Prague Mysteries: Gematria IRL

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I celebrated by 33rd birthday time-traveling in Prague, exploring five hundred year old alchemist laboratories and drinking absinthe in underground jazz clubs. The city’s name means doorstep and it’s long been said to be a portal to other dimensions. The history of Prague is a history of magic and mysteries, a haven for secret societies, and the entire Old Town is full of occult symbols – all-seeing eyes overlooking nearly every cobblestoned street. It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a headless Templar and his white horse, and another legend has a dragon egg buried under one street waiting to hatch after one thousand years of incubation. The myths add to the mystique, and regardless of what you believe, it’s crazy to be standing on spots where heretics were once burned at the stake.

This Freemasonic Club was closed when we visited but I got a shot through the locked gate of the spiral stone staircase descending into the underground with the All-Seeing Eye and Star of David symbols. We toured into an alchemist lab (lower left) that was discovered only a few years ago after a flood, accessed through a hidden doorway behind a bookshelf and said to have been so well preserved due to the energy work that went on in there. The other two images are from the Museum of Alchemists & Magicians, with the attic laboratory of legendary occultist Edward Kelly, who worked with John Dee at channelling and deciphering the language of angels & demons. Pretty spooky stuff. 

We also explored the Jesuit church of St Nicholas, full of skull & crossbones, IHS symbols, more all-seeing eyes, and some straight-up violent statues of priests murdering dudes. I had my birthday lunch at a 700-year-old restaurant: steak in cream sauce with whipped cream, lemons & cranberry sauce with sponge bread and some of the best dark beer to ever grace my palette. And check out those spirals symbolizing the slow reveal of things that are hidden, which brings us back through time via the Revelation of the Method to the era in which we now live – the Apocalypse, which means the Unveiling.  

Now here’s what I originally intended to share with you before I went off on a diary entry. The iconic Charles Bridge (the banner image) is said to have been built with a mortar mixture of eggs, cottage cheese, milk, and wine to increase the durability – along with a magic sword entombed within and several secret chambers that are off-limits. But it’s this tidbit of Kabbalah that is most appropriate to the scope of Extra-Capsa:

“Czech legend has it that construction began on Charles Bridge at 5:31am on 9 July 1357 with the first stone being laid by Charles IV himself. This exact time was very important to the Holy Roman Emperor because he was a strong believer of numerology and felt that this specific time, which formed a palindrome (1357 9, 7 5:31), was a numerical bridge, and would imbue Charles Bridge with additional strength.”

Charles IV =412 (Satanic Gematria). The 1412th prime is 11,783 and the reign of Charles IV as King of Bohemia lasted 11,783 days.

  • 5:31 AM is the 331st minute of the day. Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV =133. The Invisible College =331. Compass =331. Freemasons =133. Government =133. Bohemia =33. The bridge is 33 feet wide and Charles became King of Bohemia when he was 30 years 3 months 13 days old.
  • Sixteen =33. (9+7) =16. (1+3+5+7) =16. Praha =16. King =16. The bridge was built with 16 arches. The ‘fulfilment’ of 16 is 116, a number we’ve shown as deep coded all over all things Royalty =116. Royals =116. Emperor =116. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. The Queen =116. Powerful =116. Order of the Skull and Bones =116. And we see the same pattern with Charles IV, who assumed the throne at the age of 11,061 days old.

If we flip that, July 9th is the 191st day of the year (in a non-leap year): Charles IV =191. Society of Jesus =191. Freemason =191. Rome =191. Roma =191. Invisible Society =191. The British Crown =191. 

Charles Bridge =666. The Gods =666. Humanity =666. Perfection =666. Illusion =666. Astrology =666. The World =666. The Earth’s axis is on a 66.6° tilt and our planet is allegedly traveling at 66,600 mph through the solar system.

The Charles Bridge is 2,037 feet long as a Gematria tribute to Charles =237. 

11 thoughts on “Prague Mysteries: Gematria IRL

  1. Happy belated birthday brother. Thanks for sharing the diary entry and the gematria/numerology. Fantastic pictures btw. (Extra Capsa =33) drinking (absinthe =33) on his 33rd birthday? Well played sir. Did you have celebrate with cake or Pi?

    Drink absinthe on your thirty third birthday =227.
    Brother Berg in Prague for his thirty third =227.
    Prague + Brother Berg’s thirty third birthday =314 (Rev. Red. EP).
    Alchemist laboratories + Brother Berg’s thirty third birthday =227 (Septenary).
    Brother Berg’s thirty third birthday party at Museum of Alchemists & Magicians =314.
    Brother Berg’s thirty third birthday Pi party =227.
    Extra Capsa Latin outside the box =227.
    Brother Berg + twenty two divided by seven + three point one four =314.


  2. Amazing finds as always… you should do more blog/diary posts/trips… 😉 happy 33rd bday BB… belatedly…

    I too once visited Prague… unfortunately I was young and still asleep to the world and any real knowledge… went alone on the way to watch a Newcastle United game in Slovakia… taking in Bratislava, Budapest, Geneva and Amsterdam on the way back to blighty… wish I could make that trip again with my eyes open… walked over that bridge and took lots of pics of buildings and rivers and squares… took in a little history here and there but nothing like I would today… was more interested in the dirt cheap booze and stunning eastern european beauties on legs everywhere I looked… hahahaa


  3. Great blog post. Nice to see the pics (disturbing Jesuit church though) and read your analysis.
    Have been through the Czech Rep. and Prague enroute to the Slovak Republic capital of Bratislava then onto northern Slovakia (mountainous region which was pure joy), prior to both countries joining the EU. Considering both countries were once combined (Czechoslovakia), they have differing cultures and languages. Lovely warm welcoming people, great memories and experiences for me, l didn’t know the occultic side when I visited, so thanks for your insight.
    Happy birthday from me.

    The horror movie ‘Hostel’ (2005) was filmed in the Czech Rep (Prague) and Slovakia.


    • Hahahaa sounds much like my visit… trainrides through the mountains on ancient steam trains and carriages from way back in time chugging along at about 20mph… was before the amazing tech of cameras in phones and internet everywhere too… abit later on my trip, the train journey along the danube from bratislava to budapest was awesome… so many foresty mountains with mega old satanic/gothic/disney type castles hidden away and protruding out the top of the trees scattered here and there down the river or little gatherings of huts and shacks what seemed miles from anywhere…


      • Yes, the scenery there is awesome. What I came away with from my visits to Slovakia, was the resentment felt from the poor Slovak population towards the even poorer Roma people (eastern European gypsies) within Slovakia, who lived in squalid high rise slum areas and seemed to be classed as second class citizens.
        I don’t know what it’s like in Slovakia post their entry into the EU, but many Roma have been displaced / dispersed around the member countries, many ‘finding’ their way to the UK, which amazes me considering how poor they were /are. You will see a Roma person practically in every town centre, selling the ‘Big Issue’ (homeless) magazine in a shop doorway, on the high street, throughout the UK.


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