The Death of Darren Daulton

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bonafide World Series sacrifice here, ladies & gents. Darren “Dutch” Daulton, three-time MLB All-Star catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies who won a World Series with the Florida Marlins in 1997, has passed away on 6 August 2017 (exactly seven years to the day after his induction to the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame) at the age of 55. Not only is he stacked with the ritual target numbers, old mate wrote a book on occultism & numerology titled If They Only Knew. We’re gonna have to read this one.

Daulton =332. Darren Arthur Daulton =233. On his last full day of life, Daulton was 20,303 days old, another astonishing long count synch. Which team does this best synch with? The Houston Astros =233 play at Minute Maid Park =233 in Houston Texas =233 and from the day Reid Ryan was announced as Astros President to Game 7 of the World Series is exactly 233 weeks. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =233. The first game at Minute Maid was on 3/30/2000. Astro means relating to the stars or celestial objects; Houston the home of NASA’s Space Center and the upcoming eclipse on the 233rd day. 

233 is the 51st prime number and Daulton died on 51 numerology, 510 weeks after the release of If They Only Knew =51. Houston Astros =51 (spent 51 seasons in the NL before switching to the AL). The Astrodome =51. Houston TX =51. Jeff Luhnow =51 (Astros GM). Andrew Jay Hinch =151 (Astros Manager). Florida Marlins =151. Astrology =51. The World Series =151. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =1501. Daulton also died 151 days before his birthday.  

  • The 233rd prime is 1471. The Houston Astros =471. Houston TX =471. The Marlins =714. Astros have a record of 71-40 at the time of his death. Darren Daulton =147 died of Glioblastoma =47 at age Fifty-Five =47 in Clearwater FLA =47, located 147 miles from Kennedy Space Center and his last game was 1047 weeks before the World Series =147 begins. Florida Marlins =147. Fernandez =147. Houston Astros =147. Colt Forty-Fives =147 (as Astros were previously named). Minute Maid Park =147. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. 

Darren Arthur Daulton =311. Daulton =113 (born on 1/3) died 10 months 13 days after the death of Jose Fernandez (another sacrificed Marlin) and 11 weeks 3 days before the start of the 113th World Series. The Florida Marlins =113. The Marlins =113. Daulton also died 10 months 13 days after the 33rd anniversary of his first career game and 101 weeks 3 days after another similarly named Philly sports star, Darryl Dawkins. Minute Maid Park was 1013 weeks old for the start of this season and the Playoffs begin 1 month 13 days after the Eclipse. Celestial Event =1103. Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =1103 (on the SI cover below). Hinch was hired 1130 days before Game 7. NASA Mission Control Center =311. 

Darren Daulton =165 aka Dutch =56. Game 7 happens to coincide with the 56th anniversary of the formation of the Johnson Space Center and Astros are in their 56th season in Houston TX =156. Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1560. The Twenty Seventeen World Series =156. Brain Cancer =156. Former Astros GM Spec Richardson died on 4/12/16, a clean 560 days before the World Series begins. Astrodome =560. 

  • The Houston Astros =225. NASA Mission Control Center =522. Daulton =522. His book was published on 10/24/07, exactly 522 weeks before the World Series begins (exactly 10 years). Space Program =552. Astros =552. Sacrifices =552. 
  • Jose Delfin Fernandez Gomez =360. Houston Texas =360. Darren =360 died 30 weeks 6 days after his birthday and exactly 1036 weeks after his last game. He was also born 13 weeks 6 days before the formation of the Houston Colt Forty-Fives =136. Astrodome =136. The Astrodome =136. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =136. Marlins =36. 

Houston Colt Forty-Fives =260. Darren Arthur Daulton =260 and his last game was 20 years 6 days before these Playoffs begin. The Florida Marlins =262. World Series =126. . Jose Fernandez died 1 month 26 days after his birthday in his 1260th week of life. and Daulton died of Glioblastoma =126 a matching 126 days into the season. World Series Sacrifice =126. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.50.53 PM.png

Darren Arthur Daulton =1680 was born 11,168 days before the birth of Jose Fernandez =1186. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =168. Major League Baseball =168. Astros =68. World Series Sacrifice =68. If They Only Knew =186. Houston Texas =1086. The Astrodome =1086. Daulton died on 8/6. 

Darren Arthur Daulton =227 played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and he died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series (over the Indians). But that’s not all: Daulton also died a PERFECT Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston. George Springer =227 made the cover of Sports Illustrated on 30 June 2014, boldly predicting Astros as “Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs” =3330 (a deliberately coded span of 3 years 3 months 3 days before these World Series =1333 playoffs begin).

If we exclude start & end points, Daulton died 314 days after the death of Jose Fernandez. Hinch was hired 3 years 1 month 4 days before Game 7. Darren Daulton + Jose Fernandez =413. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =413. 

And if we need yet another connection between Daulton & the Astros, he was born on the exact same day of the ground-breaking ceremony at the Astrodome. 

3 thoughts on “The Death of Darren Daulton

  1. Genius! I was introduced to gematria by Zach (I came across his channel after the death of Prince). I enjoy your blog as well, it is very enlightening. I learned about the farming of athletes from Zach.
    “Satan”-English Ordinal=55(Like his death age)
    “Farming Athletes”-Full Reduction(68/86 or 8/6)
    “Roberto Clemente”-LCH Kabbalah=186
    “Farming Athletes”-Jewish Ordinal=151
    “Ritualistic Sacrifice”-Reverse Sumerian=1956


    • I left out the fact that the “NY Yankees” won the “1956” World Series (Like “Ritualistic Sacrifice” in Reverse Sumerian). They played the team known as the “Brooklyn Dodgers” at that particular time.
      “Jackie Robinson”-Full Reduction=64
      “Sixty Four”-Reverse Ordinal=86(Like 8/6)


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