Order of the Skull & Bones

The Order of the Scull and Bones, as the secret society at Yale University was originally titled, was founded by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832. The symbolism of the skull & crossbones originated in the Late Middle Ages as a symbol of death, and while it’s most generally recognized as the symbol of piracy, the Knights Templar are believed to have been one of the first to adopt it on their naval fleet. As shared in my Journey to Prague post, I’ve seen skull & crossbones prominently displayed in Jesuit churches. The cover story is that it symbolizes Christ’s victory over death, but a more likely interpretation is that indicates a Death Cult; the Hidden Hand of Saturn Worship that’s been challenging the natural order of the Universe and pulling strings from behind the scenes since the dawn of time.

William Russell =223 & Alphonso Taft were born 1 year 2 months 23 days apart. Jesuit Order =1223. Skull and Crossbones =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. Masonic =223. The Money-Lenders =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. The Round Table =223. The Shadow Government =223. The Invisible Monarchy =223. The Invisible Society =223. The Beast System =223. New World Airport Commission =2230. We also find three direct Gematria synchs that match their number of 322. The Scull and Bones Secret Society =322. Skull & Bones Secret Society =322. Order of the Skull & Bones =322. 

  • Disorder =322. Fascism =322. Judaism =322. Military Industrial Complex =322. Theatre =322. Geometric Proportions =322. Everything Is Connected =322. Balanced =322. Abrahamic Religions =322. Judaism + Christianity + Islam =322.
  • A document in Yale’s archives suggests that 322 is a reference to the year 322 BC and that members measure dates from this year instead of from the common era. This is the year that the democratic Greek government was replaced by a plutocracy – a state governed by the wealthy. In this system of calculation, 2001 was the year 2323 and we’re now living in 2339. It’s also interesting to note that Bonesmen measure time of day according to a clock five minutes out of sync with normal time: the latter called “barbarian time” is 5 minutes ahead of theirs.

223 is the 48th prime number. Illuminati =48. Skeletons =48. The Bonesemen =48. Plutocratic =48. Memento Mori =48. Yale University =408. Bones =480. The Human Skull =48. Death’s Head =48/148. Skull & Crossbones =148. Secret Society =1480. 

Order of the Scull and Bones =1060. Order of the Scull & Bones =106. Skull and Crossbones =106. Russell =106 died at the age of exactly 10,610 weeks old, a damn-near perfect match with the motto of Yale University: Lux et Veritas =1610, in Jewish Gematria, like the Hebrew text on the school logo.

  • The Power Elite =161. Ordo Ab Chao =161. The Forty-Seventh Problem =1061. That’s the 1.61 golden ratio of Phi =61. Golden Section =61. God =61. Secret Society =61. New Haven CT =61.
  • 1061 is the 178th prime. Scull and Bones =178. Golden Mean =178.

The society’s parent organization is The Russell Trust Association =720. Russell Trust =720. Illuminati =720. The Bonesmen =720. Skeletons =720. Golden Ratio =720.

Order of the Skull and Bones =119. Order of Death =119. New Haven =1019. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Bankers =119. Plutocrat =119. USA =119. Fascism =119. In the 2000 film The Skulls, its plot based on some of the conspiracy theories surrounding Skull & Bones, Joshua Jackson challenges Paul Walker to a duel at the Skulls’ private island by invoking Rule 119. 

17 thoughts on “Order of the Skull & Bones

  1. Great work as always!

    It was really the Phoenicians who first used the skull and crossbones symbol. They were also known as pirates who implemented the banking system they created to every country they could. The Phoenicians created the Maritime admiralty law banking system that we are imprisoned by today and considers us persons and not living human beings. The Knights Templar just rediscovered older cabalistic texts and knowledge from the Phoenicians and Solomons temple. The Phoenician Hiram Abiff helped construct Solomons temple as you probably already know and there is rituals dedicated to him within the lodge.

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  2. I recommend when you have time too read Eustace Mullins book the curse of canaan if you haven’t already, its a great book that tracks this group from Phoenicia/Canaan to this present day. This is the group who burned their children alive too Moloch, performed cannibalism and many other evil and hideous acts.

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    • I also recommend reading Miles Mathis’ paper on Eustace Mullins where Miles shows Mullins to be controlled opposition: http://mileswmathis.com/eust.pdf. It’s good to look at different points of view and get a more fuller picture. For truthseekers, Brother Berg is not only essential reading for clearing the brain of cobwebs and centuries of hoaxes, lies, propogranda; but Miles Mathis is also must reading as well. Miles Mathis introduced me to the workings of numerology by the hoaxers and controllers, and then I discovered sites like Extracapsa. I am very grateful. My eyes were opened to people like Mullins and David Irving, to just name a few through the work of Miles Mathis. Mathis’ paper on Steve Jobs changed my life and I have never looked back. Intel (run by the plutocrats) has their hands in everything.

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      • What he said about the Phoenicians/canaanites was fact. I think everybody in the mainstream is controlled opposition to an extent, you should have spit the bones out sometimes. Hebrew is really ancient Phoenician, there is no Hebrew language really, its Phoenician. The Phoenicians and the Jews are like twins, they cannot be separated. The Phoenicians also developed the first alphabetical system so I guess they were really influential in the creation of gematria. The English language only really exists because of the Phoenicians through Palio Hebrew. Yes the purple people of Phoenicia.

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      • Grace, I absolutely agree with you. Not only is Miles Mathis very informative, he has great humour. His one on Stephen Hawkins is priceless.

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    • Dear TS922: I have also been visiting *Piece of Mindful* (POM) on wordpress. Interesting research and very erudite commenters. Sometimes I go there to simply read the comments. Miles Mathis wrote a cautious paper re Piece of Mindful (that’s how I found that site!) saying that some of their research was skewed. The main guy on POM, Mark, has since tried to clean up any sloppiness. I also like Truthiracy (Christopher Lord) and Lifting the Veil (Cullen Smith) on YouTube. I am so glad you discovered Miles Mathis and you are enjoying his papers. He is quite prolific; in fact I think he is a living polymath.


  3. The descendants of Cain never died and survived the flood, Tubal Cain, the son of Cain is considered to be the first Freemason by the brotherhood. Others argue that its Nimrod but its really Tubal Cain. Tubal Cain is also a secret password of a freemason.


  4. Very interesting the “barbarian time” concept you present here. I found in the link below that Bonesmen George H.W. Bush was sworn in four minutes before noon for his second term as President. Bush was sworn in at (12:01 pm first term) & (11:56 am second term). A difference of 5 minutes. Very clever.


    Per his Wiki page, Bush was first sworn in at 12:01, 1/20/01. President George H W Bush =121. The nine eleven president =121. The September eleven president =121.

    George W Bush September eleventh president =227. 9/11 was (7 months 22) days after President Bush was sworn in. George Herbert Walker Bush September eleventh president =1109 (Baconis).

    President Bush sworn in on Skull and Bones time =223/227.
    President George Herbert Walker Bush + the Order of Skull and Bones time zone =314
    President George W Bush + the Order of Skull and Bones time zone + barbarian time =314

    The Order of Skull and Bones =314. The Bonesmen time zone =227. The Bonesmen time zone is five minutes faster than barbarian time zone =314.

    Skull and Bones at Yale University + barbarian time =227. Order of the Skull and Bones + barbarian time =227. The Order of Skull and Bones + barbarian time =227.

    Skull and Bones time is to be five minutes early =227. The Order of Skull and Bones must arrive early =227. The Order of Skull and Bones + Barbarian time is five minutes out of sync =227 (Septenary).

    Bonesmen don’t live by barbarian time =314. Barbarian time is five minutes or three hundred seconds behind =314. The Bonesmen arrive five minutes early =314.

    Skull and Bones + barbarian time =227 (Bacon). anti barbarian time =314 (Baconis).
    the Order of Scull and Bones standard time is five minutes early =1227 (Baconis).


    • What if the lodge number 322 is a time code for 3:22? The time is three twenty two pm =227/314. Meetings at three twenty two =314/3104.


  5. Yale = 43 = Predator = 119. Yale U = 239 (satanic).
    LUX ET VERITAS anagram: ‘IT’ Sex Travel U (IT as in novel by S.King.)
    Are YOU A Traveling Man? = 111, 222, 444, 1332, 239, 1770.
    Yale University = 177 (K). Lucifer = 444 (Sum).
    Council on Foreign Relations anagram: O Lucifer Colon Reign Nations.

    utube: Betty bOOP 1931 “Bimbo’s Initiation.”
    Follow Bimbo’s travels (by arse) down a man-hole. He encounters skeletons too!
    Opening lyrics: “We are the members of doo it or die…..the eye, the eye, the eye…..It’s as easy as Pi..”
    It’s as easy as Pi = 119 (K).


  6. Excellent post as always, thanks again. It is also nice to read the excellent comments attached, thanks to those who have “thoughts”. The part about Barbarian time is very intriguing. Made me think of the movie “Time Bandits” release in the U.S. November 6 (116), 1981. Length of movie, 116 minutes, “Time Bandits” = 116 (english ordinal). That is just a taste of the coding that is probably loaded in that movie.

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  7. Amazing stuff as always BB…

    It’s late over here and I’m sure you will be on it anyway…

    But just seen that the over obvious named “torch tower” in Dubai is in an almost grenfell like inferno…

    On 8/4 which as you will also know and I think someone pointed out in a comments the other day is the 216th day of the year…

    Like the date it’s 84 stories and from the very little I’ve seen is the 2nd time in 2yrs it’s been on fire…

    Torch Tower Dubai = 223

    Will leave it there as I need to be up in the morning… looking forward to reading your full breakdown and finding out what else it’s connected to…


  8. Since posting this I saw other newspaper type reports and the amount of floors are all over the place… from 78, 74, 82, 81 so went to wiki and it says 82 with 79 above ground… so scrap 84 floors… hilariously enough though…
    Upon hitting the towers wiki page…
    It says or atleast said…

    It’s called the marina torch…
    But just below that it says…

    General information…
    Status… not on fire…
    Type… residential…
    Location… Dubai…

    Then goes on to list coodinates and the usual type wiki stuff… very strange “status” unless they have since put the fire out or not updated it… just seemed a strange thing to have listed on a page of a building that was on fire… or is it there for all buildings/skyscrapers??? Is that a thing??? The status of a building is either it’s on fire or it’s not on fire??? Hahahaa


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