Ghostbusters II & the Suicide of Baby Oscar


Henry John Deutschendorf II =146 who played the role of Oscar =46 in Ghostbusters Two =460, the targeted host of possession for Vigo the Carpathian =46, hanged himself on 14 June 2017, Donald Trump’s birthday. That’s 14/6 like Ghostbusters II =1146 which opened 146 days before the Berlin Wall fell and 1406 weeks before the hanging. There’s a scene in Ghostbusters II where it’s predicted that the end of the world will be 14 February 2016, Valentines Day =146. Valentines Day Two Thousand Sixteen =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146. 

Ghostbuster =46. Another Ghostbusters actor, David Margulies =46 died 4 weeks 6 days before 2/14/16. Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman =46 was born in ‘46 and was the victim of a death hoax ten days after Deutschendorf died. Ghostbusters actor & cowriter Harold Ramis died on 2/24/14; he played Spengler =46. 

  • That’s 530 days after Margulies died and Oscar =53 who was possessed by Vigo =53 died 1 year 5 months 3 days after Marguilies. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man =153. Harold Ramis =503 who played Egon Spengler =153. Deutschendorf was Schizophrenic =153. 
  • Ramis =119 died 1 year 10 months 9 days before David Margulies =1160. Who You Gonna Call =1116 (the inverse of 9/11/01). Ghostbusters =1190. Henry John Deutschendorf II =119. Carpathian =119. 

Harold Ramis =126 died 1206 days before Henry John Deutschendorf =260. Oscar =26. Vigo =26. The End of the World =260/206. The Ghostbusters =206. Hank & Will =126, his twin brother Will Deutschendorf =206 who found his body. Ghostbusters II opened exactly 26 years before Trump’s presidential campaign began.

Henry John Deutschendorf II =133/333 died 13 years 3 months 3 days after Wilhelm von Homburg =33 who played Vigo =330 the Carpathian =303/33. Ghost =33. 

This July 4th will be 72 weeks 2 days after the End of the World prediction for Valentines Day 2016. And as we covered in the End of Days predictive programming post, Ghostbusters II released 12 years 2 months 27 days before 9/11, so let’s see what history repeats on America’s 241st birthday. Who You Gonna Call =1314. 

2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters II & the Suicide of Baby Oscar

  1. Wow.. I read this post after my reply to twofourtwoconnection’s comment on The Queen’s Speech post. Very weird connections. Also the NORAD/Russian Bombers interception (comment/Spectre Korean War) was on 7-4-15. The Russian pilots communicated this transmission during event: “Good morning, American pilots. We are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day.” = 6112 (J).
    Also saw this on ZeroHedge other day: “It’ll be an avalanche.” Hedge fund CIO sets the day- Valentine’s Day 2018. It’ll Be An Avalanche = 146.


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