On Defenestration & the Jesuit Order

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Jiří Herczeg, a prominent Czech lawyer and criminal law expert who taught at Charles University in Prague, was killed on 27 July 2017 due to defenestration – the act of being thrown from a window – which the Czechs pretty much invented. Indeed on several occasions throughout Bohemia’s history, enraged citizens have literally tossed politicians out of office. Here we’ll use Herczeg’s ‘suspected suicide’ as a launchpad for further investigation of the Jesuit Conspiracy.

Two such major incidents in which multiple people were defenestrated in Prague each caused the spark to prolonged conflict against the Jesuit-controlled Catholic Church. The First Defenestration of Prague on 30 July 1419 marks Day One of the Hussite Wars, where the Kingdom of Bohemia defeated not one but five crusades proclaimed against them by the Pope; a series of wars notable for the extensive use of early hand-held firearms such as hand cannons.

The Second Defenestration of Prague on 23 May 1618 is marked as the first day of the Thirty Years War, the deadliest European religious war in history, resulting in eight million casualties as Protestants and Catholics raged against each other – the age old divide & conquer strategy initiated through the Jesuit double agent known as Martin Luther. His Protestant Reformation was an early example of the Revelation of the Method – whereby instead of the truth setting you free, it only served to tighten the binds.

Jiří Herczeg =1074 died at the mirror age of 47 years 10 months 11 days old. Jiri =74. DEFENESTRATION =74. Window =74. New World Order =174. Protestant =174. Jesuit Conspiracy =1740. Divide and Conquer =1074. Societas Iesu =1074, as the Jesuit Order is known in Latin, the precursor language of Gematria.

  • Herczeg died 95 days before the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95-Theses on the door of All-Saints Church, thus effectively launching the Protestant Reformation. The Ninety-Five Theses =95. Jesuit =95. Martin =95. European =95. The Papacy =95. Revolutionary =195. Revolutionary War =195.
  • The formation of the Society of Jesus =195 came 1195 weeks after the Protestant Reformation began and the Thirty Years War lasted a perfectly coded 10,950 days. Jan Masaryk =95, was the Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia until 1948 when he was also suspiciously defenestrated.
  • DEFENESTRATION =59. Protestant =59. The 59th prime is 277 and Herczeg died on 27/7. Curiously, Masaryk’s full name: Jan Garrigue Masaryk =277.

Ninety-Five =191. DEFENESTRATION =191. Society of Jesus =191. Papal Supremacy =191. Invisible Society =191. Global Dictatorship =191. The Stonemasons =191. Freemason =191. Clandestine =191. Rome =191. Church of England =191. The British Crown =191. Her Royal Highness =191. Elizabeth II =191. This sequence of 1-9-1 represents the numerology cycles of 1 to 9 and back to 1, the perfect coding for those who harness the cyclical powers of nature to repeat rigged reality by the numbers.

The Hussite Wars lasted exactly 14 years 10 months. The Society of Jesus =1410. Another astonishingly accurate synch. IHS =141. Masonry =1041. Crusade =141. Revolution =141. Bishop of Rome =141. Holy See =141. Jan Masaryk =41. Herczeg =41. 

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Herczeg died 314 days after his birthday and 130 years 10 months 14 days after the birth of Minister Masaryk. And we find ample pi-coding evidence in the Jesuit playbook: Catholic =314. Roman Catholic =1314. Diocese of Rome =1314. Divine Proportion =314. Mathemagic =314. The Mystery =314. Sacred Geometry =314. The English Alphabet =314.

  • The Society of Jesus =227. The Catholic Church =227. Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses =227 is known in Latin as Disputatio Pro Declaratione Virtutis Indulgentiarum =227. Earth =227. History =227. Conquest =227. Hussite =722. Jan Garrigue Masaryk =1722.

The Thirty Years War began 205 days after the 100th anniversary of the Ninety-Five Theses =205. Society of Jesus =205. Jesuits =205. Roman Catholic Church =205. Pope =205. Knights Templar =205. The Illuminati =205. Enlightenment =205. World Government =205. Capitalism =205. Israel =205. United Kingdom =205. EU =205. Leaders =205. Bible =205. Constitution =205. Jan Masaryk =25. Masaryk =25. SJ =25. Vatican =25. Pope =25. Roman =25. Holy War =25. 

DEFENESTRATION =155. This Religious War =155 blamed largely on the actions of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II =155 ended on 15/5, a span of 11,155 days after the Reformation =55 of Martin Luther =155. The Jesuits =55. Christianity =155. Roman Catholic Church =155. Old Regime =155. The Vatican =155. Jew =1505. Freemasons =155. Freemasonry =155. Judeo-Masonic =155. Synarchism =155. And appropriately enough, the undisputed winner of the Thirty Years War was France =155. The Illuminati =551. Royal =551.

DEFENESTRATION =223. Jesuit Order =1223. The Talmudists =223. The Money Lenders =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Invisible Monarchy =223. Masonic =223. Judaism =322. Fascism =322. Disorder =322. Alchemical Process =322. 

  • Thomas Jefferson died exactly 1322 weeks after taking office. John Hancock died 322 weeks before the death of George Washington who died 1223 weeks after Independence Day. King Louis XVI of France =223 died when Napoleon was exactly 1223 weeks old.

DEFENESTRATION =184. Roman Catholic Church =184. Diocese of Rome =184. The Disputation on the Power of Indulgences =184, the 95 Theses of Martin Luther =84 that launched the Protestant Reformation =84. Luther =84. Jesuit =84. Jesuits =84. The Jesuit Order =84. Ignatius of Loyola =84. Masonry =84. Divide and Conquer =84. Order Out of Chaos =84. Roman Catholic =84. Lutheranism =840. Reformation =804. 

2 thoughts on “On Defenestration & the Jesuit Order

  1. A Sun…+HIS / Anus…Shit….it’s their god’s gateway to illumination.

    Incredible War Counts, BBerg. I imagine they are itching to bomb another port or two…Jesuits seem to always ‘miraculously’ survive and crawl (slither) out of the ashes of destruction (Hiroshima/ Nagasaki/ 9-11..Paul Bremer).


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