Spider-Man Homecoming: Super Bowl LII

A reader asked me to look into the new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming that released on 7 July 2017 with regards to potential Super Bowl predictive programming – and we discovered some absolute gems. I also just saw this article published on 7/11 where former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe has called Giants VS Ravens for Super Bowl 52, ha.

  • That’d be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV =64 and Spider-Man Homecoming =64 opened 6004 days after the game in question. Shannon Sharpe =64. Sharpe =64. Peter Parker =164. The Super Bowl =164. 

As I’ve been documenting the Baltimore Ravens foreshadowing, the villain in this latest instalment is Vulture =117 (a bird associated with death, just like the raven) who’s played by a perfectly coded Michael Keaton =117. Of course Keaton also starred in Birdman =107, which opened on 10/17 of 2014. Spider-Man is played by Tom Holland =107 who just so happened to be 1100 weeks 7 days old on opening night. Avenger =117. Avengers =117. The reader (Riven1) pointed out that Spider-Man grossed $117 million on its opening weekend and The Baltimore Ravens =117 franchise was established exactly 1117 weeks before the movie opened, which is a gorgeous span. Super Bowl =117 LII is in Minneapolis =117 and LII is an inverted 117. Off to a strong start here.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =77 released on 7/7 when Holland was 7707 days old. The premier was held 7 months 7 days before Super Bowl LII, which is 17 years 7 days after Super Bowl XXXV. Peter Parker: PP=77.

Holland =131 will be 1131 weeks old for the Super Bowl =131. The Ravens =131. The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance =131, the subtitle of Birdman.

Spider-Man Homecoming =1206. Super Bowl LII comes 1206 days after Birdman opened. Peter Parker =126. Edgar A Poe =1026. The Ravens’ two Super Bowl appearances were 12 years 6 days apart. Todd Heap’s deceased daughter Holly was born 12 weeks 6 days after their ’13 Super Bowl and was exactly 206 weeks old at death, 2 weeks 6 days before her birthday. Super Bowl XXXV =126. Marvel Comics =126. Joan Boocock Lee =126. 

Joan Boocock Lee is the wife of Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, and she passed away the day before Spider-Man Homecoming opened… Coming home, like the return to the afterlife.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =312 is directed by Jon Watts =312 and opened 213 days before Super Bowl LII =213. Baltimore Ravens =1213. 

Spider-Man =144. Homecoming =44. Peter Parker =44. Adrian Toomes =44, Vulture’s real name, just as Birdman’s is Riggan =144. Baltimore Ravens =1044. Edgar Allan Poe =1440. The Ravens mascots are named Rise & Conquer =144. Nevermore =144. Todd Heap =144 and his daughter died on 14/4. Shannon Sharpe =144/44. Joan Boocock Lee =144. Stanley Martin Lieber =441, Stan Lee’s real name. Marvel =44. Spider =44. 

Spider-Man is a tribute to Saturn, the planet (or dwarf star) ruled by the number 8, like the legs on a spider. Which makes sense that he throws up the devil horns when he shoots a web, like that ensnaring the Earth on the UN logo. Spiderweb =1155. Global Network =155. Social Engineers =155. Capitalism =155. Freemasons =155. Jew =1505. Judeo-Masonic =155. Synarchism =155. Theatre of the Mind =551. The Illusion =551. The Illuminati =551. Spider-Man Homecoming =551. 

17 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming: Super Bowl LII

  1. Great stuff! I was thinking New York Giants in relation to the ship RMS Queen Elizabeth, and its association with New York.
    Her maiden voyage, (a secret voyage March 3 (3/3 lol) 1940) at the beginning of WWII, a non stop crossing from Clydebank, Scotland to New York.

    From ship’s maiden voyage 3/3/40 to SB LII Feb 4 2018 is a span of 77y 11m 1d.

    The story fits in nicely with recent Royalty / war themes.



    • From wiki – “she arrived safely at New York and found herself moored alongside both Queen Mary and the French Line’s Normandie. This would be the only time all three of the world’s largest liners would be berthed together.” – hence New York Giants !?!


      • Possibly! Good thinking. The first official Super Bowl on 1/12/69 was New York (Jets) & Baltimore, exactly 2560 weeks before SB LII. Super Bowl XXXV between Baltimore & New York (Giants) on 1/28/01 came 11,704 days after that Super Bowl I. Baltimore Ravens =174. Queen Elizabeth =174.

        That’s also exactly 1672 weeks. Baltimore Maryland =276. Good start on coding to show why they won in 2001.

        Let’s keep our eyes peeled for 174 & 256 synchs foreshadowing LII.


      • BB, The ship ties back to your 2 posts on James Bond.

        The charred wreck of RMS Queen Elizabeth was featured in the 1974 film The Man with the Golden Gun (Roger Moore), as a covert headquarters for MI6. Q’s labs are in the wreckage of this ship.
        Ian Fleming set the climax to his 1956 novel Diamonds Are Forever on RMS Queen Elizabeth. The 1971 film of the same name used the P&O liner SS Canberra for the sequence.


  2. Amazing finds as always BB and 224connection… great work…

    How’s the book coming along BB???

    Can’t imagine how epic and massive it’s going to be… well actually reading through here I can… but you get me… 😉


  3. homecoming is also known as reunion of old classmates etc.
    ‘super bowl reunion’ = 88
    from SB35 to SB52 is exactly 888 weeks. Thats also 17y 1w ..171, like 117.
    Ravens finished 2016 with a 8-8 record.
    Ravens lead the series with Giants 4-2, SB on 2/4 , a Ravens win would make it 5-2. Dont forget Ray Lewis will be going to the Hall of Fame a day before SB52. Remember when the Ravens lost to NE in the AFC championship game in 2012? Ray Lewis said they would be back and sure enough, they won it the next year. And how Ray gave Jacoby Jones his ‘touch’ before the KO return TD in the Super Bowl. Point is, the dude is an inspirational preacher, spreading the word of god everywhere he goes, all the destiny talk and what not. So it would make sense for the Ravens to make it to SB52 so he can keep on talking.

    Ravens-Giants first met 9/14/97 – thats 1064 weeks to SB52.


    • Justice League opens 11/17.. 117.
      11/17 is 10 months 17 days (end date included) from 1/1… thats another 117.
      A new trailer for Justice League debuted on 7/22 and it is 4:11 long (WB youtube channel).
      From Spiderman Homecoming premiere of 7/7 to 11/17 is 4months 11 days, 411.
      From 11/17 to 2/4 is 2 months 2 weeks 4 days … 224 .
      I remember seeing 411 and 224s in your Ravens posts, so thought that was interesing.

      Also, the date numerologies for the ’greatest game ever played’ between BALTIMORE colts and NY are 117 and also 98. Funny how this will be the 98th NFL season ending with SB LII or … 117.
      12+28+58 = 98
      12+28+19+58 = 117


      • so I was going through the number sums list that Chris posted and found this interesting gem regarding Joe Flacco.

        152 sums to 11,628 .
        SO, I decided to check exactly when was Joe Flacco that number of days old and voila – 11/17 of 2016. 117. Thats 1y 2m 2w 4days before 2/4/18 . 224 again . also thats 444 days
        You know the whole 126/261/216 is coded into the Ravens right. Well even 2/9/1996 when they were founded has a numerology of 126 (2+9+19+96) . Flacco got a 120.6 million contract in 2013 etc.


      • apparently Flacco will miss the next 3-6 weeks (666) with a back injury. this news comes 7/26, thats 251 days after 11/17/2016. 251 is 152 backwards. 152 sums to 10,628 and Flacco was that many days old on 11/17 of last year.


      • Last time flacco got injured was 11/22/2015 .
        From that date to this new injury of 7/26 is 612 days.
        They say it’s a ’Disc issue’ – 36/63/216
        – 216 is 6x6x6 . Flacco said to be out 3-6 weeks . 36 sums to 666 also.
        ..and that there is ’soreness’ – 33/48/84/114/612/98
        From 11/22/15 to 11/17/16 is 11m 26 days – 1126.
        Also, he came back from his first injury 278 days later on 8/27/16 and from that comeback to this new injury of 7/26 is 333 days, thats 47weeks 4 days.
        Ravens – 474
        So you see there’s alot of 216/126/612 coding.


      • BBerg, #64 John Urschel retired today after 3 seasons with the Ravens. Im sure there’s something there… i mean 64 ! lol Dude definitely has some nice numbers.


  4. After reading this last night I saw an ad on the telly for another summer “blockbuster” had a quick “look around” as follows…

    War for the planet of the apes
    = 115, 119, 137, 227, 277, 303, 1771, 2226, 116, 269, 101, 112, 1117 and 333…

    Ad I saw said it was in cinemas in UK 11/7/17…
    Wiki says 10/7/17 prem in NY
    14/7/17 gen US release

    Duration of 140 mins

    A special “behind the scences footage” aired on TV in US on 22/11/15… durations of…
    85 wk 5 days or
    600 or 601 days or
    1 yr 7 mth 22 days or the lovely
    14,400 hrs… (all these dates I’ve matched upto the 14/7 gen US release date… you can easily add 3 or 4 days on any of these or the following durations found😉)

    A soundtrack has been released
    7/7/17 digital
    21/7/17 physical
    Duration of… 1:15:11…
    17 track… 13th jumped off the page at me… called… A man named suicide…

    Rise OTPOTA realeased… 5/8/11 aug
    Duration between films…
    2171 days or 5 yr 11mth 9 days or 310 wks…

    Dawn OTPOTA… almost exactly the same gematria as war in most ciphers…
    Was realeased 26/6/14 prem and 11/7/14 main…

    Durations for 26/6/14
    1114 or 5 days or 3 yr 18 days…

    From 11/7/14… 3 yrs 3 days
    or 1099 or 1100 days…

    And to end… we have a couple of the “stars” of the film…

    Andy Serkis… bday 20/4/64
    12 wk 2 days after last…
    282 days before next…
    2777 wks 4 days old or
    19444 days old…

    Woody Harrelson… bday 23/7/61
    11 mth 22 days last…
    216 hrs next bday…
    55 yr 11 mth 22 days old on US release…

    And Steve Zahn… bday 13/11/67
    244 days last…
    3 mth 3 days or 122 days next…
    18,141 days old…

    Hahahaaa I love how both A/S and W/H bdays are the day before 2 significant dates of the queen…
    20th april day before her bday…
    23rd july the day before 24/7/17 when she will hit 33,333 days old so will be 33,332… 😉

    As you can see… got tied up in date durations mainly… but there will be loads more juicy finds with the gematria… shall leave it there tho as I’m probably running out of room… hahahaa peace boys and girls…


    • Fresh off the tails of yesterdays “advert” alerting me to the above… today I’ve seen another for another “summer blockbuster” …

      Dunkirk… had the prem on 13/7/17 but as the ad just told me it’s gen release in UK and US is 21/7/17…

      Thats the 202nd day of the year…

      Dunkirk finished as were told on 4/6/40…(june)… hitting the lovely looking duration of 71 yrs 1 mth 17 days to the gen release date… or 28,171 days or 4024 wks 4 days…

      Dunkirk = 88, 101, 114, 606, 353, 47, 22, 333,

      Based on what wiki calls the “dunkirk evacuation” but what I remember being called and maybe theres an old film that I should be digging out… but I remember it being called the battle of dunkirk…

      Dunkirk evacuation = 225, 233, 235, 199, 1560 and 63…

      The battle of dunkirk = 66, 77, 216, 1212, 224, 202, 228, 1704, 113…

      Directed by Christopher Nolan = 66, 96, 111, 221, 1170, 151, 644,

      He was born 30/7/70… like WoodyH from post above… his next bday turning 47 yrs old is 9 days or 216 hrs away from the release date… and 11 mths 22 days since his last…

      A couple of stars to finish again…

      Kenneth Branagh… 10/12/60… will be 20,677 days old or 56 yrs 7 mths 11 days…
      It’s 223 days or 7 mth 11 days since last bday and 6 mth 11 days or 27 wks 7 days until next…

      Kenneth Branagh = 88, 122, 255, 74…
      Sir Kenneth Branagh = 93, 96, 114, 696, 166, 242, 1303…

      Cillian Murphy = 187, 161, 616, 118, 321, 966, 880, 151, 1140…
      D.O.B 25/5/76… will be 15,033 days old… 57 or 8 days or 8 wks 1 or 2 days and 1 mth 26/7 days from last and 44 weeks plus 1 day including end date until his next…

      Tom Hardy = 66, 112, 1103, 103, 130
      Edward Thomas Hardy = 187, 88, 110, 213, 1122, 1766, 604, 64, 212, 373…
      D.O.B… 15/9/77… 14555 days old…
      Last bday 44 wks 1 or 2 days…
      Next 1 mth 26 days or 56/7 days or 8 wks…

      Harry Styles = 555, 2024, 47
      Born… 1/2/94 will be 1224 wks 4 days old… 171 days last bday 6 mth 11 days to next…

      Can see me going down these rabbit holes everytime I see a film advertised… hahahahaaa there must be loads more I’m “missing” 😉


  5. Yo can u cover the Omar Khadr nonsense? Pretty sure this shit was a hoax all along especially after they mentioned the 10.5 million. Thanks brother


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