Baltimore Ravens Sacrifices Continue: The Deaths of James Hardy & Mitchell Henry

Former Baltimore Ravens TE Charles Mitchell Henry died from leukemia at age 24 on [6/30/17] and the body of former Ravens WR James Hardy III was discovered floating in an Indiana river on [6/8/17]; two more Super Bowl sacrifices directly connected to the Ravens, as we’ve been covering. Remember that in the past year we’ve had Ravens WR Michael Jackson die in a motorcycle wreck [5/12/17], former Ravens TE Todd Heap accidentally kill his daughter [4/14/17], the death of former Ravens TE Konrad Reuland [12/12/16], and the death of Ravens CB Tray Walker, also in a motorcycle wreck [3/18/16].

Hardy is the fifth victim and Henry the sixth to fall to the wrath of the Raven. Nevermore =47.

Six tragic deaths, half of them Tight Ends =47, directly associated with the Ravens within 470 days. Could this be clues for Super Bowl LII =47 in Minnesota =47? The Ravens won Super Bowl 47 at the Superdome =47, known as the Blackout Bowl =47 for the 33-minute power outage during the third quarter. Hardy =474. Ravens =474. Ravens Super Bowl LII =474. Baltimore Ravens =174. The Ravens Curse =1407. Super Bowl =1407. 

  • The 33-minute blackout and Charles Mitchell Henry =133 died exactly 33 weeks after being cut from the Ravens. Minnesota =133. Ravens Super Bowl Fifty-Two =330. 
  • Balitmore Ravens =169. Receiver =169. Blackout =169. Minneapolis MN =609. Henry died 1069 days after Super Bowl 47.

Remember when the Pope released a pair of doves from the Vatican only to have them immediately attacked by a seagull and a crow? While not an exact fit, the crow is the raven’s pesky lookalike, and that incident [1/25/14] occurred 1470 days before Super Bowl LII. That’s also 4 years 11 daysThe Baltimore Ravens =411. Pretty crazy synch. And remember that Ravens WR Michael Jackson died exactly 411 weeks after the pop star of the same name.

Baltimore Ravens =202 in their 22nd season. Mitchell Henry =122 died 202 days after his birthday, 22 days after Hardy, and 220 days before Super Bowl LII. The Ravens =222. Edgar =22 Allan Poe’s wife died 2 years 2 days after ‘The Raven’ was published.

Hardy =38 signed with the Ravens =38 when he was exactly 1308 weeks old. Charles Mitchell Henry =1308. Hardy =803. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Michael Dwayne Jackson died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. The Raven film released 308 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.

  • Charles Mitchell Henry =110. Minnesota =110. Hardy =111. Receiver =111. Blackout =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Ravens Super Bowl LII =111. Edgar Allan Poe =111. The Raven opened 11 years 1 month 11 days after Ravens first Super Bowl win. I notice they’ve added a name to Michael Jackson since I last researched him, he’s now: Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =111/75. 

Charles Mitchell Henry =175. Maryland =175. Baltimore Maryland =75. Baltimore Ravens =75. Raven =75. The Raven =57. LII =57. Baltimore =570. Ravens =157. Super Bowl =1157. The 57th prime is 269 and Jackson died 269 days before the Super Bowl which is held in Minnesota 26 years 9 days after last time Minnesota hosted.


James W Hardy III =73 would be 11,730 days old for Super Bowl LII =73. The 173rd prime is 1031 The Ravens =131. Receiver =131Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.

  • Nevermore =113Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =113. Hardy was born exactly 113 weeks after the birth of his girlfriend Toya Carter, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife. Her two brothers were killed in a drive-by 311 days before Hardy died.

James Hardy =1219. James W Hardy =2119. Minnesota =219. Edgar Allan Poe =219. Todd Benjamin Heap =219. Ravens last Super Bowl was 21 years 9 days after the last Minnesota Super Bowl and Mitchell died 219 days before Super Bowl LII =291 (which comes exactly 261 weeks after the Blackout Bowl). LII =29. Henry =29. Baltimore =29. Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =129. The Baltimore Ravens were founded on 2/9 and named on the 29th of March. This season begins 2009 days after Cusack’s The Raven and its playoffs will mark 209 years after Poe’s birth.

While this all looks extremely persuasive for a Ravens Super Bowl appearance, they’re the 16th favourite team to win, right after the Colts, who as we saw last year were also very strongly coded – yet didn’t come close. Some believe the script changed, or there’s several possible scripted outcomes (like a Choose Your Own Adventure book) but I like to think we didn’t read it right. Perhaps it’s more of What Does This Represent than an obvious tribute for a Ravens Super Bowl. Perhaps we must keep our eyes peeled for other teams with the Baltimore connection. Like the Indianapolis Colts formerly from Baltimore…

Bonus Clue: Henry being the 6th Raven to die reminded me of King Henry VI, subject of a trilogy of Shakespeare/Bacon plays. I found an awesome pi duration from his birth [12/6/1421] to 27 January 2018, a week before Super Bowl 52, is exactly 31,104 weeks. 

3 thoughts on “Baltimore Ravens Sacrifices Continue: The Deaths of James Hardy & Mitchell Henry

  1. Spiderman Homecoming opened with 117 million dollars, . The movie debuted on 7/7 in North America 213 days (last day included) before SB52 and is 2h 13 min long, 133 minutes. Thats also 30 weeks and 3 days. Its star Tom Holland was exactly 7707 days old. Dude was born in 1996, kinda like the Ravens who – funny story – were exactly 1117 weeks old on 7/7 (establised 2/9/96). You cant make this stuff up, wow .
    I think you should look into this, Brother Berg-style.

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  2. In SB 52 Ravens =25. SB 52=41. Baltimore =41. 2107 NFL champions =138 Baltimore Ravens =1083. From the Ravens being established on 2-9-96 til SB 52 is 8031 days! SB 52 =131 John Harbaugh =113. SB 52= 786 John Harbaugh =678. Joe Flacco turns 33 on 1-6-18. From that date til SB 52 is 2weeks 5 days. From his birthdate til SB 52 is 1724 weeks. SB 52 has date numerology of 17 and 24. Joe Flacco has 182 TD’s. SB 52 champions =128. Numbers look good and odds are great at around. 40-1 to win it all. Worth a shot


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