Brother Berg’s Personal Numerology


Hey Truth-Sleuths,

I’m now officially offering personal numerology readings. I’ve been talking about it for some time now, and the reason for the delay is that I wanted to fine-tune my skills and delivery by doing dozens of decodes for friends before I launched the service on the blog. The feedback has been amazing – every single person I’ve done it for has been blown away by the accuracy, so there’s definitely something to it. As I’m sure if you’re a constant reader, you’re already well aware.

As JP Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t use numerology; billionaires do.”

Here’s the pitch: Understanding your personal numbers enables you to gain control over your own life by recognizing the cyclical patterns that we each go through at our own levels. Getting to know the unique characteristics of the repeating 1 through 9 cycles allows you to anticipate future states of being that will assist you in making more informed decisions. As we know, life is all about timing. And by knowing your numbers, you’ll make time work for you.

Your Extra-Capsa Personal Numerology Reading will begin with a Gematria interpretation of your name and birth followed by a personality description from The Secret Language of Birthdays. We’ll then take it to the next level by deciphering your personal numbers: Life Lesson Number, Soul Number, Outer Personality Number, and Power Number. With these core codes firmly established, we’ll then decipher your cycles: Personal Year Cycle, Period Number Cycle, Personal Month Cycle, and Personal Day Cycle. Wheels within wheels within wheels. We’ll end with a three-month calendar overview for your easy reference.

You will receive three PDFs: a 12-page decipher of your numerology with future forecast; a 2-page summarized version of number meanings; and a 17-page full interpretation of each numeric cycle. The rate is $50 CAD (35 EUR / 40 USD).

The proceeds will help finance my book project, Mathemagic: The Secret Language of Language (pi-coded working title, Mathemagic =314 Secret Language of Language =227), which after the major setback of having my computer hacked and files corrupted, I’m back up to 75,000 words and steaming away. I’m opposed to begging for donations, especially in light of other scandals in the Truth Community, so instead I’m offering something tangible. Something of value that you can start using today.

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail at

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