Deciphering Sports Illustrated: Yankees World Series

While I’m not exactly calling Yankees World Series, I found this Sports Illustrated issue from 15 May 2017 featuring their (6’7″ 282 lb) rookie Aaron Judge, who despite currently being in a slump since his record-breaking half season (during which he broke Joe DiMaggio’s Yankees rookie home run mark) is heavily coded with some stand-out gematria worth documenting – particularly in context of this magazine proven to have predictive programmed previous championships.

First of all, what does that big white font on the cover say to you? I see A-11, and it took some squinting to realize it’s meant to say ALL – very clever coding for the infamous 111 alphanumeric branding of New York =111. The Rise of Aaron Judge =1011. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. Bronx Bombers =1101. Joe DiMaggio =111. Bambino =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez =111/101. George Steinbrenner =101/110. Whitey Ford =110. Yankee =101. NYC =11. The Bronx =110. All Rise =110. Aaron Judge =110 like the AA=11 spelling of his name, the necessary coding for any Yankee worth his salt. Manchurian Athlete =1001. Manchurian Athletes =1101. 

  • Yankees were originally called the New York Highlanders =101. Highlanders =101. Sports =101. A section at Yankee Stadium is nicknamed The Judge’s Chambers =111 where fans dress up like British judges in white wigs with gavels (pro sports continuously becoming more like pro wrestling). This issue of SI =11 released 11 months 11 days before his birthday and Yankees GM Brian Cashman renewed his contract 1111 days before the World Series begins on 10/24. Game 7 on 11/1 also marks 110 weeks 1 day since the death of Yankees legend Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra =111. Yogi =111. All Rise For The Judge =111. And remember the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise =1110 during congressional baseball practice on the birthday of Donald John Trump =1110 (who’s from New York), 111 days before the Playoffs begin.

It deserves repeating here that the first sports event I ever decoded by the numbers was the 111th World Series won by The Royals =111 (The Kansas City Royals =101/110) that ended on 11/1 at Citi Field (Citi =11) in New York =111 with #33 Matt Harvey benched after his 111th pitch connected on a batter with a .111 average, cutting to a commercial break for the video game Fallout 4 (released on 11/10) with a dude wearing a 111 on his jumpsuit. Kansas =11. Kansas City =110. Kansas City Missouri =110. Twenty Fifteen World Series =110. One Hundred and Eleventh =101. November First =1110. Needless to say, I was convinced.

Now, considering we’re approaching the 113th World Series: All Rise =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. George Herman Babe Ruth Jr =113. Justice =113. Judge was picked up 1st round of the ’13 draft. This issue came out 1 month 13 days into the season and the subtitle on the cover reads: The Yankees Youth Movement Is In Session The Powerful Aaron Judge Presiding =311. Judge played college ball at Fresno =311. Yankees manager is Joe Girardi =311 and his contract was last extended on 10/10/13. Further, Yankee Stadium broke ground 11 years 1 month 13 days before the end of this season. A persuasive start – but of course it gets even deeper.

All =130. Rise=31. Put those together for the Championship =131 coding. The Yankees =131. Highlanders =131. Girardi =131. Micky Mantle =131. Whitey Ford =131. Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =131. Yankees picked up Matt Holliday =131 with a $13 million contract 301 days before the Playoffs start on 10/3. Yanks =13. Bronx =13 and they took on the name Yankees in ’13. And for an absolute banger of a gem to synch it all up here, Aaron Judge was EXACTLY 1301 WEEKS old on the 4/2/17 season opener – and previously played for The Bulldogs =131. As I covered last season, former Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson was 10,301 days old for his first ever game, thus Breaking the Color Line =113, and born on 31/1 he finished with a .311 career batting average. The Twenty Seventeen Fall Classic =311. It’d be the Yankees’ Twenty-Eighth World Series =311. 

  • Two Yankees prospects were killed last year, both coded up to the same sequencing. Alexander Figueredo, a 20-year-old lefty pitcher in the Yankees’ minor league system, was shot and killed on Nov 27 in his native Venezuela, 311 days before the Playoffs begin – and 31 weeks 1 day after 18-year-old infielder Sandy Acevedo was killed in a car wreck on Apr 23 in the Dominican Republic. (Alexander Figueredo + Sandy Acevedo =111.)

I’m also reminded of the death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin =113 Scalia, born on 3/11 and replaced by Justice Merrick Garland =113, born on 11/13. And remember Janet Reno, the first “female” Attorney General, died the day before Trump’s election – she was born on the 311th day and became Attorney General on 3/11. The New World Order =311. USA =311. 

11×3=33. Ninety-Nine =33. Justice =33. The Judge =33. The Yanks =33. Aaron Judge Presiding =303. Sandy Acevedo =1333. World Series =1333. The 33rd prime is 137 and Aaron Judge =137 was exactly 1037 weeks old the day before the issue published. DiMaggio =137. Bronx Bombers =137. Steve Scalise =137. Government =137. 

  • Rise =191. Ninety-Nine =191. New York Yankees =191. Manchurian Athletes =191. George Steinbrenner =191. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =191. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =191. Supreme Court Justice =1910. Steve Scalise =191 will be 19,010 days old the day before the World Series begins on 10/24.

191 is the 43rd prime number. Aaron Judge =43. Scalia =43The Yankees =43. And here’s a fun fact: Yankees have retired twenty-one numbers, all of which sum to 430. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

BONUS FACT: Wikipedia tells us that Judge “keeps a note on his phone that reads .179, his batting average with the Yankees in 2016, and looks at it daily as a source of motivation.” New York Yankees =179. The 179th prime is 1063. New York Yankees =163Aaron James Judge =63.

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