The Devil’s Own: 9/11 Predictive Programming

I just discovered a juicy piece of 9/11 predictive programming in The Devil’s Own (1997), the movie with Brad Pitt as Francis McGuire, a Northern Irish terrorist who travels to New York to purchase a shipment of missiles for the IRA. What got me intrigued in its coding is the scene where Francis lands at Newark on 21 February 1993 – as we see on his passport stamp – five days before the ’93 World Trade Center bombing.

After having his passport stamped to show off some numerology he steps out of Gate 9 beside Gates 11 and 10, a subliminal 9-11-01. To the sound of jet engines, he gets in a car with the last digits of the license plate 622, the mirror of the 2/26 WTC bombing date. The subliminal messages are confirmed when driving across the bridge in the next shot as Pitt’s character looks at the skyline with the Twin Towers and remarks, “Ah, that’s it, isn’t it.” Spooky.

The terrorist / freedom fighter’s real name is Francis =119 and from his fake passport’s expiration date to 9/11 we find a perfect span of 1109 days. September Eleventh Attacks =1109. Exactly like the 11-10-9 we see in the gate numbers. Nine Eleven Two Thousand One =119. World Trade =119. The Irish Republican Army =119. Remember in The Matrix, Neo’s passport is shown to have an expiration date of 11 September 2001. Francis then comments, “It’s fantastic.” Fantastic =119. It’s 9-11.

  • 911 is the 156th prime number, coded right into the title: The Devil’s Own =156. False Flag =156. Predictive Program =1560. 
  • From the date Francis lands in America, 21 Feb 1993, to 11 Sept 2001 is 446 weeks. The Devil Zone =1446. Nation of Islam =446. Secret Societies =644. 

The Devil’s Own =141. The Devil Zone =141. Devil Zone =41. The film released exactly 4 years 1 month after the ’93 WTC Bombing and 9/11/01 fell on 41/14 numerology; match the first three digits of the license plate: KVQ =41/14. USA =41. Big Apple =41. Terrorism =41. Mass Murder =41. Foreshadow =41. 

41 is the 13th prime. McGuire’s passport was issued 30/8/88, a perfect 13 years 13 days before 9/11/01. KVQ =13 and we see the clock in the car is 6:25, reducing to 13September Eleventh Attacks =103. Devil =103. Devil Zone =131. Notice the span of 3 years 13 days from the expiration date to 9/11 (one day short of Pi). He landed on the Twenty-First of February =1031, the day that leaves 313 days remaining.

As Francis says to the state judge involved in the conspiracy who picks him up, “If you’re not confused you don’t know what’s going on.” Which reminds me of one of my favourite Mark Twain quotes: “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed; if you read the newspaper you’re misinformed.”

12 thoughts on “The Devil’s Own: 9/11 Predictive Programming

  1. Talking of PI and 314… Barry Norman CBE has died 30/6/17 the 181st day of thee year… 314 days after his last bday birthday…

    He used to present a show reviewing movies called… Film (then the year) i.e film 77, 88, or 97… was the 1st fulltime host of the programme from 72′ to 98′ for 26 yrs on total…

    He also co presented the the summer olympics of 88′ and received his CBE in 98′

    He’s died aged 83 and saw his wife died 27/1/11… aged 77… the reason I point that out is I’ve actually done a ‘little’ bit of gematria for a change… 😉

    Barry = 127, 71, 44, 35,
    Norman = 30, 33, 77, 69, 98,
    Barry Norman = 58, 68, 158, 277, 169, 121,
    Barry Norman CBE = 68, 187, 171

    So far we have hit… a 127 for his wifes death date and 77 for age… 30 for the day of the month he died… 98 for the year he left BBC and got knighted… a couple of 71’s in Barry for the year the show originally started and it’s the reverse of 17 the year he would die… plus obviously added other numbers of great significance like 33, 44, 69, 187 and so on…

    But the real reason that I got nudged to make this post…

    The 223’s news coverage kept mentioning his most well know phrase… which wiki tells me was given to him by the spitting image puppet show but he went on to actually use it himself… the phrase was…

    and why not…

    Which equals the lovely set of numbers… 38, 47, 88, 119, 247, 104,

    I’m sure that I don’t need to bother writing a long list of other words that these or any of the numbers relate to…
    but I do like how we’ve been talking about 24/7 and 11/9 and I’ve been going on about 11/8 or 88…

    I also see a little reverse sept 11th in his wifes death…

    Jan… for the 01′
    27th… 2+7 for 9
    2011.. for the 11



  2. It’s wild man. That the guy is from Northern Ireland. I just did a decode a few days ago on June 12th also known as “Orangemen’s Day” and it’s mainly celebrated in Northern Ireland. Anyways, that’s the 193rd day of the year. 193 is the 44th prime. “Orangemen’s Day” = 193 Francis Bacon. On that Day Venus will nearly occult the other Eye of Taurus (Ain) named for the Hebrew Letter Ayin. The Pleiades are in the constellation Taurus. “The Pleiades” = 193 Reverse Ordinal. They are also known as the Seven Sisters. “The Seven Sisters” = 193 LCH. The Pleiades are said to be an average of 444 light years away.


    • Nice! Pleiades =44 reduced. 444 light years is an awesome find, I’m gonna have to dig more into the new age origin connection there. Also know as the Maia =144 Nebula. Maya = Illusion, the Mayans.

      I watched Devils Own after researching the Troubles which lasted 30 years, just like the Thirty Year War, both between Catholics and Protestants. That’s 360 months, revolution a full circle rotation back where we started with only the illusion of change.


  3. Francis (119) steps out Gate 9, beside Gates 10 &11. Span from his passport expiration to 9-11 is one day short of Pi.
    Donald =119. 2m 27d after his bday is the 9th month, 10th day, beside the 11th day. 9-11-01 was one day over the Pi cycle from his 55th bday.

    IRA = Eye of Ra. Eye of Ra & World Trade Center = 314 (K), 116, 1560, 2166.
    Lucifer’s Plan =116. September 10 & Gate 10 = 55, 160 (K).

    Donald’s maternal line: ‘Mac Leod Clan, Isle of Lewis, Scotland’ = 116, 226, 505.
    Clan of Mac Leod , Isle of Lewis, Scotland = 1446 (sat), 314 (Jo).
    Isle of Lewis Scotland Donald Trump = 1410 (K).


  4. From the Grand Hotel bombing, Brighton – 12 October 1984 (IRA attempt to assassinate the Conservative British Gov’t) to 9/11 is 16y 11m.

    From the Grand Hotel bombing, Brighton – 12 October 1984 to the Ariana Grande bombing is 11,910 days. (Which I mentioned in your Ariana Grande blog post).

    Post UK election we now have a Conservative gov’t supported by NI unionist party, and the media is pushing problems relating to the ‘power sharing’ agreement in the seperate NI gov’t. (Power sharing between the Protestant and Catholic political parties). Will the IRA ‘re-emerge’ due to the power sharing problems?

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  5. The NI ‘Troubles’ with young British troops on the streets of Belfast (NI) inspired The song ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Elvis Costello …… As mentioned previously. Released 2/2/79 is about Oliver Cromwell and The New Model Army, which was the forerunner of the British Army.

    From the song’s release to June 2 2017 (which was the start of NBA in UK due to the time delay) is 14,000 days or 2000 weeks or 38y 4m or 336,000 hrs … As noted before.


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