The Death of George Romero

George Romero, the film director and godfather of zombies, has died on 16 July 2017 at the age of 77 – or to be precise (because anything else in this line of work is straight-up sloppy), exactly 4041 weeks old and 44 weeks 1 day after the second most recent zombie film, The Girl with All the Gifts, premiered on 9/9/16. The most recent zombie flick was Resident Evil The Final Chapter =441. Death Cult =441. MK-Ultra =441. Sorcery =441. In computer science, a zombie is a computer connected to the Internet that has been compromised by a hacker, computer virus or trojan horse program and can be used to perform malicious tasks of one sort or another under remote direction. This is a perfect metaphor for the subconscious manipulation of mankind through the mental malware of alphanumeric programming, unconsciously projecting our rigged reality.

Zombies =44. The Undead =44. Walkers =44. Grimes =44. Georgia =44. Brainwashing =44. Mind-Controlled =44. Quiet Man =44/144. It’s reported that Romero was listening to the soundtrack from The Quiet Man (1952) when he passed. Scopolamine =144the truth-serum drug (aka Devil’s Breath) that makes a victim completely vulnerable to suggestion, obeying every command.

  • Speaking about horror stories, a classmate of mine in university got drugged in Hong Kong on Devil’s Breath and after being made to fork over his life savings to these gangsters they made him have sex with an underage girl and filmed it as blackmail so he wouldn’t go to the authorities. Dirty tricks like this are almost definitely used on public figures to make them do what they’re told – or else.

 The 44th prime is 193. George Romero =193. Brainwashed =193. 

His death comes three days after a stuntman named John Bernecker died on the set of The Walking Dead. Bernecker =34. Romero =34. George Romero =134. Mass Mind Control =1134. The Undead =134. Zombie =34. The Dead =34. Horror =34. We’re Just Getting Started =304. 

Bernecker was filming a scene with Austin Amelio (AA=11), who plays Dwight, when he fell headfirst off a 22-foot balcony at 1:11 PM. Bernecker died in Senoia =33 at age 33 exactly 33 weeks before his birthday and 133 days after his last. Midnight Rider =133. Amelio =330. Dwight =33. Romero =33 died on 33 numerology.

  • John Bernecker =174 was exactly 1741 weeks old when he died. The Living Dead =174. George =174. Romero died 11,704 days after the premier of Day of the Dead =47 and 7 weeks 4 days after the premier of Resident Evil =74 The Final Chapter =74. Lucille =74. Lucifer =74. We’re Just Getting Started =1740. MK-Ultra =174. New World Order =174. 
  • Amelio was 10,670 days old when it happened in front of him. Romero =167 (and he died on 16/7). Blood Sacrifice =67. Senoia =67. John Hagen Bernecker =67. 

Berndecker’s death was the first on-set fatality since Sarah Jones was struck by a freight train while filming the ill-fated Greg Allman biopic ‘Midnight Rider’, as we reported on previously. Both deaths occurred in Georgia, a span of exactly 177 weeks apart. Zombies =177. Walkers =177. Brainwashed =770. Austin Amelio =77. Bernecker =77. Reanimated Corpse =77. Romero died at age 77 on a date (7/16) that reduces to 77. 


6 thoughts on “The Death of George Romero

  1. Great stuff… saw a few of these numbers and knew you would be on the case… I saw the breaking news of his death while watching the news and for some reason went straight to the movie channels to see if any of his films were on sky tv… the horror channel had the remake of his 1st film… night of the living dead… released 19/10/90… also probably less suprisingly The Walking Dead was on another channel at that very moment and the 1st film you mentioned… the girl with all the gifts… premiered on the sky movies premier channel that weekend on 13/7…

    Had a quick look on wiki as usual and that was abit stranger than normal as I noticed scrolling down the refrences section… from number 6 down to 18 were all uploaded 11/9/11 (sept) and 19 to 26 on 9/11/11 obviously nov…

    A little about the film series of 6…

    From the 1st film to last was a span of…
    40 yrs 11 mth 9 days

    Night of the living dead… 1/10/68

    Survival of the dead… 9/9/9

    That lovely looking date hitting the oh so familiar looking duration of…
    7 yrs 10 mth 7 days until 16/7/17…

    barring in mind that it was quite late in the UK when the news broke without going to check for sure… it must of been 17/7/17 in Australia at the very least… 😉


    • Thanks for posting this again, I accidentally deleted it when replying that this reminds me of when the news broke of Powers Boothe’s death while I was watching Sudden Death on TV. And Bowie’s death announcement right after a Simpsons episode referencing him.


      • Hahaa I wasn’t sure what was happening 😉 was sure I posted it then looked later and it was gone… so pressed back a couple of times and it was there in the box again… seriously just thought that I must’be forgot to press send… even though I remembered doing it… 😂


  2. Good work Brother. I found a ton of Pi codes around Mr. Romero in my decoding. Make sense with the living, dying cycle. The reanimated corpse=314. Dead Coming Back to Life=314 (Baconis).

    George Andrew Romero dies on July seventeenth two thousand seventeen=314.
    George Andrew Romero dead at seventy seven=227.


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