World Series Sacrifices Continue: Don Baylor & Mark White

Third baseball post in a row – they keep throwing heat so I stay swingin' for the fences. 

The day before Darren Dutch Daulton =403 died, coded up strongly with the Houston Astros =43 as we covered previously, it was the death of Mark White =1143, the former 43rd Governor of Texas. The day after Daulton was the death of Don Baylor =43, a former MLB player & manager, who was born & died in Austin Texas =304Houston Texas =143. The Astrodome =143. The One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =143. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434. Baylor's final game played came when he was 14,340 days old and former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig =43/34 will be exactly 4340 weeks old on the last game of the season and 30,403 days old for the first game of the World Series.

On the last day of the regular season, Mark White would have been exactly 4046 weeks old. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =446. Aaron Judge =446. Houston Astros Twenty Seventeen World Series Champions =644. SI Astros cover-boy George Springer (covered in previous post) will be exactly 1466 weeks old on 10/24 and White was Governor for 1464 days. 

  • On the first day of the Playoffs, White would have been 77 years 7 months 7 days old, reminding us that Brexit happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow Jones dropped 777 points and Trump took office when he was 70 years 7 months 7 days old. Trump was also born exactly 777 weeks before the birth of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Donald Baylor =1206. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =206. Robert D Manfred Jr =1026/261, that's the MLB Commissioner. And remember how Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse? De Blasio will be 20,601 days old for the last game of the regular season. The World Series starts 261 days after Super Bowl LI.

Mark White =45 would have been exactly 4050 weeks old on 10/29. The Twenty Seventeen World Series =450. The Astros =45. Formerly the Colt 45s. World Series =145. Astro =145. Game 7 is 40 weeks 5 days after the 45th President took office.

Astro =24. Daulton =24. Donald Edward Baylor =240. White =240/420 was Governor of Texas =24 for 4 years 2 days and died 4 months 20 days (142 days) after his birthday and 12 weeks 4 days before Game 7. Donald Baylor =42. Astros =420. The season began on 4/2 and the World Series starts 10/24, a span of 1042 weeks after ground-breaking at Minute Maid Park, which occurred exactly 240 months old before Game 7. The Playoffs start 240 days after Super Bowl LI held in Houston.

  • Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1042. Houston Astros =204. The Stros =124. Houston Tx =124.  Jeff Luhnow =124. Luhnow =24. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =2400. The Hundred Thirteenth World Series =420/402. Commissioner Manfred =424. George Chelston Springer =142/124 turns 10,240 days old on the last day of the season. Lidle =24/42. 

Mark Wells White Jr =225 died 225 days before his birthday. The Houston Astros =225.

Mark Wells White Jr =311. Texas Governor Mark White =113 died 11 weeks 3 days before the 113th World Series begins. Baylor was born 1013 weeks before the birth of Darryl Kile, who debuted with the Astros and died during his active career. We're reminded of The Yankees =113 player Corey Lidle who died when he crashed his plane into a building in New York on 10/11/06. That's a span of 11 years 13 days before this World Series begins, for another point for NYC. Commissioner Rob Manfred =113/131/1030. Manfred =31. Commissioner Manfred =103 will have been Commissioner for 1003 days for the start of the World Series.

  • Twenty Seventeen World Series =353. Donald Edward Baylor =353. George Chelston Springer =353. Commissioner Manfred was exactly 3053 weeks old for season opener. The Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =535. 

The Astros =55. Houston Texas =55/155. Minute Maid Park =155. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =155. Astros =551. AJ Hinch =55. Andrew Jay Hinch =155 born on 15/5. Stros =550. White died 11,155 days after leaving office as Governor, Baylor died 1505 weeks after his final game played, and Daulton died age 55Darryl Kile =155. Corey Lidle =155. World Series Champs Two Thousand Seventeen =155. 

Did you guys hear about this sheet of occult symbols randomly flashed onscreen void of context during a Cubs game on 26 June 2013? (Check out the video here). It happened exactly 175 weeks before they won The One Hundred Twelfth World Series =175 on November Second Two Thousand Sixteen =175. The Cubs =75.

That occult flash also happened exactly 227 weeks before Game 7 of the 113th World Series, which may just serve to strengthen that sequence. 

2 thoughts on “World Series Sacrifices Continue: Don Baylor & Mark White

  1. Wow, this is all fascinating stuff as usual. Thank you for your work! I only noticed one error where you showed “November Second Two Thousand Fifteen =175”, but they won in 2016, not 2015, although that’s the year Back to The Future “predicted” it would happen. Actually, now that I am checking the Gematria, “November Second Two Thousand Sixteen” does equal 175 with the H Exception cipher, so you prob just typed ‘fifteen’ instead of ‘sixteen’ there… Thanks again!


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