Oilers Great Dave Semenko Dies

Former Edmonton Oilers legend Dave Semenko died on 29 June 2017. Semenko was an enforcer, protecting Wayne Gretzky as an on-ice bodyguard during the superstar’s early career, winning two back-to-back Stanley Cups in ’84 and ’85. We previously explored a few Oilers sacrifices that seemed to foreshadow a Cup visit – the two actors from Disney’s Miracle dying within 48 hours of each other and the Fort McMurray Wildfire – now with the death of Semenko looking even stronger for a 2018 appearance.

Enforcer =269. He died on 29/6 when Gretzky was 20,609 days old and 269 is the 57th prime. Dave Semenko =57 born in ’57David Semenko =57. Semenk =570. He racked up 1175 penalty minutes in his 575 game career.

Sasha Pitbull Lakovic was another tough-guy who played with the Oilers’ provincial rival and arch-nemesis Calgary Flames for one season – the same 96/97 season that was also Semenko’s only year as Oilers’ assistant coach.

  • Semenko died exactly 699 weeks after Miracle opened and Lakovic, who appeared with Semenko in the 2016 hockey documentary Ice Guardians =666, was a stunning 16,666 days old when he died, both perfect matches with: The Oilers =666 and the Fire Sacrifice =666 that began in Fort Mac on May First =666. Coach Brooks from Team USA in the Miracle on Ice game died aged 66 years 6 days old.
  • 242+424 =666. Dave Semenko =242 died 424 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire.

6x6x6 =216. Connor McDavid =216. Oil =216. Oilers Stanley Cup =216. Gretzky was 1216 weeks old when he won his first Stanley Cup and excluding start & end points, Semenko lived for 21,900 days. Semenko fought Muhammad Ali in an exhibition match on 6/12/83, called a draw after three rounds. That date also written 12/6 and Semenko died 1 year 26 days after the death of Muhammad Ali =126/1206. Enforcer =126. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =126. Gretzky born 1/26. 

David Semenko =59 died at the age of 59. Oiler =59. Alberta =59. Edmonton Alberta =59. The Miracle on Ice =1590. Connor McDavid =590. The Fort Mac Wildfire consumed an estimated 590,000 hectares and the provincial state of emergency lasted 59 days.

  • 509 is the 97th prime and he died 97 days before the 17/18 NHL season starts. Sasha The Basha Pitbull Lakovic =97. Pitbull =97 who starred in Miracle =97 was born on 9/7. McDavid wears #97. Edmonton Oilers =79. 

Semenko =113 died 13 days before his birthday and 30 weeks 1 day before Gretzky’s. McDavid =301 was born on 1/13 on 130 numerology 13 days before Gretzky’s birthday. Gretzky =103/31. Coach Brooks died 1003 weeks 1 day after Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup and the Great One =131 retired 10,031 days after the Oilers were originally established. Oiler =31. Edmonton AB =103. Lakovic died 103 days after McDavid’s birthday.

Oilers play at Rogers Place =113 on the 113th meridian and the arena broke ground exactly 113 weeks before the Fort McMurray Wildfire =113 started. Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky =1103. Mantenuto, the other actor from Miracle who died the day after Lakovic, was born 1103 days before Gretzky’s first cup and 113 days after Gretzky’s Team Canada faced the 1980 Team America in Edmonton. The Miracle on Ice game at Lake Placid NY =113 won with head coach Herb Brooks =113. 

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