Die Young & Sandy Hook

Back in 2012 the Illuminati pop-star Ke$ha, real name Kesha Sebert =113, released a track called Die Young on 25 September, and 11 weeks 3 days later came the shooting hoax at Sandy Hook Elementary School =113, the culprit Adam Lanza born on the 113th day. Hunger Games =113. The Order of the Scull and Bones =113, as the secret society at Yale was originally titled – deliberately misspelled for the Gematria coding; the 113 very much a major gang-sign of the Secret Society – their members known as Bonesmen =113. The year 2012 CE also marked 311 years after Yale was founded. The New World Order =311. Freedom =311. 

Kesha’s music video is saturated in occult symbolism (as Vigilant Citizen breaks down), so much so that even the mainstream Billboard publication wrote that it contains “tons of blatant Illuminati imagery.” Within the first few seconds the Skull & Bones flashes onscreen, and as you may be aware, Yale University is located in New Haven Connecticut – 33 miles from Newtown (if you drive the southern-most route, according to Google Maps). This reminds us of Nicki Minaj filming her video for No Frauds on Westminster Bridge (as we previously covered here) the very day before the fraudulent terror attack at the same site – on the date of 3/22, which is the number of Skull & Bones Secret Society =322 (the number that also shows up on the stadium box in The Dark Knight Rises, pictured below). Blatant is the key word here.

False Flag =156. The Westminster Attack happened 1560 days after the psy-op at Sandy Hook Elementary School =1560. Adam Peter Lanza =56. New Haven =56. Victoria Soto =156, the only victim with a Wikipedia page. Sandy Hook is located on Dickinson Drive =156 (quite the pedophilia inside joke amongst Bonesmen, no dobut). Die Young released 156 days after Lanza’s last birthday. Thirty-Three =156. Six Six Six =156. God =156. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.24.14 PM.png

Kesha Die Young =222 released 2 months 20 days before Sandy Hook =222 on Dickinson Drive =222 and 22 weeks 2 days after Adam Lanza’s birthday. Sandy =22 Hook =22. Bones =22. Parker =22. Adam Lanza =22 (born on the 22nd) was 20 years old and shot 20 children at an Elementary School =202. We’re Gonna Die Young =202, as Kesha’s hook drones. Victoria Leigh Soto =202. Skull and Bones =122. Dr Luke =22 (the record producer / songwriter of Die Young who Kesha claims sexually assaulted her). Sandy Hoax =220. A Hoax =22. Fake =22. Skull & Bones =122. The attack at The Palace of Westminster =2022 happened 222 weeks after the fraud in Sandy Hook Newtown =222. The first Hunger Games novel released 221 weeks before Sandy Hook and the last book in the trilogy released 120 weeks 2 days earlier.

  • Kesha =44. Kesha Die Young =144. Adam Lanza =144. Elementary =144. New Haven =144. Sandy Hook Shooting =1440. Robbie Parker =144/444. Aurora =444. As we covered back in the day, The Sandy Hook Massacre =444 happened a mind-blowing span of 44,444 days after America’s first ever school shooting on 9 April 1891.
  • If we exclude the end date, Sandy Hook happened 4111 days after 9/11/01. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. Victoria Leigh Soto =411. Robbie Parker =114. Dickinson =114. Newtown =114. Gotham City =114. Psychological Operation =114. Central Intelligence Agency =114. Kesha =114. Aleister Crowley =1140. 

Sandy Hook Shooting =1314. The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting =2027 happened in Newtown =227 a span of 7 months 22 days after Lanza’s birthday – and Lanza was born 227 weeks after the birth of James Holmes (the Aurora Shooting patsy) with the predictive programming link between the two psy-ops. The Hunger Games =227. Scull and Bones =227 (another reason for the misspelling) is headquartered in New Haven Connecticut =1314. Dickinson =413. Scott Getzinger, as we’ll see, died 3 months 14 days before the release of The Dark Knight Rises. 

If you’re a conspiracy buff, you’re probably aware that in The Dark Knight Rises there’s a scene where Commissioner Gordon points to a map of Bane’s strike zones with a circled target in an area of Gotham City marked as Sandy Hook. The prop master responsible for the map’s creation was one Scott Getzinger, who just so happened to die in a car crash on 7 April 2012 – in fucking Newtown, Connecticut – at the age of exactly 16,900 days old. Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown =169, the hoax at which occurred exactly 16 years 9 months after the Dunblane School Massacre Hoax. Scott Getzinger =1096. Sandy Hook Shooting =96. Dark Knight Rises =69. Die Young =696. Batman =666. Robbie =666. Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown Connecticut =699. Sandy Hoax =666. 

  • Apparently Getzinger’s wife has come forward regarding shady actions in the Connecticut school system, in an attempt to expose abuse, stating that her husband was killed in a fatal car collision the night after she protested local corruption at a previous public hearing. She’s called it a Conspiracy, and is reportedly very suspicious of the Sandy Hook Shooting (as well she should be). 

Further, a man credited as Production Designer on The Dark Knight Rises is one Nathan Crowley, who as it just so happens, his grandfather’s cousin is the Aleister Crowley. And then there’s the cases of Stephen Barton, who survived the Aurora Shooting and lives ten minutes away from Sandy Hook, and Suzanne Collins – the author of Hunger Games (about killing children under the high-tech tyranny of an occult elite) – who also lives in the village of Sandy Hook. All of this very blatant evidence seems to be deliberately coded into these staged events in an attempt to control the Truth Movement – the perfect divide & conquer strategy to A) tell us exactly what’s happening and who’s doing it in order to achieve consent through the majority’s silence, and B) further drive wedges between those who consume official stories as doctrine and those who are gifted with the ability of critical thinking to see through the bullshit.

Then there’s the whole 21 December 2012 Mayan Apocalypse thing, the end of a major cycle and the beginning of a new one, so they say. I know a lot of people started waking the fuck up around this point, and the theory that the date indicated a consciousness shift continues to make more sense the more research we do.

Perhaps these twin 2012 shooting hoaxes were designed in an attempt to lower the vibration going into the shift. Sandy Hook happened exactly one week before December 21st. And I know that as aware as I was at that moment to a lot of the conspiracy, I still was tricked into thinking that Sandy Hook was legit – I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at work (in the Vancouver office as a travel writer) when I heard the news. I think a lot of people did that day, and that massive an outpouring in lower vibrational grief energy is sure to be channelled through some sort of occult magick into mechanisms unknown. Perhaps as fuel to generate the hacked holographic matrix that’s been hoisted upon us.

Who really knows, but awareness in the form of elevated truth frequency – when it’s used correctly in its synonymous form with Love (not as an experienced emotion but as the root vibration of our collective consciousness) is the ultimate anti-virus software. And despite what the media would have us believe – the good guys are winning.

23 thoughts on “Die Young & Sandy Hook

  1. NIce Work Brother B! This madness is being fed to the “Sleeping Masses” in massive doses
    “Connecticut”-Full Reduction=46
    “Children”-Full Reduction=46
    “Sacrifice”-Full Reduction=46
    “Deception”-Full Reduction=46
    “Shooting Hoax”-Jewish Ordinal=146
    “Connecticut”-Reverse Reductions=62
    “Fatal Car Collison”-Full Reductions=62
    “Sleeping Masses”-Eng.Extended=622


  2. Found you a triple Pi code for your notes Brother.

    Sandy Hook truthers =227 (Jewish Ordinal) & =227 (Kabbalah) & =2207 (Trigonal).

    How about these phases that just happen to be Pi coded?

    Sandy Hook Shooting and Nine Eleven numerology =227.
    Sandy Hook School Shooting and September Eleventh numerology =227 (Chaldean).
    Sandy Hook crisis =1314. Nine eleven truthers =227 (Jewish Ordinal).
    A Sandy Hook / Nine Eleven Truther =314 (Jewish Ordinal).
    Sandy Hook Shooting / September Eleventh Truthers =227.

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  3. The original film “Wicker Man” has the same feel to me as Newtown. I live between Sandy Hook and Yale. Family members knew Victoria Soto well. I’m very close with the paramedic who responded to Scott Getzinger’s fatal crash scene. My hands are shaky writing this. It was terrible, he kept talking about his wife and children before he died. He loved them dearly. He lived in Newtown, but the accident was on the Merritt Parkway in Stamford, CT. No one has seen Victoria. I keep remembering that creepy gray-haired guy in an outdoor party picture beyond a vibrant Victoria giving the devil horns with his hand. I wasn’t there (12/14) but I know the official story is false.


    • Funny, I live smack-dab in the middle between Newtown and New Haven as well. I’ve often wondered if a single person I pass in my travels is awake to the bullshit, and considering how close we must be in proximity, at least I can answer that question in the affirmative. Do you happen to know anyone else in this area whose eyes don’t glaze over when you mention anything approximating the truth of our situation?


      • Some neighbors, yes, but among family members and close friends, not really. My brother in Australia feels as I do (!). I want to add to my comment. I take tons of paper notes and I coded a “mysterious death: Matthew Hunt” = 322 (K). His 2004 untimely death in Newtown (aside the 1986 murder of Richard Craft’s wife –put her body thru a wood-chipper over a bridge during a blizzard) was tragic and convinced me Newtown was eerie. Cinderella’s Broom blog has an excellent post on Matthew. He was examining the history of Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital, (MK Ultra done there/ Yale’s Dr. Delgado). He interviewed people, and took pictures in a very respectful manner. He was found dead in his bed one morning for no logical reason by his Grandmother in their Newtown home, before his research/web site launched. His numbers with 12/14/12 and a bizzare movie called “Dream House” are synched undeniably. The movie at 107:26 shows a business card with this: “Dr Fran Greeley MD, Psychiatrist, 1103 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT, 06482.” Dickenson/ School is off Riverside Rd (Fire Station on it). The movie at 44:57, also has “8-10-10″, shown: important point in plot.
        Matthew’s death (2-4-2004) to Sandy Hook = 8y 10m 10d…(8-10-10…in movie.)
        Dream House release (9-30-11) to 12/14/12 = 441d. or 1y 2m 14d……(12/14).
        From Matthew’s death-date (2/4) to Sandy Hook (12/14) is,,,”314” days.
        From 9-11-01 to SHook = 11y 3m 3d or end date = 4113d.
        Trump birth to SHook = 66y 6m.
        Matthew Hunt = 144. Matthew P. Hunt = 1014 (Sum), 133, 155 (K).
        SHook to Matthew’s birthday (5/18) = 155d.
        5/18 to 12/14 = 30w (30th prime: 113 .)
        Some compare SH Elementary building (bird’s eye view) to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, ancient sacrifice temple.
        Dream House = 109, 218, 654 = Child Sacrifice.
        Like the “Greeley” on business card in Dream House, Greeley, CO, was the site of a terrible tragedy involving the deaths of “20 young school children” when their school bus got hit by a train on 12-14-1961, 51 years exactly before SH. A CO newspaper did a “33” part story on it. An obelisk-like memorial marks the spot.
        BBerg, Cinderella’s Broom blog found your Sandy Hook articles very interesting and linked your site.


    • Wow, that’s wild buddy. It’s comments like this that would usually be used to identify a plant, i.e. “the victim is a friend of a friend mine and this really happened exactly as the official story says!” – but A) you’ve been contributing awesome content since the beginning and B) you know the official story is false. That’s awesome.

      Scott Getzinger =1128. Merrit Parkway =128/208. Stamford Connecticut =281. The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting =208. Dickinson Drive =208. The Dark Knight Rises =280. James Holmes =128. Adam Peter Lanza =128. Adam Lanza =28. Bones =28. New Haven =28. Sandy Hook Elementary School =282. Aleister Crowley =1828. Victoria Leigh Soto =802.

      And Sandy Hook EXACTLY 66 years 6 months after Trump was born! That’s crazy. That means he was exactly 15 years 6 months old for the schoolbus accident. Mind-blowing.

      What do you reckon really happened?

      You and Dex should link up and form the Extra-Capsa Fema Zone I Chapter.


      • My in-laws trained her to become an EMT during her high school years in Stratford,CT. I read she loved pink flamingos and I saw pictures of her grave decorated with them. They are Alice in Wonderland monarch mind control symbols, which I find disturbing. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was sung at the Super Bowl, by the supposed children of SH, a song which is a monarch mind control anthem. Color-coding of ritual sodomy: purple, seen everywhere at the funerals (Purple Rain). What I reckon happened there: Evil. “My name is Legion; for we are many.” Mark 5:9.


    • I know people who knew Victoria Soto too…I live 2 towns west on I-84 and know nobody that knows anyone else involved….I also know people who act as shills on FB to cover this crime against the people, SH has grown to be a hip town with a bunch of new restaurants and night life and all, lot of money now…It sure is trippy knowing their are people around you very close that are involved with something so big and evil


  4. I absolutely love the idea, of course, that the good guys are winning. That statement lifts my spirit to no end. Please write more thoughts on why you think the good guys are winning. Many of us are aware that the Mayan cosmology has everything to do with precession, the ending of one age and the entrance into another. The Aquarian Age can’t come soon enough for me. These hoaxers and controllers with their over-the-top shenanigans and their BS celebrities are getting quite tiresome and are rather transparent. Thank your for your great insights. Good Guys unite.


  5. The structure of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), like that of Freemasonry, is based on a staged series of initiations or degrees. The essence of the Order is in its higher degrees; strictly speaking only members of these degrees are considered to be members of the O.T.O. proper.
    Aleister Crowley: “Of the Eleventh Degree [of the Ordo Templi Orientis], its powers, privileges, and qualifications, nothing whatever is said in any grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the Order, is inscrutable, and dwells in its own palaces.” (Liber CXCIV, 1919)
    Crowley: “I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degree”, diary entry 26 August 1916.
    “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!”. Diary 1913 about a boy showered with “foaming seed”: “While the other in his orgasm receives the waters.” “Let it be no sin to us to have buggered the virle bum.” “While the priest thrusts his thyrsus between boyish buttocks, All is accomplished; come Holy Dove!” http://bluepyramid.tripod.com/index/id4.html. “The Equinox” IV;2, Maine 1998, 405.

    “You [Gerald Yorke] referred to XI Deg.O.T.O.: Was this ever committed to writing ? No, I [Charles Stansfeld Jones / Achad] feel very certain that it never was in any official manner. I think it was only mentioned at all with a view to indicating that A.C. [Aleister Crowley] still had “something” which even the X.Deg. Brethren knew nothing of, and which could never be discussed. That there is such a secret, beyond anything indicated in the IXth. one may well believe –or even know. But one cannot know, for sure, just what that meant to A.C. –or may mean to anyone else. Therefore I cannot be sure of anything in regard to the matter, so far as A.C. was concerned. It could be that some slight hint, or trace of what he meant was intended to be conveyed to me in certain slight passages of Liber Aleph –which, as you know, was written expressly for me as his Magical Son. I certainly did not fully comprehend his meaning at the time, and now, in the light of many further years of Initiation, I still cannot be sure that he fully understood such a formula. Silence, then, (the 4th.Power of the Sphinx) seems still to be the true guardian of any such further mystery.”
    Charles Stansfeld Jones / Achad to Gerald Yorke
    March 17, 1948


  6. I believe they were ritually sodomised and then murdered. This gang loves to do that too children, thats why so many children go missing every year without an explanation. Crowley order was practising the same sick rituals.


  7. “…receives the waters.” Gene(s of) Kelly (serpent green): Singin’ in the Rain. Don’t believe the lies given as to why Clockwork Orange had Singin in the Rain, in brutal scenes. Crowley just explained it , in his own words. In my eyes, indisposed, In disguises no one knows, Hides the face, lies the snake, The sun in my disgrace…..Black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain?
    Kundalini = 888, 333.119.


    • The four big Paradigm Shifters for me are A) The Holographic Universe [Michael Talbot], B) Source Field Investigations [Davick Wilcock], C) The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual [SK Bain], D) Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare [Michael A Hoffman].

      Shoot I should probably make a page for Reading Recommendations that we can all contribute to eh?

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      • Thank you for the recommendations, I will look up those books. Yes, a page for reading suggestions sounds great 😀


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