John McCain & Die Hard

Senator John McCain has brain cancer, just like Jimmy Carter. But what I’m more interested in is how his name is an NLP synch with Bruce Willis’ character from Die Hard, John McClane. Especially with that awesome 9/11 predictive programming in the movie poster. DIE =9 HARD =101. 

The target in the movie was Nakatomi Tower =1116, an inverted 9-11-01. Die Hard II came out 1 year 11 months 16 days after the original premiered and McCain’s cancer was announced 1 year 11 months 16 days after Carter had surgery to remove a tumour on his liver. John =16. McClain =16. McCain =106. His news also comes a perfect 10,600 days after the premier of Die Hard. 9/11 happened 1 week 6 days after McCain’s birthday. September Eleventh Attacks =116/1109. 

The real building is LA’s Fox Plaza (Fox =666), where Reagan used to have an office and the tower that was brought down at the end of Fight Club. The first Die Hard was about terrorists wanting to blow up a building; the sequel was about terrorists in an airport; and the third was about terrorists in New York City, involving a series of riddles McClane must solve to save the day. Sound familiar?

John McCain =440/98. John McClane =44/98. The State =44/98. 

Some screenshots from Die Hard. Notice the Masonic logo on the M. 

John McCain was exactly 2707 weeks old when Die Hard opened in theatres. Freemasonry =277. The Secret Society =277. The Shadow Government =277. The Twin Towers =277. Now we take it a step deeper and see that 277 is the 59th prime. Osama =59Twin Towers =59. The World Trade Center =159.

  • Brain Cancer =156. The news comes 11,156 days after he became Arizona Senator =1056 and 5 weeks 6 days before his birthday. False Flag =156. The 156th prime is 911.
  • McCain was born 11 years 10 months 29 days after the birth of Carter, and his brain cancer announcement comes 1 year 10 months 29 days after Carter’s brain cancer announcement. America =129. Politics =129. Allegories =129. 

John McCain =784. Die Hard opened 4807 days before 9/11 and 487 is the 93rd prime. John =93. United States of America =93. Propaganda =93. Al Qaeda =93. Flight 93 crashed into Shanksville =993 like the 1993 WTC Bombing and the first ‘plane’ hitting floors 99-93 while the second tower was struck at 9:03 AM. 

8 thoughts on “John McCain & Die Hard

  1. Very Cool Blog Entry – I’m going to Tweet it. Follow Me – @TheMaestro2x

    Walter Bruce Willis =77. Born 3/19/55 =77. September Eleventh =77. World Trade Center =77. Flight Seventy-Seven =77. Die Hard =77. Nine-Eleven =177. The Pentagon =177.

    I’m stopping, but I know you guys have 77’s to add!


  2. Great job mate. Thank you for all the “screen time” you put in. Decodes take a minute and I appreciate every second of your hard work. This Cancer thing stink to high Heaven. Looking at the code it appears John McCain is done for. He has a specific type of Cancer, Glioblastoma.

    John McCain dies from Glioblastoma=314.

    Love the Die Hard connection here. In 2016 Alan Rickman, the antagonist from Die Hard died 228 before John McCain’s birthday.

    John Sidney McCain III + Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman=228. If you count from Rickman’s death to the day before McCain’s birthday that would be a Pi coded 227 days.

    I want the detonators=227 (K). I want my detonators=227. Give me my/the detonators McClane=314.

    Die Hard has been on my mind since the Grenfell Fire in the UK.

    Bruce Willis’ birthday was a span of 2 months 27 days before The Grenfell Tower Fire.
    Grenfell Tower fire + John McCain + Bruce Willis=227.
    John Sidney McCain III + Grenfell Fire and Walter Bruce Willis=314.
    John Sidney McCain III + Grenfell Fire + Bruce Willis + President Donald Trump=227.

    From President Trump’s June 14th, 2017 birthday (aka the day of the Grenfell Fire) and by passing the 2017 birthday and going to the 2018 birthday of John McCain is 441 days. John McCain III + Grenfell Fire=441.

    From the Oakland Warehouse (Ghost Ship) Fire to the Grenfell Fire was 194 days. Grenfell Tower Fire=194. The two thousand sixteen Oakland Warehouse fire=194.


  3. BB,
    Your post inspired me to look into Mike Pence, and I’ve found some juicy date durations syncing to Decimal Day (UK decimalisation to pound sterling and pence) on 15 Feb 1971.

    Mike Pence (b) 7 June 1959 duration to 15 Feb 1971 = 11y 8m 8d.
    Mike Pence birthday anniversary 7 June duration to Decimal Day anniversary 15 Feb = 8m 8d.
    Decimal Day anniversary 15 Feb to Mike Pence birthday anniversary 7 June = 112d or 113d (end date).
    Pence = 113
    Trump = 88


  4. Also, the date of the McCain news is no coincident …
    July Nineteenth = 182 EO
    Senator John McCain = 182 EO
    Terminal illness = 182 EO
    Greetings Andi

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    • Nice. Cancer Hoax =182 FB. And the mirror Linkin Park death: Chester Charles Bennington =281 LCJH. Suicide By Hanging =281 KFW. Those numbers are anagrams of the 21/8 eclipse.


  5. John Heard, the actor who played the dad in ‘Home Alone 1and 2’ has died in a hotel room, Palo Alto, California on 21 July 2017.
    Macaulay Culkin’s character was alone in a hotel room in ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’.

    From the movie release 20 November 1992 to 21 July 2017 is a duration of 9009 days, or 216,216 hours.


    • Nice… syncs in beautifully with how there were a couple of 9 days or 216hrs in the decodes of planet of the apes and dunkirk films I found in the spiderman film thread the other day… 😉


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