Johnny Depp’s Assassination Threat

At Glastonbury on 22 June 2017, Johnny Depp made a much-publicized remark about killing Donald Trump, asking: “When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President” =227. John Christopher Depp =227. John Wilkes Booth =1314. Presidential Assassination =314. Trump Assassinated =1314. History Repeats by the Numbers =1314. Now that’s a pi-coded inside joke if there ever was one. Trump’s Tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before his election & Depp’s comment came 1 year 2 months 27 days later.

John Wilkes Booth (nice Masonic hidden-hand portrait) was an A-list actor on celebrity par with Johnny Depp, and the two men were born 125 years 30 days apart. John Christopher Depp II =325. Donald Trump =523. President Donald Trump =235. Booth =235. Depp was born 23 weeks 5 days before the Kennedy Assassination on Elm Street and his debut film was A Nightmare on Elm Street =325. 

  • Nightmare on Elm Street =119 released on 11/9 of 1984, some 119 years after Lincoln was assassinated by Booth =119. John Christopher Depp =119. Julius =1119. A Theatre Assassination =911. The Libertine =119 which is Depp’s 2004 film he was introducing at the festival. The Lincoln film starring Daniel Day Lewis who just retired also opened on 11/9 of 2012.
  • Freddy Krueger =147. Nightmare on Elm Street released 47,000 days after Lincoln took office. John Christopher Depp II =1470. President of the United States =147. Julius Caesar =147. Lee Oswald =147. Trump =47. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street opened exactly five years before the Berlin Wall fell, or exactly 261 weeks. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since Julius Caesar was also assassinated in a theatre. Which makes this summer’s Central Park production of Julius Caesar that much more prescient as it was done in a modern reboot with the titular character very much resembling Donald Trump =523, its opening show on 5/23.

The 5/23 opening date coincided with Trump being 70 years 11 months 10 days old. John Wilkes Booth =711. The actor playing the President Donald John Trump =114 lookalike was the similarly coded Gregg Henry =114. Lincoln died 4 years 1 month 11 days into office. Assassin =411, like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street by Lee Oswald =411.

Booth =450 was exactly 1405 weeks old when he shot Lincoln and this comment about the 45th President at Glastonbury =45 happened on 45 numerology. Caesar =45. 

  • Johnny Depp =153. Abraham Lincoln =1530. Lincoln died 1503 days after taking office and Depp’s comment came 153 days after Trump took office.
  • The comment was made 296 days before the 153rd anniversary of the Lincoln assassination. President Donald Trump =296.

John Wilkes Booth =218. TRUMP =218 (in all-caps Francis Bacon like his brand logo) was born exactly 81 years 2 months after Lincoln was killed.

And I had a synchronicity with this news story as earlier that day I learned that DEPP translates to DOUCHE in German, which is just too perfect.

  • But as to the details of this coded riddle, Depp was introducing a screening of The Libertine, which just so happened to have released (3/10/06) exactly 589 weeks earlier. Donald Trump =589. 

Day-Lewis’ Lincoln film released exactly 1461 weeks after A Nightmare on Elm Street and 1461 days before Trump was elected President. Trump born 14/6. 

3 thoughts on “Johnny Depp’s Assassination Threat

  1. Interesting..also JohnnyDepp was around Glastonbury in the 80,s & had a kid with this Lady I know & has been stalking her ever since yet denying publicly he is the father of their Son..she has had 30 years of harassment & intimidation from him & his ‘ friends’..she believes he is a Satanist..& I think he stays at Nicholas Cage,s house in Somerset .just thought U might find that of interest..great site just found U ..Cheers


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