The Torching of Torch Tower

Dubai’s Torch Tower has gone up in flames again, an echo of the Grenfell Towering Inferno as symbolic wicker man and all the other fire sacrifices we’ve been covering, on the very day The Dark Tower opened in cinemas. This fire – yet another skyscraper engulfed in flames that failed to collapse – started on 4 August 2017, exactly 128 weeks after the last time it burned during construction on 21 February 2015. Dark Tower =128 based on the novels by Stephen King =128. North Americans call a torch a Flashlight =128 And as the lighting of the Torch suggests, Olympics =128.

  • The ironically named Torch =28 Tower located in Dubai Marina =28 in the city of Dubai UAE =28. Fire =28/228. United Arab Emirates =228. Gilead =228 the home of the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower =228. Grenfell =822 (the fire at which started during Ramadan =822 exactly 822 weeks after 9/11/01). The upcoming Winter Olympics are hosted by South Korea =822. Total Eclipse =822. 
  • Torch Dubai United Arab Emirates =2820/182. The Marina Torch Dubai =182. Dubai Torch Tower =182. Tower =28/82. The Torch has 82 floors. 
  • This also comes 180 weeks 2 days after MH-370 disappeared and 8 months 2 days after the Oakland warehouse fire at The Ghost Ship =82, which happened 8 months 20 days before the upcoming Eclipse =28. Total Solar Eclipse =280. The World Trade Center =208. The Great American Eclipse =208 is also 2008 days after the last Dark Tower book was published and the penultimate novel released when King was 20,820 days old.

Notice these two fire dates at the Torch: 8/4 is Barack Obama’s 56th birthday and 2/21 is an anagram of Abraham Lincoln’s 2/12 birthday. The reason this matters is that the Apartment Fire =146 in the Kensington =146 district of London =146 at Grenfell Tower =1146 happened on 14/6, the birthday of Donald J Trump =46 born in ’46. A Sacrifice =146. The Marina Torch =146. The Dark Tower =146 (the first book in the series released 1004 weeks 6 days before 9/11/01). This blaze happened 460 days after the Fort McMurray Wildfire. And of course we can’t discuss torch symbolism without mentioning Prometheus =46. 

This latest Sacrifice By Fire =216 happened on the 216th day of the year (6x6x6) =216. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower =2016. Fire Sacrifice =666. Witchcraft =666. Karma Cycles =666. Secrecy =666. Black Nobility =666. The Gods =666. Nikolaj Arcel =666 (director of The Dark Tower). Jewish Lightning =699. A Skyscraper Fire =699. The Great Fire of Londinium =666 happened in the year 1666 and there were 16,606 days between the Grenfell Tower Fire and the deadliest skyscraper fire in world history [Daeyeonggak Hotel 12/25/71, which happened in South Korea 1969 days after Twin Tower ground-breaking]. Similarly, The Torch burned 16,660 days after Daeyeonggak.

The Dark Tower =152/52 with its protagonist The Gunslinger =1152/152 aka Roland of Gilead =152. Dubai UAE =152. The Marina Torch Dubai UAE =152. The Olympics =152. Prometheus =52. The Torch =52 lit up 52 days after Grenfell Tower London =1522 and 2250 days after PyeongChang South Korea =252 was named host city for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 – a direct hit. (And Obama was born exactly 5025 weeks after Lincoln died).

  • The Marina Torch =225. Marina Torch Dubai United Arab Emirates =225. The Towering Inferno =225. The Olympics =1225. The 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony is appropriately scheduled for 2/25, a span of 205 days after the Skyscraper Fire =205 at The Marina Torch Dubai =205. A Total Solar Eclipse =205. Manifestation =205. Fire =25. Torch =25. Dubai is situated on the 25th meridian.

As we covered in the Grenfell Tower Fire Sacrifice post, an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building 20,500 days before 9/11/01 and another airplane crashed into a building on Wall Street on 20/5 of 1946, 25 days before Trump =25 was born. Trump would later purchase this tower and name it The Trump Building.

That plane crash on Wall Street happened 26,010 days before the Torch Tower Fire =261. On the day of the upcoming Eclipse, Trump will be 26,001 days old. The Towering Inferno =261. The United States of America =261. Masonic Conspiracy =261. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since the assassination of Julius Caesar. Martin Luther King Jr died exactly 261 weeks before the World Trade Center opened, Tupac was shot 26 weeks 1 day before Biggie died, and Roger Ailes was 20,601 days old when he founded Fox.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. The Eagle =261. Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old for the Moon Landing, which happened when Chris Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old; Kurt Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth.
  • The Eclipse will also mark 1261 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 vanished and 261 days since the Ghost Ship Fire. Stephen Edwin King =261. 

The penultimate novel in the series, The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, published on 21 September 2004 (Stephen King’s birthday, born in ’47) exactly 4700 days before the fire at the Dubai Torch =47. A Skyscraper Fire =47. Dubai Torch United Arab Emirates =470. The Dark Tower =47 directed by Nikolaj Arcel =47. Roland of Gilead =47. Trump =47/470. World Trade =470. The Eclipse =47. Total Eclipse =47. A Sacrifice =47. Manifestation =147. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with King’s epic series, Roland the Gunslinger is on a quest to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be the nexus of all universes, and stop the Man in Black from destroying it. I read it years ago, one of my all-times, and a major plot point has always stuck with me – history repeats itself over and over again – like the Pi-Cycles we investigate on Extra-Capsa. Fittingly, the protagonist is The Gunslinger =227, also the title of the first book in the series.

  • 227 is the 49th prime, just as Pi =49. The Marina Torch =49. Stephen King =49. Olympics =49. Donald J Trump =49. Trump Building =49. Twin Towers =49. Total Eclipse =49. Prometheus =49. The Marina Torch =149 was torched on 49 numerology with 149 days remaining in the year.

The Gunslinger was first published on 6 October 1982, a span of 15 years 10 months 5 days after ground-breaking of the World Trade Center. The upcoming Eclipse will happen 15 years 11 months 10 days after 9/11/01. Saturn =511. Dark Tower =115. The World Trade Center =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. The King =115. Torch Tower stands 1105 feet tall. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =1105. 

  • That’s exactly 832 weeks from 9/11 to the Eclipse. The Torch Fire happened exactly 2380 weeks after the Daeyeonggak Hotel Fire. World Trade =238. The Man in Black =238. US President Trump =238. Independence Day =238 was declared in America exactly 23 years 8 months after George Washington became a Freemason.

A Total Solar Eclipse =1218 coming on 21/8. The World Trade Center =218. Twin Towers =218. Trump Building =218. President Donald John Trump =2118. TRUMP =218 (in all-caps Francis Bacon like his brand logo) was born exactly 81 years 2 months after Lincoln was killed.

6 thoughts on “The Torching of Torch Tower

  1. There is also another mention of Gilead right now in relation to manufacturing drugs to treat HIV. It was the next page over from this fire story in my copy of the Times.


  2. Here in Trump-land, the fire occurred 8/3…which is, of course, the center of the universe. From Trump Olympic Torch Relay on 5th Ave, NYC to Torch Tower Fire =
    13y “1m 15d”. (6-19-04 to 8-3-17.)
    Napoleon Bonaporte Death (5-5-1821) to Adolph Hitler Birth = 67y “11m 15d”.
    Hitler Death to Trump Birth = “1y 1m 15d”.
    Napoleon Death to Trump Birth = 125y “1m 9d”. (125th prime: 691.)
    Nazi Party = 1191 (Jewish).
    Alexander The Great Death (6-11-323 BC, Babylon, Iraq) to Hitler Birth = 1565y “10m 9d”.
    Genesis 3:4 “Yea shall not surely die.” = 1500 (Sum), 119.


    • Read BBerg’s last paragraph : 2118.
      Did you know that deceased ADAM (of the) WEST was born exactly 88y before the NYC Arch of Bel unveiling? From 9-19-1928 to Eclipse = 88y 11m 2d.
      Batman = 666.
      Arch unveiling to Eclipse = 48w. (48th prime: 223.) The Synagogue of Satan = 223.

      Chris Cornell & Chester Charles Bennington born 11y 8m apart, BBerg noted previously: Suicides by hanging. Remember the chalkboard Hangman with 2 “X” for eyes, in I,Pet Goat,2? The gallow, upon which he hangs, resembles the letter “r”. ‘Hanged Man’ = 134.
      Therefore, the implied ‘evolution’ (chalkboard) becomes ‘revolution’.

      Etymology Chris Cornell: Little Christ/ Horn.
      Etymology Chester Charles Bennington: City of the Legions/ Free Man/ ‘Lincoln’ shire branch of family listed in ‘Domesday Book’ (not misspelled). There was also a famous battle of the American Revolution on 8-16-1777, in Bennington, VT, a major
      victory for the Revolutionists.
      (Antichrist / Legion/ Free Man/ Revolution.) Mark 5:9/ “My name is Legion; for we are many.” = 134. The Lotus in I, Pet Goat, blooms in pink at 01:34. Jackie wore pink 11-22-1963.
      Bennington 8-16-1777 to JFK assasination = span of 68,033d. (6833: 880th prime.)
      From 8-16-1777 to Torch Tower Fire (USA time) 8-3-17 = 239y 11m 18d.
      Bennington Battle to Bennington death 7-20-17 = 239y 11m 4d.
      Chester Charles Bennington = 114.
      Ranch of the Green Sticks = 111, 114. (Palos Verdes Estates.)
      City of Legion = 140, 1104. City of the Legions = 1440.
      Free Man = 116 (K). Free Man Island is down the coast from Palos Verdes Estates, in “The Port Of Long Beach” = 1140, 1776.
      Is the New Revolution coming from the swastika symbol of old, as seen in Hindu Temples (Adam of the East)?


  3. Free Man Island is one of four “Astronaut Islands” in Long Beach Harbor, named after “Theodore Cordy Freeman” = 205, 215.
    Marina Torch = 125 / The Marina Torch Dubai = 205, also noted by BBerg, above.
    This is getting stranger by the minute.


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