Samphan” and the timing of it with all the propaganda surrounding “North Korea”:
    “Vietnam War”-Jewish Ordinal=129
    “United Nations”-Francis Bacon=217
    “Khmer Rouge Leader”-Full Reduction=85(Like 85yr old Former President Khieu Samphan)
    “United Nations”-Jewish Ordinal=157
    “Continent Of Asia”-Jewish Ordinal=157(157+157=314)
    “President Khieu Samphan”-Francis Bacon=314


    • Interesting. I once partied all night in Phnom Penh with a former high-ranking officer in the Khmer Rouge who was adamant that they did what had to be done and the propaganda made things appear worse than it was. The one thing that’s for sure is history is written by the winners.


  4. 722 days (or 1y 11m 21d or 103w 1d) before 6/25/17: 2 Russian long-range Bear Bombers were intercepted on 7/4/15 by NORAD (first time since end of Cold War) 39 mi. off the CA coast.
    NYC Arch of Baal (9/19/16) to 6/25/17 = 6696 hrs or 9m 6d or 279d. 279th prime is 1801. Thirty Eighth Parallel = 66 / 108/ 180. (Korean War started there.)

    10m 18d (or 322d) after 6/25 is 5/13….Dennis Rodman’s bday.

    Trump’s Syrian bombing spree on 4/6 to 6/25 = 2m 19d or 1920 hrs or 11w 3d.
    The Korean Peninsula = 219 (K). North Korean Nuclear Detonation = 1310 (Sat).
    London Arch of Baal to 6/26 = 1y 2m 9d or 10,440 hrs.

    Thirty Eighth Parallel = 1404 / 1041.
    114 = King Kong or Kim Jong Un or President Donald John Trump.
    BBerg, this puzzle is getting UGLE!


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